Selen Dar

Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Greetings to all friends Today, when I look at you who live in trouble to gain weight I eat, but I can not gain weight for those who say I’ll give you a recipe for something high-calorie and very healthy for easy weight gain Those who want to gain weight by doing sports can easily consume What’s going to happen now He talked about them a little bit. We will use a cup of oats, one of the most healthy fiber and one of the nutrients in Karaman. 1 large bananas rich in potassium and carbohydrates I will use a handful of nuts that have one of the health and useful wounds It contains almond nuts and cashew Honey in a tablespoon 2 cups of milk used You can see the nutritional value of the ingredients in friends in our video I will write somewhere in the end right now Now all our materials are of interest We can get close to our father. Since the shooting is as effective as the bomb, so I did the scene with my dad I’m going to buy a Dust for you now My drink is very pleasant and delicious Friends I do not recommend to consume a mixture in front of them Why do not recommend development with questions Since the mixture is liquid, you can always follow it easily When you get up to salute before breakfast break before breakfast break You finish a couple of times a day while you’re listening to TV. I have friends around me who say that I can’t gain weight if I eat my metabolism too fast Feeding is not very healthy You can eat them too, but in your decision You’ve made a mixture of water 2 times a day, you’ll get around 2000 calories. Enjoy your meal in advance.

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