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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

the next day Hey YouTube Family my mom and I have a meeting we have to go to, so I’m up extra early I never get to have a Saturday off I do believe like really
she always has me ready to do something the one day you want to say something to our YouTube Family I’m so happy I look out I’m trying to see me oh you know she had to suggest it
for herself which you know you know on this thing in it that is really
something you do when you are into it um but you know I just adore my baby so
much you know I try to plan stuff so we can be together Hallelujah praise the
Lord thank you Jesus oh you know she always says she was in heaven
and she said that’s gonna be my mama and Lord you know what she chose to best one… hallelujah we now return to your regular programming I haven’t eaten yet y’all um
don’t think I’m having right now it’s sugar-free gum but um yeah I’m not
hungry I just wanted to eat and I forgot to take my chicken wings out so they can
defrost while I’m here gosh but of course I do have my water y’all and oh
my gosh yeah I do have my roasted pecans yeah I told you on my last video this is
one of my top keto friendly snacks well yeah so they have fried chicken they did
have like sandwiches or whatever and I could have just ate the like ham or
whatever that was like now let me turn this down so I don’t get copyrighted cuz
we don’t need that type of negative energy so um yeah um probably just gonna
go where you want to go mama I don’t want to go to McDonald’s I love
McDonald’s I live McDonald’s and let me love it
not today you eat without McDonald yes I do have a soft spot for McDonald show
but today I’m just not feeling any goblins alright yeah so we’re down so y’all we kept it keto at McDonald’s
very proud of myself I had temptation y’all but I did alright y’all so as you
can see I got a quarter pounder cheese burger and as you can see I have no
American cheese no silver onion no ketchup at lettuce and at bacon and I
told them all so no fun as well on this and as I can see this is what it looks
like it’s kind of sad yeah it was kind of sad but we’re just going to go with
it okay and I also got a side salad and my dressing is Italian dressing and to
drink I have my diet coke I do also have some water because we’re trying to be a
hydrating Queen over here like you know you gotta get your water in yes diet
cokes a lot of stuff is fun but we still got to get that water in h2o is your
friend Amen alright y’all so my mom and I just
made at home I’m feeling the need or maybe the want to make some like fat
bombs you know Keto Fat Bombs I’m gonna link above right here my keto fat bomb recipe
yeah I really need some in my life isn’t I just want y’all I’m playing so
currently I’m working on this coconut fat bomb y’all you’re supposed to use a liquid stevia but I don’t have any so um I clearly see
why you need to use liquid stevia okay yeah um so I did get this recipe from
Keto Connect basically all you need is coconut ingredients only three or four
ingredients yeah four ingredients so you would need coconut milk coconut oil some
unsweetened coconut flakes and some liquid stevia I don’t have liquid stevia
alright say that I don’t have unsweetened coconut flakes so I may use
some pecans in this maybe yeah yeah let’s do how that goes
okay YouTube family so as you can see I have my chocolate fat bombs I have my
peanut butter fat bombs and I have my Keto Connect coconut fat bombs and I
just added some pecans to it y’all yeah we will see how this turns out y’all now
like you know I don’t know like keto Connect has not steered me wrong yet so
I mean I’m going in with some high hopes so
yeah so um due to the fact I just don’t feel like cooking y’all I got some hot
wings from Pizza Hut I’m drinking water and I also have some cozy right but I’m
really not gonna drink that much coke zero it’s just so I can just have it
with my wings really but mainly I’m gonna be drinking my water over here and
just working on a new video and watching TV at the same time nice dinner is just
something so simple y’all so I have 2 eggs 1 whole avocado and 4 bacon strips
and I’m getting my water in yes hashtag h2o Queen over here y’all if you have
not been drinking your water get on it stop slacking yep I’m talking to you yes
you see no fat bones I have some coconut ones some chocolate ones and peanut
butter ones and they’re just so good like this is such a treat to have on
keto like I really don’t ever feel like it’s a diet really is not a diet it’s a
lifestyle change but y’all understand what I’m saying Keto Connect better
stop playing with me y’all those coconut bat bones are so good oh my gosh oh
they’re so good hey you two families so editing version of myself coming in so
y’all like I was telling y’all those coconut fat bombs are so good definitely
gonna be making more of those and I’m excited to try other like keto fat bomb
recipes y’all you know I told y’all in my keto krate review + giveaway I’m
gonna be trying to do different recipes now somebody try to hold me to that ok
ok if you have not checked out my August 2019 Keto Krate Review + Giveaway video
I’m gonna link it above right here alright maybe right here is up here
somewhere y’all. Keto Krate is really a great way to try out some Keto/Low Friendly Snacks y’all plus we’re over here doing giveaways every month so
I mean I don’t know what to say but I’m just saying take advantage of it ok ok
thank God I will tell you I haven’t liked filling oh because all
my workouts y’all but I soak in some Epsom salt and y’all I feel so much
better I still feel a little regarding my back but I feel so much better
I feel like with me routinely soaking in Epsom salt and you know stretching and
all that stuff my body will feel normal because my workouts have been like
slacking a little bit because you know my body would just like please stop but
I wasn’t taking care of my muscles well you know my non-existent muscles so yeah
if you are new to the channel welcome to the film I’m over here documenting my
keto weight lost journey your girl is sharing everything over
here we’re trying to combine strict keto and lazy keto y’all so join me by
clicking that subscribe button plus the notification bell as well so you won’t
miss out on any future uploads here I upload three videos a week so you can’t
expect a video from me on Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays to my returning
YouTube family thank you so much for watching this video as always if you
don’t hear it from anyone else I love you so stay blessed and I will see you
in the next video which will be Wednesday all right yeah I hope y’all
having a great productive wonderful Monday and yeah I will see you soon bye
love you

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