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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

– [Narrator] So you’re just
getting into working out, you’ve got some cash to spend and you figure why not visit
the local supplement store? You walk in the door and if
you’re anything like I was, you get totally overwhelmed. All of the labels are
making bold promises, then there’s a salesman who always seems to suggest
the most expensive thing, but he says you should trust
him because he benches 225 and he used to play high school football. Here’s the thing, in their most simple form, supplements are a single compound which has been demonstrated to yield some type of benefit if you take it. Just like grain, lumber or onions, a lot of these compounds
can be bought in bulk. They’re commodities. And there isn’t a lot of
money to be made selling them because the price will be set by whoever is willing
to sell it the cheapest. If I created my own brand of vitamin C, I can’t really sell it for much more than the standard price that
everyone else is paying, or else who would really want to buy it? So in order to make the most money, these supplement companies need something which is harder for others to simply copy, like with the vitamin C. So what do these supplement companies do? Well they take several of
these inexpensive compounds, blend them together in
a proprietary blend, and then sell it as the number one way to achieve everything you’re after, while charging more than it would cost to buy these ingredients separately. This is why I feel so few people are talking about L-glutamine. Since any company can make it, no supplement company
spends much to advertise it, meaning you never really
hear much about it. L-glutamine is an amino acid. Amino acids can exist on their own or they can join together
to form protein strands. Why should you care? Well, L-glutamine is the
most common amino acid found in your muscles. Over 61% of skeletal muscle
is made of L-glutamine. That 60% figure is something you’ll see in basically every bodybuilding article, along with the same
recycled list of benefits. But almost never any explanation
of actually why it works. For this video, I wanted
to take it deeper though and what I found ended up
being pretty incredible. So not only are your
muscles made of glutamine, but glutamine also circulates
the body in the blood and there are several
types of cells in the body which rely on that same glutamine as their unique energy source. Glutamine is a preferred respiratory fuel for lymphocytes, hepatocytes,
and intestinal mucosal cells. It also plays a big role in transporting nitrogen
throughout the body. So not only is your muscle
largely comprised of glutamine, but other cells, essential
cells in the body also rely on it in order to create energy so that they can function properly. I took special note that the lymphocytes, which are crucial to the immune system, need glutamine for fuel. L-glutamine is also used by our brains to create neurotransmitters, glutamic acid, and
gamma aminobutyric acid. Now glutamine is what many
in the medical community call a nonessential amino acid. The term” nonessential” doesn’t mean you don’t need it though. When an amino acid is nonessential, it means that it isn’t essential
to include it in your diet since the body has a
mechanism to create it. The body has two ways of
meeting its glutamine needs. Some of its needs are met by the intake of glutamine
containing foods. Most proteins contain glutamine as one of their building blocks. In the small intestine, these
proteins are broken down and the glutamine is absorbed
into the blood stream. Additionally, the body contains an enzyme called glutamine synthetase. This enzyme is present in skeletal muscle, the brain, kidneys and liver. Glutamine synthetase
catalyzes the condensation of glutamate and amonia
to form L-glutamine. This process of L-glutamine
creation within the body is why it can be classified
as non-essential. Under normal conditions,
this production process is able to supply the body with
all the glutamine it needs. Cells that depend on glutamine
for energy get enough. There’s plenty circulating in the blood and the muscles are full of it. But what happens when the body
increases the number of cells which use L-glutamine for energy? For example, producing more of those white blood cells when you’re sick. In these kinds of times, the body’s demand for L-glutamine outpaces the supply. This is why a paper I found published in the Journal of Nutrition argues that L-glutamine should be reclassified as conditionally essential, meaning there will be
times where it is essential to get it in your diet
because in these times, the body’s demand is
outstripping its supply. Supplementing it in these cases
has proven to be beneficial. So what are some times that
the demand for glutamine outpaces the body’s ability to create it? Well, during times of severe stress, the body becomes determined to ensure that the glutamine energy dependent cells including those immune
cells we talked about, have all the energy they need. The body begins depleting
its glutamine stores, which means, bingo, the body will destroy muscle
to access this glutamine. This is called catabolism and can be brought on by everything from a severe injury to illness, to being in a state of starvation. (cough) Aggressive dieting. Supplementing glutamine has been shown to reduce the loss of muscle in patients or in these stated types of stress. Now normally, they look at severe stress, they look at things like
severe injuries, burns, and those who have just had surgery. But there is evidence that suggests that even the affects
of an intense workout can lower the body’s glutamine levels. Studies confirmed this, demonstrating levels of blood glutamine following an intense workout are reduced. So what happens if you supplement? Well other studies have found
that after strenuous exercise, athletes supplementing L-glutamine had a reduced instance of infection because remember L-glutamine is both with the body uses to
fuel the immune system and a major component of repairing muscle. If supplies become stretched too thin, you simply won’t be
operating at peak capacity. So my personal verdict, if you train hard, approaching
a threshold of over training, you put significant stress on your body. Based on the studies, L-glutamine will be beneficial
to bolster your immune system and to reduce the likelihood of your body going catabolic
if it is deficient. This also explains why
L-glutamine supplementation is often used by people
who are cutting down and eating at a caloric deficit, to help reduce the likelihood
of the body turning to muscle as a source of L-glutamine. Hope this video helps you
make a more informed decision. I’ve included the studies I’ve referenced so you can do your own fact checking. Until next time.


