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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

What we’ve been working
on for the past year almost year is just kind of the training method that I do. And it’s the same training
method that I use for Kim. It’s mostly about eating. I mean, people think it’s in the exercise, but if you’re not eating
right consistently, then it’s just never going to happen. You know, her diet has come a long way and has changed a lot in terms of just eliminating processed
foods and just getting her to eat real food. So if it comes in a box, if it didn’t grow off a tree or the earth didn’t give it to you, then just stay away from it. Fresh foods, unprocessed
foods and only water. As for the work outs, I would do something that’s mixed, so that there’s weight training, there’s high intensity interval training and there’s steady state cardio. For now, you know I train Kim consistently. Sometimes I train her sisters Khloe and Kourtney. Kim: She’s even Snapchatting
in my workout with Melissa. I give her the privilege of working out with her one time. I honestly, I just love her. She’s also like one of the best clients that you could ever have. She doesn’t cancel. She’s always there. – [Kim] This is what I’m doing today. A lot of our sessions are at 6 a.m. I wake up at 4. So we train about five, six days a week. It ranges from an hour
to an hour and a half. We do a lot of squats, dead lifts, chest press, overhead press, a ton of sprints. We do pull-ups, dips, but I would say that 85% of our
training is weight training. You have to put the work in. You have to be intense, you have to struggle with
every rep and feel it. It doesn’t mean that you’re gonna be Arnold and get huge. – [Kim] Hey guys, she’s trying to kill me. – Only a little bit. – [Kim] Officially trying to kill me. – In the beginning, I
was sitting on my couch. I had gained 70 pounds with my daughter and I saw this infomercial for Insanity, which is
a home workout program. And I saw these people’s transformations. And I packed up all my food, I never cheated, only drank water, never missed a workout and 60 days later I was 40 pounds lighter. I decided I wanted to do
a bodybuilding competition in December of 2015. I won first place in Miss Figure and Miss
Physique and that’s when Kim contacted me. So she saw my transformation
picture on Instagram. She was scrolling through
Instagram at 4 o’clock in the morning and she was
like, “Wow, this woman, she’s a Mom. She lives
like a regular life. Look at how she changed her life.” She was looking for something
that was sustainable. She didn’t want to just
lose weight fast and then you know gain it again. It’s a lifestyle. I had no expectations of
becoming a celebrity trainer. I’m not thinking, “Oh yeah, I’m gonna train Oprah tomorrow.” I just hope that they get the results they’re looking for. And every time she sees
a new muscle growing or new lines, new definition – – [KIm] Do you guys see my muscles? – The look on her face just makes me like super excited for her, because I know exactly
what that feels like. – Hamstrings, my favorite. – Yeah, except that you’re doing it with that bar.
– Oh, she has the light bar. This is what I’m doing.
– Exactly.

40 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian’s Trainer Reveals Her Dieting And Workout Secrets

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  2. Kim has zero muscle definition if she really did these workouts she'd have toned arms, back and quads.

  3. “ we do 85% weight training “ …. 95% of the video of her doing cardio… and no muscle mass at all

  4. yeah, but like… she had surgery… her hips are fake, her boobs are fake, her ass is fake, her nose is fake, her lips too, of course she has to be in shape but dont tell me she achieved her "hourglass shape" by working out and dieting.

  5. Of course she doesn't cancel, she is not a single mother or have to work for a living like the rest of the world…

  6. Love the trainer, but let's be honest, Kim's figure was not achieve with working out! Plus, she has all the money in the world to remove stubborn fat, cellulite and all the little "imperfections".

  7. Alll of you commenting negative shit about Kim are haters !! It’s so ridiculous how her trainer is saying they swiped her processed food pantry and replaced it with healthy foods. that she’s in the gym every morning at 6 am and how over time she’s eating more clean foods. It’s crazy how some of you just love to hate! I’m not saying her body is real, but y’all tryna knock her health and fitness like she does nothing but plastic surgery and lipo. I’m pretty sure she’s realized that to maintain her physique she actually has to put in the work as to why she has a trainer.

  8. If I were wealthier and didn’t have a (good but demanding) office job, I would be more physically fit, too.

  9. Ok you had me before you said only water 💧… soooooooo hard for me to wean myself off of coffee 😫😫😫

  10. I don’t believe a word the Kardashians say, they always “work out” for their huge butt and slim waist yet have zero muscle definition anywhere 🤔

  11. What can I eat before going to the gym in the am,? So that i don’t go on a empty stomach? Any recommendations

  12. Look, everything beside Kim and how we ALL know that’s she’s had surgery done, this trainer is amazing and what SHE does is what we’re talking about. There’s no shame in surgery, I’m guilty for disliking myself for not fitting into the hour glass, slim thick concept but at the end, let people do them. She still has to know that she has to work her ass off to keep everything done after surgery in check.

  13. This trainer balling! She’s knows the plastic surgeon all ready done all the work!
    She just collecting them high dollars with a “workout”. Work your way to the bank with fake training session! Amen

  14. I have no doubt that Kim works out a lot. However, you don’t get that ass from different squats. It’s called fat injections. 😂

  15. She said if it didn't grow off with tree or come from the earth stay away from it, then why your client full of plastic

  16. But the lady Kim has a lot of money and her surgeries and shots to bring out the greasy on her belly .. pufff a bit of workout is good for her.. for the rest of all killing ourselves…

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