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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hey, guys! Jeff Cavaliere from,
back with a really good back workout for you. I’d like to call it my back to back “Back
attack” workout. What I’m gonna do here is pair up two of these exercises, perform Back
to Back, perform four sets of those with one minute in between, ok? So four rounds of this
pair, one minute in between, then head to the second pair of exercises, ok? Now I’m
not gonna explain these things. I’m gonna keep it up here. You guys can pause it, look
at this, read it, go back, but I know you like it for me to get right into the action.
So let’s get started right here with what I call my “twisting pull-up”. So what I’m
gonna do is grab the pull-up bar here. Now traditional pull-up. I twist first, I twist
second, I come up third. I lower myself down, twist, twist, up. I’m kind of tying the obliques
when I do that… Twist, twist, up. OK? Do these to failure.
[pause] And up, ok? Right from there, failure, to
my next one called the ” Physioball pull-over crunch”.
[pause] Get a dumbbell. I’m on top of the physioball.
I’m gonna do a a regular dumbbell pull-over. Back. Up. Little crunch. Arms straight. Pull.
Crunch. [pause]
About 12. [pause]
OK. So we’re going a minute rest after that, four rounds of that, then moving on to our
next series here. Next one. Now I know you guys are gonna say that this is not a back
exercise. Yeah, it is. Watch what we do. So “thumbs up” push-up. Hands are gonna be in
this position here. Not down. When we work down, we cross the chest. So thumbs up, try
to get to the back of our hands. A martial arts move is kinda tough, but we can all do
a thumbs up. So thumbs are on the ground like this. Down in a push-up position. Push-up.
[pause] [pause]
Gonna failure on those. So we’re gonna run up over to what I call my “dumbbell side lunge
and row”. So you all see the dumbbell row. Let’s get the lower body involved. Let’s get
a little more upturn angles, so you can see. You slide across, come up and pull. Slide,
up and pull. [pause]
OK, I’ll turn. Slide, up and pull. [pause]
One more time from this side. I’ll switch arms. Across the body. Pull.
[pause] It works your lower back just by having to
hold your posture. So guys, that’s it. Basically, you’ve got four exercises, four rounds of
each pair and that’s really all you have to do. I mean, working your back can be a tough
thing. Some guys don’t like it, cause they can’t see it. But when you’re walking around
in your clothes, at the beach, whatever, everyone’s gonna see your back, everyone that you walk
past. So it’s equally important. Guys, if you haven’t already, get yourselves the ATHLEAN-X
training system. You want workouts like this, detailed step by step, rip by rip, for 90
days, that completely transform your body and do something that you probably never thought
you were capable of. It’s now included, 90 days of meal plans. I know you guys have requested
it. There’s no more nets work. For 90 days, I’ll tell you everything you have to eat to
get ripped, to get more muscular, to gain the muscle weight that you want without all
the fat. 90 days of meal plans. The ATHLEAN-X System is the most comprehensive, complete
training system that will guarantee to get you results in the shortest amount of time
possible. Head over to and if you haven’t already guys, subscribe to
the channel. You all wanna get more workouts like this. I hear you guys. I’m coming up
with more stuff. Shoulders are up next. Till then, stay strong and I’ll see you guys in
a few days.

100 thoughts on “Killer Home Back Workout – BUILD A BIG BACK AT HOME!

  1. some good ideas, but I am not big on going to failure on every set. It does not make sense to me and creates some mental barriers.

  2. hey man, great stuff!! but i just wanted your opinion on something…i'm not very tall, and pretty slim, 23 years of age…i've got a genetic condition of pseudo-hypoparathyroidism and my doctor told me that i've got as many muscle cells as i'm ever going to have, but that i can increase the size of the existing cells…i was just wondering how much of a difference (visually) it would make if i just increase the size of my muscle cells…also, can i realistically hope to gain any lean weight?

  3. thank you so much, only one on youtube who does what the title says and i like the diet plan vids that you have again thanx

  4. 1st of all nice muscles,its obvious you dont use steroids and that means something
    2nd what and how much should a soon to be 15y old boy like me eat in order to gain some kilos? i worked my muscles and im almost as ripped as i can be but i wana gain some mass,id apreaciate the help xD thanks in advance

  5. @xhaloz I do all this at home, of course u gotta have the equipment, but you gotta have motivation from inside as there are tv's in the gym, yeah???…

  6. Some of the biggest LATS ive seen so I''l take it that I should try these back workouts…….they obviously did him some good !!!!!!

