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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Good Morning YouTube family so today we are starting out our Lazy Keto What I Eat In A Day Video here sitting down
about stop meditating yesterday was August 11th is actually um 27 years
since my father passed away and I just kind of hung out with him a little bit
Cemetery it never gets like easy but I feel like
when we meditating is making the process a little bit easier then the only thing
I’ve had so far is my apple cider vinegar and water oh I have lemons in
the refrigerator I forgot to put lemons in it that was so smart boom yeah um I’m
gonna be drinking all the water while I’m working out today today is actually
my upper body day but I’m gonna talk about that with y’all once I get in the
car I also we look are I done meditating I
have my water already and today’s flavor that I’m gonna be
using in my water is the fruit punch hydration drink mix from Everly I told y’all about this in my August 2019 Keto Krate Review + Giveaway video I’ll link it above up here just in case you’re interested and trying to win some
keto friendly snacks y’all and in the description box is my keto krate link
plus my 50% off discount code with keto krate okay so now that we’re done talking about
that okay hopefully this is good so today like I told y’all is actually my
every Friday day and my body has was doing so much better y’all since I
started soaking in Epsom salt and I know I’ve been supposed to do that but I
wasn’t doing it and I did it this what weekend for the first time and then I’ve
been routinely doing it y’all and wow my non-existent muscles love me now all
right y’all so we’re gonna give this a little shake real quick and then we’ll
try it out I like this one even better than the UM
what was it the black berry black cherry don’t like that the other one that I
tried yeah I doesn’t even better in whom I love so we are about to go to the gym
get this upper-body workout in real quick yes go get these toned arms let’s
stop talking about it and be about it okay I’m just going way too into this
all right yeah so let’s go to the gym do you want to know what it is the
matrix is it is all around us even now in this very area you can see it when
you look out your window okay also we’re in the car I just kind
of like I was excited about my workout but my mom was kind of like somewhere
else y’all so I’m gonna like go like all in for Zumba class oh my gosh yeah I’ll
go all universes in the class today way today just like I don’t know like I said
I was excited for the gym today but my mind just was like taking me somewhere
else so yeah but anyways y’all so we are about to go home and cook some food
because it is currently 12 28 it’s time for me to get some food in my system dog
only so much water a person can have we need food
yeah food is life boots fun but it’s great alright y’all so first meal of the
day y’all I have a nice little salad going on so we have lettuce ground beef
roasted pecans cucumbers eggs I think that’s everything that’s in this yeah –
and I use for my dressing just two tablespoons of Italian dressing and I
also use apple cider vinegar for my dressing as well so yeah that’ll be
interesting alright y’all so I’m running late to Zumba and I’ll tell y’all all
about that after Zumba but yeah hi I’m stone I’m looking like who did it
in what for the film is over I sweat so much today I caught myself get in the
front only so I could get some air does the other instructor wasn’t here today
so I was like I’m gonna front I can guess up here yeah that did not help me
out at all I was burning hot about today but at least work out his own and I did
like I said I was gonna work extra hard Sunday I hate you too family so don’t
judge me y’all so today is actually the next day I had to move some stuff
yesterday and I completely forgot about like well I didn’t really record I just
didn’t have time to record really so um yeah I do want to tell y’all yesterday
um the second instructor was not there don’t tell you that already I don’t know
but I’ll tell you if I did the second instructor was not there y’all so I went
up front thinking you know I would be by the air and I was gonna be feeling
amazing y’all y’all I had that you know they were you in the front of class you
got to be real extra so I had to go extra hard cuz I was on the front of
class y’all I almost died yesterday real talk but anyways y’all with me
moving my stuff and everything yesterday y’all see this right here this is called
hashtag stress I’m stressed AF but I will say this is a good thing y’all I’m
finally going to get my all change because I am like a good mm and 229
miles over the limit that they told me basically they’re supposed to go over
and so yeah I was supposed to give my old chains basically in May
yeah but yeah I’m not gonna complain because I’m alive and you know there are
some people that did not wake up this morning oh yeah my mom wanted me to
share with y’all her opening up her Keto Krate when I show y’all like the
review of the Keto Krate that is the Muncher Plan and she got the nibbler plan that
is the cheapest available plan as of right now so um yeah I’m gonna show you
all that clip now yeah the plan that she has is the nibbler plan this is what you
can expect like five snacks I think and like when I do my reviews that is the
muncher plan also you got the keto pop in there I really like um the black oh
yeah and then you got to just the cheese and the keto pop is so good to me let me
get that yes ma’am y’all she ate some of mine
no ma’am y’all know I love that Oh wrong real Glo peanut butter Oh bar a lot of
stuff yeah that’s the arm pizza almond or some as well y’all from legendary
food oh that’s so good that’s the good to go
strawberry lemon bar it’s so good I’m gonna take the I’m taking some of her
snacks so she took some of mine yes honey yes ma’am Oh y’all she did
also get the Everly drink mix that’s really good that helps like says my
mother doesn’t like to drink water basically huh yeah I’m putting out there
y’all you can put that in your water so good it’s my party it’s my party oh yeah
so if you are new to the channel welcome to the fam over here doc community my
keto weight loss journey your girl is sharing everything right
now we are trying to combine strict keto and lazy keto so join me by clicking
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miss out on any future uploads I currently upload three videos a week
so you can’t expect the video from me on Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays to my
returning YouTube family thank you so much for watching this video as always
if you don’t hear it from anyone else I love you so stay blessed and I will see
you in the next video which will be Friday alright y’all so the people out
here we’re watching me and probably judging me likewise a girl like having a
whole conversation her throne but they don’t want to see it but y’all are like
real deal family to me alright y’all see y’all Friday alright
love you

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