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Hi this is Chris from East Ave. Barbell, I’m here with Coach Lauren Arsenault Lauren has just competed in Strongman Corporation Nationals 2018 in Missouri how did it go? nationals was my first
nationals was a great experience so what weight class were you in? so I compete as a lightweight in in the strongman corporation that means I had
to weigh in under one about 140 pounds So what do you typically sit at?
-So I typically…
the weight I typically sit at I had to do a water cut to get to that weight
class because you know in my normal training I’m – I sit around like 147, 148
pounds so yeah for this contest I had to do a water cut… I had to take some hot
baths and just sweat out some water weight… Thirsty and hungry
-What did you weigh in at this morning? 140 even with my underwear on Yeah but it was pretty successful, I mean I made weight and I you know I felt okay during the competition so
-that’s the risk you
run doing a water cut compromising your Strength
-mm-hmm, yup
-So what were the events? okay so the events… there were five events over two days… the first event was
a axle clean & press away axle just like a…
a 2-inch thick bar… so the weight in my weight class it was 140[lb]… I got five reps
which was a PR for me So what was the second event?
-So the second event was a frame carry… the weight in my weight class was 435
pounds which is obviously pretty heavy – that’s
actually three times the body weight I’ve weighed in at. It was for 60 feet so I
ended up… I didn’t… I finished the whole distance but I did drop it along the way.
It was just like extremely painful in my hands it was… you know, it’s just very very
heavy so I had to re-pick it a few times to
finish it, but it started pretty well like I had a fast start and I was moving
pretty quickly so you know like my training kind of showed. And what was the
third event?
-Third event of day one was the deadlift. So the deadlift was a
neutral grip deadlift with a thick handle… no straps allowed which is pretty
atypical in strongman so I had to use actually like a false grip but what
happened the weight was 375 pounds… I zeroed this event meaning I didn’t get
any reps you know that’s… for me that’s heavy weight… so you know I was
definitely hoping to get to get at least one or a couple. Every event counts
equally the same so you know whether you know any event… that you’re… some events
you’re good at some events you’re not great at but like each one counts the same so…
you just gotta move on. Happens. Yeah, it happens yeah but you just gotta move you know focus on the next events and just move on…
-Not letting that affect your mindset
-Yeah absolutely
the first event for day 2… *no dialogue* …was another overhead event it was a
circus dumbbell clean and press every rep. So we use the Bartos dumbbell which…
it’s [Bartos] an equipment company… and it has like these really nice like [spherical]
bells so it’s a really cool dumbbell for my weight class that was 85 pounds and
for this I managed to get three reps which was a PR for me. I was very proud
of that performance because you know in training I kind of had to like relearn
how to do this event and also just build up the strength to do that weight. So it
really just came together I had a good mindset I just like made sure that my
setup, you know, my positioning, was good and I just told myself like I’m I’m
not missing any reps, you know, I’m not rushing, I’m not yeah I’m just I’m just
just focusing, and doing doing the best I
*Chris yelling encouragement in background video* can, so I was happy about that
-Yeah, excellent. Something a lot of a lot of people run into
*Chris still yelling* sometimes is they’ll rush their repetitions
and knowing what… knowing yourself and
*Encouragement, yelling, you get the drift* your strategies going into it will help you properly plan out your rest and…
-yeah I didn’t think
*Chris: THERE YOU GO!* about what other people were doing which
is something you you know really shouldn’t do in any competition yeah you
just got to bring bring what you have that day cuz that’s the thing it’s like
it’s like you’re competing but like you know it’s always about bringing your
best performance overall, like like you know I didn’t, I think I had more in me,
you know, but that’s you know get it being it’s such a big show, like you know
it’d be if it was a you know it definitely got to me so hopefully next
time I go to Nationals and or any big contests I’ll be more able to really
focus and and and just do the best for me and like the chips fall where they
may you know like you can’t control what
other people are doing but you know like always you know you if you perform your
best on that day then you know that’s when that’s the magic that’s when it
happens. So the last event of Nationals was a medley event. There were three
different implements that we had to carry over 30 feet and you know just in
the fastest time the first the first object was a mouser block it’s basically
just a metal block that you pick up and run with then it was a duck walk just
just an awkward walk you carry the weight between your legs and you’re kind
of just waddling… and then it was a hand a standing hand over hand rope pull… pull
a sled… so on this event yeah I did
I can’t even call it a PR because you know I wasn’t training with the exact
implements but you know compared to other athletes who you know their
transitions are perfect and their steps are perfect I was you know far from
perfect so yeah, I finished it… yeah
-yeah they didn’t they screw up the weights or what was going on with the Mouser
block I believe…
-Oh no the uh the the duck walk it was you know we were told it was
gonna be for my weight class like 220 pounds the first movement was like 160
second was supposed to be 220 but it was just the way the the plates stacked up
it was actually like a hundred and twenty pounds um but that’s you know
that happens in in any contest you know there will be changes and stuff
-so what’s next for Lauren Arsenault? Well a hypertrophy phase meaning I’m going to
build some muscle do some high volume or kind of like recover from that very
demanding, taxing, work you know on my central nervous system so basically and
then I’m gonna go into a strength phase and build up my maximal strength so really
it’s just you know I did… I’ve done these these contests I’ve been peaking I’ve
been competing you know just really trying to maximize everything and now
I’m going to kind of step back… only you know at a higher level than I was before
and continue to build up again so that I can build a stronger, better package
-So if you want to follow Lauren on Instagram you can follow her at “Lauren’s
lifting life” – one word excellent if you want to follow East
Ave… follow us @eastavebarbell on Instagram you could follow us on the
interweb WWW dot eastavebarbell dot com follow us on Facebook too as well and if you’re
interested in starting strongman in training strongman Lauren and myself are
the two strongman coaches here at East Ave Barbell come down get in contact
with us and check us out
-Yeah come play with the toys. It’s fun! *Music playing* *Laughter*

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