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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

– Do you do special poses? – Yes. Ready?
– Mmhmm. – Big biceps!
(Growling) Lion face. (Peaceful waltz music) – Hello! – Hello!
– Hello! – What’s your name?
– Amya. – Hi Amya, I’m Gabriel. – Nice to meet you.
– Nice to meet you. And what’s your name? – Brayden.
– Hi Brayden, nice to meet you, Gabriel. – What’s your job? – My job is to manage.. My gym. – Oh, I thought you were
like a, body builder. – I am, I lift weights
and I eat a lot of food and I build a lot of muscle
and then I put it onstage and then I compete against
other people like me. – Ohh.
– Yeah. – How exactly do you build body? – I eat six times a day. And I lift weights for
at least an hour a day. And I take two days off a week. – What’s your biggest
weight that you’ve lifted? – I’ve picked 700 pounds
up off the ground. – [Camerawoman] What do you
think weighs 700 pounds? – I weigh 700 pounds? – Yeah.
– Never mind. – Never mind. (laughs) – How much do you weigh? – I weigh 320 pounds right now. – Okay. – What do you weigh, do you know? – No.
– What do you weigh? – You weigh like 40, Brayden. – So 40, and what do you weigh? – I weigh like 69. – 69 plus 40, is 109, so we would need… Three of you and three of you. – Really?
– To make one of me. – How many calories do you get in one day? – In the off-season when I’m
not competing, ’bout 6,000. – Wait, is it bad or a good thing? – Well it’s good if you
wanna put on muscle. I think a normal person, you know, anywhere is in between 1,500
and 2,000 calories a day. And that’s three times the
normal limit of a human, right? – What’s the weirdest
thing you’ve ever eaten? – Every day, I drink two
cups of raw egg whites. – Eww, why? – Egg whites are pure protein
and that helps build muscle. – My mom drinks a protein shake
and that gives her protein. – I do that too. – Huh.
– Oh. – But that’s not as weird
or gross as egg whites. It actually tastes good.
– Uh, I eat my eggs cooked. – That’s normal of you. – You should try it. – I will, I promise. – What do you do before you go onstage? – Before I go onstage I do some exercises to make sure that my muscles are bigger. And then I put a light
coat of like, baby oil. – Baby oil?
– Yeah, yeah. Highlights the muscles so
that when I get onstage, the bright lights don’t wash me out. – Can you show me your muscles? – Absolutely I can show you my muscles. You wanna see the biceps, the big arm? Or the left arm? Wanna see something really cool? Have you guys ever seen
a muscle move or bounce? – Eeeugh. – No.
– No, no? Sound gross? – Sounds really gross.
– Does it? – Mm-hmm. (Gabriel laughing) – Does that look gross?
– Nuh-uh. – Looks cool, right? – No, it looks gross! Do you do special poses, when you– – Yes, we have a list of mandatory poses that we have to go through. Would you like to learn one or two? – Sure.
– Wanna learn one? Wanna learn one? Take your arm, like this. Take your other hand and
put it on top of the wrist. Face sideways like this, side chest. Smile! Next pose, easy one. Ready?
– Mmhmm. – Big biceps, put ’em up. Yeah! Turn this way. Take this arm, up like this. Then this arm like this. Like that, you got it? – Will you be a bodybuilder
even when you’re old? – Yes, most definitely. I probably won’t get
on the stage any more, but I’ll still lift weights. – What do you win at the competitions? – They give us trophies. Sometimes they give us swords. – That’s cool! – You guys wanna see a trophy? – Yeah!
– Yeah! Sword. – Eww, boobies. – You guys ever seen one of these? – No.
– Is that cool or what? Stand up next to that thing,
let’s see how tall you are. You’re taller! Not by much, but you’re taller. – Is this a statue of you? – Oh, nope. I think they modeled this
after Arnold Schwarzenegger. – Who’s Arnold Snortsenegger? – Oh wow, are we that far
into the next generation? They don’t know who Arnold is, really? – Are you strong enough to lift us? – Yes, I think so. Would you like to try that? – Yeah!
– Yeah! – Yeah, okay. And one, two, up! Big muscles! (laughing)

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  1. Sighs..children..”bRaYdEn. yOu WEiGh LiKe 40 pOuNdS!”
    Says like 10-12 year old.
    Muscle Man: “Well, how much do you weigh?”
    Girl: “oH LiKe 69 PoUnDs!”
    Me: Mhm..sure..

  2. I would love to talk to these kids about Turner syndrome!!!! It’s a genetic condition unlike Down syndrome when you have an extra chromosome I’m missing one not many girls with it survive full pregnancy in fact only 1% do

  3. And also uses the now legal HCG (legal steroid), quit lying man. Not just food and working out getting that. It’s like kim k saying squats gave her her butt.

  4. This guy… is so sweet and the most down to earth body builder I have ever seen. What a cool dude. I hope he does well in all his compe- inhales -titions!

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