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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

For lips I think I’m gonna go for my favorite buxom lipgloss, and this one is in Sandy Alright, I hope you guys enjoyed that Calming get ready with me But good morning everyone welcome back to Joan day and vlogmas wow this is kind of creepy because of the mirror let me switch the camera around Little less trippy right, but yeah, I hope you guys enjoyed that little get ready with me I wanted to share some of my favorite songs with you usually during the month of December I like to listen to Christmas songs But this month like I’ve been really into the comebacks here in Korea like Younha, Zion T. I don’t think I shared that but yeah Zion T’s Snow is so good and sad But I really like the vibes and his music DPR Live Hyolyn I really like that song after a Sunny Recommended it to me, but yeah, I thought I would recommend some of my favorite tunes, but right now I am currently waiting for Edward to come over because we are going to film a swap. This is kind of like our tradition Well, this is our second time doing it, but it’s always fun to do this so yeah I’m just waiting on him to come over and then after that I think I’m just gonna go to the gym today because it’s one Of the, it’s like colder than yesterday So I’m gonna stay indoors as much as possible and then head over to my skin care treatment I’ve been breaking out a lot in my chin area um, but that is because I’ve been just so stressed and not getting enough sleep, so yeah we’ll see what the dermatologist has to say today’s vlog is not going to be as eventful but I’m gonna try my best to edit it so that it looks nice. I don’t know, but yeah He should be here any minute now. I’m just gonna go and make myself some tea out in the kitchen I don’t know if you guys can see but I have my gym shorts on Like I’m really gonna go to the gym today. It has been a while Yoonha if you guys have never heard of her before I love her voice, it’s just so I Love listening to her songs whenever it rains like her and FTIsland are my go-to Rainy day kpop songs so if you’ve never heard of her She is just super talented, and I’m so happy that she’s back and she collaborated with Ph1 and groovy room, so it sounds really good, all right So this bag right here are gifts from Singapore that a lot of you guys wanted me to give to Eddie So I’m going to give that to him today, and then these are presents that I bought for him, so We’ll see his reaction that video should be up on my main channel so click up there to watch if you haven’t already done So or we might even upload it later so stay tuned on my main channel if you if it’s not up yet He’s here. Why is it so you know right now. We just finished our swap and in the middle of filming it I’ve got a package so might as well. Just open it but Eddie Hi He has pink hair now. Yeah, it like it’s funny. I’ve been washing it I used to rinse it all out oh yes like this morning when I was washing You know the sponge I used to wipe my cleanser ah yeah, yeah, there’s pink on it, so Ah I don’t know what it is. Oh? Yay It’s so cold oh my gosh you feel it. Oh my god It’s been like 30 minutes, and it’s still cold Yeah, right it’s that cold outside But thank you recipe I really like this. I like texted Christine. I was like I’m running out Oh Another one, and she did because they don’t have this in Korea. It’s only at like Sephora asipi calm Yeah, cuz glow recipe doesn’t have a shop oh. Oh my then we’re done a home shopping. I don’t know Maybe home shopping, but yeah, please go check out the video that we filmed. It’s a swap It was wild it was so wide. It was so wild we’re going. Oh my god. It’s just gonna be a killing uh but Sighs changed into my KY sweater and Eddie is shopping at my store No just come over whenever you need in you so this is all sponges All sponges you line p-doped you, Oh have you tried this you go Cinco cream sickly hmm I’m using it right now. This is like the Neogene gauze peel, but you don’t wash it off It’s like a toner moisturizer all recently washed the paddle The gospel because yeah use the rough side flip it over soft side, and then you wash it off with water Oh, well now you got a now you know yeah, you’ll notice the difference, but this is you you don’t wash it off It’s like a toner moisturizer all mixed in one they’re very like rich past anything else you need I mean I told him to buy an industry palette and come over and just pick whichever because there’s no Ya know come and pick whatever yeah, but I clean Yeah come with her Joan store, okay, we’re gonna get hamburgers. Why is it so bright this place is so cute Time for lunch Our food is out, but we’re very confused at what this tomato right? We also ordered come down. Oh my god Oh Oh my god What your reaction videos are the funniest? I watched the must act one last night before I once believed I couldn’t go to sleep out there like dude. It’s so funny It’s sunny but I promise you it’s like so cold but Oh really me, but it’s so cold. It’s sunny but it’s so cold, but it’s good Now we’re gonna walk to the station. He’s gonna go all the way to Kangnam, right? way to go what yeah, and I’m gonna go home and Maybe work out alright guys. I am now at the gin I might film a little bit of it depending on how many people are here It is like Kind of in the middle of the day, I feel like there might be a lot of people well. We shall see Just gonna put my big jacket And then let’s go I Always have a hard time getting myself to go to the gym, but it always feels so rewarding afterwards But now I’m just going to shower and then head over to my dermatologist But I feel like those blogs aren’t that interesting so so so I’m going to end the vlog here. I hope you guys enjoyed watching Here’s the shout out today for those of us who translated and transcribe my vlog this one right here I really appreciate all the time and effort you guys put into translating and transcribing I know how long that takes so thank you so much, and I’ll see you guys in two where else have a donde. Bye

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