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UFC 242 this is about to be one of the
greatest fights in 8 a long time this is gonna be khabib nurmagomedov one of the
greatest grapplers versus Dustin Poirier a southpaw striker 3 husband out of the
UFC scene for a while because his last fight he actually jumped over the
Octagon a slaps endued so he was out for a while but doesn’t mean he wasn’t
training Dustin Poirier his record at the moment is 25 to 5 he has a six win
streak at the moment some people on wall with 6 win streak yeah but khabib has a
27 win streak now the reason I think that khabib is actually going to Maul
Dustin Poirier like a rag doll is because of many reasons one of those
reasons being khabib and Dustin actually have some of the same opponents right so
if we take a look the khabib has fought Michael Johnson for example Dustin
Poirier lost to Michael Johnson khabib literally held Michael Johnson so could
be puts people in like the weirdest positions that you would never have even
seen before and you can’t defend right so what he did with Michael Johnson is
he puts him up against the cage right Michael Johnson is a really good fighter
by the way he takes him he puts him up at the against the cage he’s like
locking one of his legs in between his legs right he’s holding his other hand
so he has only one side to defend himself so he’s like helmet guarding the
whole time he’s on the ground ok he was on his back and he’s just unleashing
hooks every time Magic Johnson’s bought a magic magical
toward the right side this fat pulls up for the 20-footer ashtray every time
Magic Johnson starts to cover up you just go hit somewhere else you just
switch off he’d cinch up the arm and then go back and attack again
it was absolutely brutal if you guys haven’t seen that same thing with Conor
McGregor Dustin Poirier at a loss to Conor McGregor and could be just mauled
Conor McGregor now I’m actually gonna go and make a guess that khabib might not
even make his Wayans and I love could be building me wrong but the reason I’m
gonna make this guess is because his it has missed weigh-ins four times so far
about four times if I remember correctly and missing we and four times then being
gone for a while I feel like being gone for a while would have something to do
with that I feel like him being gone for a while result in him like just missing
his weight by a little bit and that’s just because I’m taking like the Pat his
past history into account as well now the thing with khabib versus Poirier is
could be was super predictable you know what could be was gonna do he’s gonna
get in there he’s gonna grab ahold you he’s literally gonna rip you apart if he
gets ahold to you so it’s predictable you could defend it if you can but he’s
really really good so that’s this thing you know what he’s gonna do can you stay
away from him that’s the question this employee has been doing really good
like I said six win streaks so far but everybody looks like a winner until they
get in the cage you can be like come on Dustin does have a chance that if he can
keep his distance and just keep using striking and not get into like a
wrestling range and just not get taken down then it would be fine but if could
be get to hold you it’s hard to get back to your feet one more thing is make sure
you guys hit that like button subscribe if you have not already comment down
below who you think will win this fight if the fight has already happened let me
know why I think what happened has happened
love you guys peace out

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