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  2. Do so on a organic plant based diet. If your looking to gain and keep muscle. Watch Jon Venus, his brother ( finishing Med school ) and Brian Turner, just a few plant based body builders. Hope this helps as I’ve been Vegan muscular athlete for years. I also do not need any recovery time. I can easily workout 6 hours straight. Have to stop myself. I personally very rarely supplement as I don’t need it. It takes a good 6 months to detox all the animal products out, which you’ll be dragging during that time. Use a detox and cleansing specialist ( not from conventional medical field) to help the process. I highly recommend them. I don’t even take extra protein as I do raw mostly fruits, high caloric and organic non GMO till afternoon. Then I’ll do huge salads, root veggies any vegetables, certain grains, beans, legumes, nuts and seeds. For deserts I’ll have more fruits, I’ll be end up bananas, dates, berries for a “ ice cream. . I don’t miss any foods as the plant kingdom provides all. In the am I wake up refreshed, bouncing out of bed without any pain ready for a long day. My sleep decreased to 6- 7 hours. I just don’t need more. Have great skin, hair, joints and cartilage. My bones are super tough. I do sunbath every chance I get to keep my bones strong. If sun is not available I’ll supplement with raw vitamin D3.

  3. Accurate research and to the point. I am going to use L-glutamine for stress, mental support, and more. Thank you for this information!

  4. This stuff works! Shortly after taking, coworkers were asking what I was taking. Definetly increased size and gave me a boost of energy.

  5. What about the negative neurological effects when taking exogenous L Glutamine while not having a Glutamine deficit in your body. I have read somewhere that the actual dangers are pretty bad so it is very important to listen to your body while taking this supplement.

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  8. I find that taking L-Glutamine right before bed time is beneficial, helps with overnight recovery and I sometimes I have really interesting dreams. This is one of those "all-round" supplements that has effects on both brain and body.

  9. Well done. I have a cold and have been training hard, did not know that the lymph system used l glutamine, thankfully my girlfriend just bought be some for Christmas. Thanks for the helpful video, keep them coming!

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  11. You know what's even more in your muscles??? WATER!!
    Does it mean drinking a lot of water will make you gain muscles? ABSOLUTELY NOT.
    Glutamine is useless supplement for bodybuilders, it tastes like mucus and increases appetite.

  12. Sorta not true… here in the Au you can buy 500mg of vita c for 6-40aud and it's not all down to the pill size, number of pills. Well known brands bank on their name

  13. Do not take L-Glutamine! You do not need it. Studies have shown that supplementing L-Glutamine is only beneficial if you have illnesses inhibiting Glutamine reception. Plus, L-Glutamine is in whey. check my facts out on

  14. IMO, if you're just getting into working out, you shouldn't worry about supplements. You should be cleaning up your diet, and figuring out an effective exercise program.

  15. Bro…Excellent Job!!!! This is really good information and well put together…It should have 200,000 views!!!

  16. New research shows that l glutamine feeds cancer cells so I would look into that if you're thinking of taking it.

  17. I swear by this stuff, rapid recovery and seems to help you get insane pumps while being used with arginine

    Works better when your on a empty stomach so goes hand in hand with intermittent fasting

    I also heal from injury much faster and get less scaring

    It’s expensive but I personally think it’s worth it, you just look fresher too i don’t know why

    You’ll start muscles you didn’t even know existed

  18. What if your blood has too much Glutamine? What causes it and should you worry? How do you reduce the Glutamine?

  19. Great info cheers. I'm a gym goer that currently only uses whey protein post workout, so looking for extra suppliments to help the process, natty of course.

  20. You mentioned the ingredients can be bought as inexpensive compounds and be blended together. Where do you buy the ingredients separately?

  21. What are the side effects of taking L-Glutamine as a supplement, though, Dorian Wilson? I saw in another video elsewhere days ago that those who are allergic to monosodium glutamate (MSG) should avoid L-Glutamine. Sounds odd & I don't know if the source of that information was merely thinking this is the case by a similarity of "glutamine" & "glutamate," but the above negative scenario is what the source claimed.
    What say you regarding side effects of taking L-Glutamine as a supplement?

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  24. Please watch this:
    I'm sorry but L glutamine has almost 0 benefits out of all research and most of what you said was bullshit….
    Your body doesn't absorb it.

  25. Great video! Finally understand why the body breaks down muscle. I knew it did, but now I know why.

  26. I heard its great for Gastritis.
    Melatonin @ Licorice .
    If you have heart / stroke in family,check out Forks Over Knives .
    The Bleeding Edge,now these are on Netflix,and this one will piss you off and it should,off topic,but you need to see it .
    D Earth ,Food Grade is a must.

  27. L-glutamine also has side effects. One of these which isn't mentioned often is heart arrhythmia. It is important to take care when using this. That is the problem I encountered when I took it.

  28. When i see the intro i think: this guy is going to talk trash… i was so WRONG! you have the best explanation on the internet HAHAHA!

  29. L Glutamine is going to heal my leaky gut along with organic bone broth and organic living yogurt. My battle will be won by me and my candida overgrowth will fall like a house of cards. Do research your conditions before you diet to heal. GET WELL PEOPLE!

  30. : )Thank you for the informative video.
    Question, will taking l-glutamine daily cause the body to produce less, or Stop producing all together? as with testosterone therapy for example.
    If interested in the natural cure and prevention of cancer just let me know and I will Explain, this also goes for Anyone who may be reading this, my Mom had cancer cured.
    Wishing You and you All Perfect Health Love Happiness and a Wonderful Journey 💓
    : )Tyler

  31. It's a good supplement for sure. But it's also the only thing except sugars that cancers can feed on.

  32. I like to take L -Glutamine after INTERMMITENT fasting, breaking my fast with it really gives my brain and body a boost and not to mention the benefits that fasting does on its own it's works really awesome.

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    Very detailed

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