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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

All right guys, so I’m in my kitchen right
now pondering the facts of life, heating up a little pre-workout meal, which I’m about
to pull out of the microwave. I just want to dive into why in the world you would want
to work out your lats because I don’t think it’s very clear to most guys. I know if I
don’t explain this before I get into the actual workout you guys are just not going to be
excited about this video at all, but this is probably one of the most important videos
that I’ve ever done for you guys on just helping you guys look amazing. Now if I had to guess
I would say that 99 out of 100 of you guys watching these videos, you’re doing it for
pretty much the same reason, you want to have a more aesthetic, attractive physique. Obviously
that’s pretty much the goal of anyone who goes for it in the gym. Let me just show you
guys what I’m working with here for my pre-workout meal. I’m going to dive back into my little
rant on aesthetics. As you can see I’ve got some salmon. We got some, oh by the way Sockeye
salmon, super high source of omega-3 fatty acids, some brown rice and some sweet potatoes.
I got my healthy pre-workout meal ready to roll. But I just want to preach a little point
on this; you don’t have to be the biggest, strongest guy in your gym to have the best
physique. It really comes on to proportions and aesthetics. How do we create amazing aesthetics,
there’s three things that you really need to dial in. You want to have a small waist.
You want to have six-pack abs, a small waistline. What really complements that and gives you
an amazing fitness model physique, just overall makes you look like a monster is a first off,
wide shoulders and then getting those upper and mid-lats. It really creates that V-shape.
When you think about having a small waist and wide shoulders and then you have your
upper and mid-lats really developed, that’s going to create that awesome V-shape physique
that every fitness model and bodybuilder, pretty much every guy walking the planet who’s
working out aspires to have. It is so important that we hit our mid- and upper-lats really
hard with this workout routine. This little routine, it’s meant to be in addition to your
leg or your back workouts. You can do this say, before your leg day, after your leg day
in addition to your back workout, but it’s only going to take you about 15 – 20 minutes.
There are only three different exercises. They’re really going to maximize our time
under tension and create lots of healthy micro tears in our upper and mid-lats. Give you
guys some awesome panty-dropping aesthetics. One more little thing, just take a look at
any single fitness model, any bodybuilder, anyone you follow on Instagram, social media
who has a really good physique and I want you to look at something. Look at their lats
like right here in combination with their waistline. Obviously I’m not the biggest,
strongest guy in my gym, but I have good aesthetics, like I’ve done a good job on building up like
my lats in combination with having a small waist line. It’s really all about aesthetics,
widening those shoulders, widening those lats and having a really small waist because as
a naturally skinny guy, I think you have a really big advantage to have an amazing physique
because you’re naturally going to have a small waistline. You’re naturally going to be able
to get those six-pack abs easier. In combination with developing those upper- and mid-lats
and getting those wide shoulders, you guys are going to have an amazing physique. Here
we go. Time for some lat workouts. Sorry guys, working on my voiceover talent. One of my
side hustles. Here we go. I’m working on squeezing those upper lats. This one is so crucial.
We want to focus on that mind-muscle connection and time under tension, so really put your
mind right where your upper lats are and focus on squeezing those upper lats every single
second of these repetitions. I cannot stress how important a mind-muscle connection is,
so squeeze those upper lats, focus on that mind-muscle connection. Then what we’re doing
for the drop set here is we’re just taking the weight and we’re doing about 60% of what
we did the first set and we’re continuing on. We’re not resting at the top or the bottom.
We’re squeezing those lats, getting that mind-muscle connection in our upper lats. You guys are
going to get some incredible aesthetics, really work that V-shaped back. Finishing strong,
squeezing those lats and that is the first superset. Time for some static hold wide grip
pull-ups, weighted of course. I have a little dumbbell between my feet. What you want to
do here is you want to stop the static hold right where you feel the most tension in your
upper lats. You really want to get that mind-muscle connection once again. Focus on squeezing
and holding it right where you feel the maximum burn in your upper lats. You can actually
see them popping out right there. When you start to shake violently, that is a really
good sign. That means it’s working. Going down really slow, trying to squeeze out my
last rep. I see an oompa loompa just walked by. Here we go. Some side-to-side wide grip
static hold pull-ups. Have fun with this. We’re already fatigued. We’re going side-to-side
like a windshield wiper, really focusing on those upper lats. Underhand grip barbell row
Smith machine. Once again, I’m going to preach that brain-gain-train connection. What you
want to do here is really focus on squeezing your upper lats that why we’re doing this
exercise on the Smith machine as opposed to the free weights, so we’re really squeezing
our upper lats. You’re going to feel it in your biceps and your back as well. This one
is killer on those lats if you really focus on that mind-muscle connection. Keep that
weight in motion the entire time. We’re going to focus on that time under tension or squeezing
our upper lats with some nice overload here on the Smith machine. This one is a great
way to wrap up the workout. Now just remember, I know so many of you guys, you’re training
in a way where you just want to become a mass building machine. You want to just put out
as much muscle mass as humanly possible and that’s a really good goal for the first couple
years that you’re working out, but anyone watching this video who’s maybe at year three,
four, five of your fitness, your transformation journey, it’s really important to analyze
your physique and figure out in proportion to other muscle groups which ones need to
be developed. The number one thing that I see on pretty much every guy who’s not a professional
fitness model, bodybuilder or someone who just has overall insane genetics is most guys
lats just are not developed. It’s really hard to isolate and put time under tension on those
lat muscle groups and that is exactly why I wanted to put this video together, so educate
you guys, show you guys the best exercises that are going to put time under tension,
help you guys build those lats, create that wide, V-shaped back and give you guys those
panty-dropping aesthetics because I know that spring break is probably right around the
corner for some of your guys. Maybe you already had your spring break. Beach season is quickly
approaching and I know everybody wants those incredible aesthetics. I hope you guys enjoyed the video.

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  1. Yeah, not cool, coming from a very recent subscriber. At first I thought you'd said her name. I thought to myself "I bet this guy knows all the girls at the gym". Then when I watched again later with earphones, I heard what you actually said. Not cool. Plus, from what I could tell, she was kinda cute. Still, though….thanks for the video.

  2. Videos that you post get better and better every with every video. Keep up the good work I'm pumped to do this easy appealing lat work out. Plus good motivation

  3. Here's the thing: this guy is not here to help anyone. At all. He's on YouTube for nothing more than to show off like any of the other gym douchebags who live to tear people down in an attempt to make them feel bad about themselves. This video is solid proof of that.

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