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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Alright, what’s up YouTube? It is Monday morning, we’re in here doing
chest. Usually we do legs, as you can see, I hurt
my back. Let me show you – look at the brace. -Sexy
-Yeah. So, it kinda pull girls in a while they say
usually, “Why?” You can come with any story you want. Typically, “Mauled by a bear…” works the
best. But no, so I hurt my back. I think it’s stress fracture because I’ve
had it before. This basically just means the bone’s like
this and there’s a crack. So the braces has to push it back together
so, I can still lift on certain things. I might not be able to squat or deadlift,
but I’m just wearing that as a precaution. So nothing at worst. Something got tight in my knee the other day
and then my deadlift form broke down, but anyways, I’m gonna show you the workout. It’s per usual, today’s a heavy day, so we’re
gonna look for 3 plates probably, something like that, maybe a little more. And we’ll go from there. [00:00:48.40] [music] [00:02:08.00] Hey YouTube, it’s Tanner and
Benson. – Hey there, guys. – And, yeah, I look like a total douche, lifting,
everyone looked at me but did you see the 8 reps on 315? Did you? -hahahaha – But I know, that’s my last set. And I’ll probably post that later, or I don’t
know if I’ll post – well, I’ll post it in the video, because I just talked about it,
but the- something funny I thought about, what’s like, literally, I could’ve- like,
this is my last set, and I got 8 reps, but I know for a fact like if I done that on my
second set or first set, I would’ve gone like 12 or 13 and that’s what’s kinda funny about
social media is like, you could kinda just show people the good parts, would show my
product, put in one of my post, for guys who don’t follow me on Instagram, make sure you
do. It’s Tanner Chidester Fitness and yeah, so
I just thought that was kinda interesting ’cause I was talking to my brother about like,
easily could’ve probably done 4 more reps. That was my last set. So I was already pretty gassed and you know,
you do – you just try and do a max out early in the set. There is no point because at the end of the
day, you’re trying to get the amount of volume, that’s what’s gonna help you in the long run,
not doing a max out set. In fact, I wasn’t supposed to do that, but
when it’s your last set, it’s… it’s more preferable ’cause you’re done. So it’s like, if you’re gonna do it, that’s
the best time to do it. But anyways, how are you gonna workout – I
look stupid, but I mean, it helps my back. I have a stress fracture like I said, so,
my knee is really tight. I’m not sure why. I’m hoping it’s something serious and then
because of that, I think it hurt my deadlift form and then that re-opened my stress fracture,
and I’ve had a stress fracture before, so I could go to the doctor and get an MRI and
stuff, but, I mean, my back feels good when I have the brace on. It feels like crap when the brace is off. So a think that’s pretty self-explanatory. I also tore my shoulder 3 times a piece. So, after about the first time, and that was
kinda like, “Yeah, I re-tore my shoulder.” You kinda know how it feels. But anyways, headed out to do a lot of selling
from now, pretty much, it’s now summer. I mean, that’s it. So, I’m gonna head home, eat, head over to
Alder and get some stuff done then we’re going on – ‘hit them doors’ and hopefully make up
a sales, make a grand or more, and go from there. So, thanks for tuning in, and I’ll show you
guys in a bit. Okay, guys, so I’m making some pancake mix,
from P28. Macros are dope. 2.5 fat, 22 carb, 14 protein, for a third
cup, so usually double or triple it. If you want, you know – it makes some decent
size pancakes. Like, doubling it will make like 4 or 5 big
pancakes. They sent me a big giveaway. This is one of them, strawberries and cream. Highly, highly recommending this if it’s in
your budget. They are a little bit more expensive like
most protein foods, but definitely worth it if it’s in your budget. It’s very good. And they sent me some other stuff, I’ll probably
show you other videos, but they sent me a ton of stuff. I really appreciate it. Totally will be down for a sponsorship with
them, but let’s see. So guys, the key I realized is to keep the
burner not too high, so it’s like 5 or 6 because when you put it too high, it just burns the
crap out of it. So, sometimes when impatient, I do anyways,
but if you do it a little slower, this is kinda what happens. So these are the 3 pancakes. I tripled it, I’ll probably get 6 or 7. When it comes out of the light, well, 66 carbs
