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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hello everyone, I hope you
okay I’ll meet you today for to talk to you about a substance which is very important for our
organism and especially for our creatine muscles. First of all know that creatine is
naturally produced at the level of our liver and our kidneys. It is also brought to our organism through our food and in animal products such as meat and fish. It is interesting to know that this creatine well plays a fundamental role in muscle contraction, in the production of energy by the muscle, it also allows to increase physical performance during a
brief short and intense effort when it is in sufficient quantity in our body. Know that the daily needs in
creatine well are 1.5 to 3g in an adult. It should be known that these needs are in
general well met by our internal production and our food
when it is varied and balanced. It should be noted that this creatine well is going to be metabolized in our body and so transformed in another molecule called the
creatinine that it will be degraded and thus eliminated by our kidneys. When the creatinine level in
our blood, which is our serum creatinine is too important well this
reflects a deterioration of our kidneys and can hide kidney failure. It’s also interesting to know that
creatininuria ie the creatinine level in our urine is simply a reflection of our muscle mass. Know that some people take
enriched food supplements creatine simply for
increase their physical performance I insist on one point if your needs
are satisfied by your production internal and your diet it is in
no useful case to supplement your body with creatine because it can unfortunately cause
deterioration kidneys and bowel dysfunction. I also want to clarify that taking this type of dietary supplements well, it is strongly discouraged
the child, the teenager, the pregnant woman, the woman who is breastfeeding, but also in people who have kidney failure. It’s over for creatine, I hope
really that this video will have you well-lit and well informed by
relation to this substance and to the dangers that she can represent if she is brought
in excessive quantities in our organization. So, do not hesitate to like the
video, share it there too for inform as many people as possible and
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6 thoughts on “LA CREATINE : production , musculation , compléments alimentaires , avis / Noura Marashi

  1. salut merci pour tes conseils sil vous plais jai une question
    moi je prends 5 g de creatine les premieres utilisations mon fais tros male au dos plutot au rein mais quand je me suis habituer ca ne ma fais presque plus male mais quand jai dessider de larreter
    jai u des palpitations au coeur qui saxentue avec le temps quand je la reprend il disparaisse je ne sais plus quoi faire esque je la reprond ou aec le temps ses palpitation von disparetre ou si je reste je peux avoir une crise cardiaque je suis dans la merde sil vous plait une idée ?

  2. salut, merci pour la video. je consomme 3g de la creatine le jour ou je m'entraine je vous juste savoir combien de temps faut-il attendre avant de faire un bilan generale etant donné qu'il y'a forte chance d'avoir un taux de creatinine élévevé dans mon sang ce qui est normal

  3. salut a tous je voudrais essayer la creatine pour faire une prise de masse et en navigant sur le web et un marketplace tres connu j'ai vu cette creatine qui a l'air super.
    pouvez vous me conseiller s'il vous plait merci d'avance

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