  7. Omg this guy lifting n holding weights layn on his back and holdings weights over his face/head looks unperfessional

  8. I just finished my back workout and I added the thumbs up pushup to my routine that exercise is so good you can feel it

  9. yes, you do need a ball, set free weights and the pushup bar you can get for $30 dollars. You can use dumbbell instead of kettle ball, i do. Once you ahve this along with those bands9other videos), you can do like 90 percent of his videos… Yes you need some equipment, but no gym. Get around 100 dollars and try to get everythign used or whatever on sale Once you have above, you won't need to get to gym ever!!! Yes, you need a small investment, but once you buy, you have it forever,

  10. 100 bucks only lasts like four months gym time.. Invest in the equip. And he uses a lot of body weight extercises so you hardly plateau… You will have equipment 4 ever…

  11. Yeah, not everyone has a physioball ready to go, either. I do have a bunch of toasters my folks gave for my birthday, though. What can i do with those?

  12. This is an awesome workout! I started it the same minute I first saw it and will keep it in my V-shaped workout! You rock man

  13. I know you posted a while ago, but everyone CAN have a pullup bar at home. The Iron Gym works fine for almost everyone and it's only like 20 bucks and it's detachable.

  14. Jeff you have great unique workouts and im not criticizing the workout itself, but some of this stuff isnt really available at a lot of people's homes. The pull up bar i think is not too much to ask but I know I for one and likely many others have dumbells heavy enough to work effectively for us. Could anyone suggest an alternative weight to use?

  15. Yup, there's no excuse not to be able to work on pullups, there's always an option, even if you have to leave your home or just go outside lol.

  16. i tried to do the 1 at 3:10 but…lifting my body is already hard enough..and i felt like more to my shoulder and i doing it wrong?? or its me that not ready for this that workout..

  17. How does the twist in any way make a difference? This is fucking retarded, different variations of pullups and rows are all you need

  18. Bro – a pullup bar costs 10 dollars and fits in a fucking doorway. Be serious about gaining muscle or just give it up.

  19. I had the same problem lol. Since my doorframe is to wide for a home pull up bar (yes, wtf?). But i got a little creative and went ahead and built one in my garden out of pipes. It cost me around 100$ to make which might seem like alot, but considering its solid and rarely moves no matter how crazy i swing on it, i fell ive spent my money well 🙂

  20. how about the swiss workoutball and dumbels?? Thats not a HOME workout. I guess we need something that says home OWN BODYWIEGHT workout… pff ffs!

  21. man bitches always have seomthing to complain about
    if you want something you MUST DO WHATEVER IS NECESARY
    that's what defines people who achieve things in life and people who DON'T
    when will you guys get it?

  22. holy shit, almost 8 years ago!
    Jeff seems to be a real rookie there :'D he's much more relaxed now as if he knows that he has nothing left to prove !

  23. I discovered this channel maybe a year and change ago. Just now taking the time to come back to all his older videos.

    1) I'm still convinced that Jeff's method of explaining the why's and giving us demonstrations is second to none. I'm still surprised sometimes at just how much I learn from such relatively short videos.
    2) I love how these 9 year old videos are still so helpful. This dude has such a wealth of information and knowledge. And for someone like myself, with no real specific fitness goals, it's essentially perfect. All I care about is physical health and performance. I don't compete in anything, I just like to push. Jeff has given me so much insight into high-performance fitness and I love it.

  24. Excellent set of weights!>>> I start with these for motivation, then I get on my BOWFLEX M3 MAX TRAINER! I can do cardio and strength in the same workout! I do a set of reps for three different muscles, then after I do a set for each of those muscles, I FEEL ENERGIZED TO HOP ON MY ELLIPTICAL (the M3) FOR 20 MINUTES, then I get off and do 2 more sets for those three different muscle groups, and I'm done!! Excellent equipment, just gotta keep doing it at least 5 times a week!

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