and it’s gonna be- forgot, I don’t know. Well, it’s gonna be like 50 grams of protein. So I’m gonna be gone for a while. So, anyways, that’s that. And that’s how you do it. Look at these thing. Oh my gosh, can’t even wait. Well, guys, like I said this is good. Let me show you their other products. Over here. So, look at this they sent me. We got some bread. This bread, best bread everyone would have. Macros… and like I said, basically what
they do, they just cut- there are the macros are, like regular bread, it’s just cut in
half, and there goes the protein. Stuff like that, same thing to wraps and it’s
totally worth it. It’s just- it can be expanded and so like,
these are bagels, and we have- wraps are here, I don’t know if you can see it, these wraps
are huge. So, like I said, it is worth it if you got
some extra money, but like I mean, when you go to the store and you get a bag of bread
for 1 or 2 bucks, and this is 6, or the wraps, there’s 4 of them for like 6 or 7 bucks. It’s expensive. So, you know, it just depends, like if you’re
okay with spending it, totally worth that, and yup, it tastes amazing. Like, I prefer it over regular bread and stuff,
so I give them that, but you know, there’s no reason for- it’s a luxury, it’s not a necessity,
kinda of like supplements. So, that’s my take on it. Gonna eat this, see you in a bit. Notice what happens when you’re not paying
attention. That’s unburnt, these are burnt. Unburnt. Burnt. So, don’t go to the bathroom. Wait until your pancake’s cooking. Alright YouTube, sorry so dark, but that is
the time of day, got my butt kicked today. Like bad. Not bad, but I mean, I’d set high expectations
for myself, so I don’t know, I guess I wasn’t that good. I got on a few doors. Didn’t close any sales. Again for those of you who don’t know, it’s
basically security, right? And it’s actually a sweet hook-up. I’ll probably go and test some other time,
it’s basically the equivalent – like this is why I come in, “Great, it’s like, we’re
actually giving someone like, well, pretend I’m doing phones, it’s like I’m offering you
a free iPhone and all you got to do is pay the monthly. That’s pretty much the equivalent, except,
this is even more than the iPhone. So, it’s like, anywhere with – depending on
what you get, say you’re from like 8 to 1200 bucks, whatever. But, yeah, I got a few houses. Most people either hate you for showing up
or, you know, are rude, whatever, which is fine, I mean, it’s kinda normal like, you
have some person come up to your door. You know, who’s bothering you, but, yeah I
got my butt kicked, didn’t prepare well, my phone died. Got to do better with that and I didn’t bring
any food, like, I’m actually super – not super against, but I think satchels are really weird
looking, and I’m actually thinking I’m gonna have to get one because I think a backpack
on the door looks weird. I’m actually gonna have to get like a satchel
so I can hold some food and water. I actually started cramping up, I got a charley
horse. Like, right now, it’s hurting really bad. But yeah, that’s my day. I’m gonna go home, I might show you what I’m
eating. I got tons of calories left. I literally have more than like, less than
half of my protein, I’ve barely eaten half of my carbs. Barely eaten half of my fat, I have only eaten
twice today so far, so anyways, playing a little better, my back’s feeling better. I think a few more days, it will be fine,
and yeah. So, rough day, but I kinda liked documenting
this stuff because it lets me look back on it and see what I’ve done, how far I’ve come. Even if no one watched it. I kinda like it. It�s like a diary for me now. So hopefully, guys, enjoy these kind of blogs
and I’m gonna keep doing this kind of style until my first show and then I’m gonna switch
it up. And I wanna just have different series. So, originally, it was gonna be March 11th,
obviously I pushed it back. I kinda want to keep that progress and then
once we hit that, I’ll change up the series. So if you guys have ideas, you feel free to
drop one below. A lot of people want to see my workouts so
I might just do the workout series or the motivation series or whatever, where literally,
It’ll just be workouts every day. Like you know, shirtless workouts or whatever. Some people seem to like that with music,
crank it up, motivation type stuff, and also, I can, like, feature it on motivation channels
which helps build my channel. That’s kinda the best way to build a channel
like mine is get, you know, 100,000 plus motivation channels and just have them share my videos
and you get 1,000 – 2,000 whatever new subs. Just for doing that. So, anyways, too much rambling, but feeling
positive, guys. Bad days are great because they make the good
days that much better. So, I’m thankful. And I’ll check-in with you guys soon. Thanks so much for tuning in, guys. That’s gonna be it for this video. I appreciate all the support. Make sure to like, comment, share, subscribe,
all the good stuff. Thanks for watching. See you tomorrow.


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