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I never considered myself a professional.. I always consider myself as someone who trains and wants to do the best they can do so.. Still to me, it’s sometimes you’re wondering if you’re dreaming. But I just go and have fun. You know I’m gonna come in my best shape, which I will be. It’s out of my hands after that. Competition.. I’ve never been one who wants to win a show you know. Being in the sport that’s what you have to do to get your name out there. But me I like training more than anything than competing so. I don’t really need motivation since training is in my blood. I started training at such a young age, it’s in my family. So it’s just a part of me training. Come on GO and TRAIN It’s nice and early.. LET’S GET THIS!!

100 thoughts on “Lee Priest – I JUST LOVE TO TRAIN – Bodybuilding Motivation

  1. ''I never consider myself a professional, I always just considered myself as someone who trains and wants to do the best they can do. I just wanna go and have fun. I love training more than anything, it's in my blood.'' #LoveWhatYouDo

  2. Probably the most genetically gifted bodybuilder EVER!! And a bloke who's not afraid to speak his mind, I'd buy him a beer 🍻 or two ✌

  3. Fucking awesome, should have been placed higher in competition.,judges must have been looking some where else, and Lee's genetics ,what can I say ,!!!!!!!!!

  4. Gracias lee no sabes cuanto placer me diste , empecé mirando tus fotos en revistas metiéndome el desatascador luego pepinos y cada vez más grandes , cuando veía fotos de tus brazos de tus antebrazos uffff decidí que entrenaría mi culo para el fisting y siempre que me meten el puño asta el codo pienso tus brazos mi macho mi amor te amo

  5. Well the only thing that isn’t huge on this guy are his fucking knees. I’m sure if lee priest could he would have yoked ass knees too. Monster

  6. he is my favourite bodybuilder cause by seeing this man i told myself i had a chance to be abodybuilder cause he is short amd iam also a short guy to

  7. Dude had amazing Winning genetics…Fucking tats destroyed his overall Frame & Perception!!….Hard to explain, but IMO Once the crazy tats started showing up, His All around Work started to fade!!….What a shame!!…

  8. Awesome. Always noted for his phenomenal arm development (& 100% rightly so), but man, his quads & calfs were absolutely amazing to. I think in these 'who is better…Shaun or Lee' debates, he most definitely had him in the leg department IMHO.

  9. Great physique for a dwarf on roids. Now he is just plain fucked with all the tattoos but despite all that he was very impressive in his day.

  10. How anybody doesn’t want to see this 90’s style physique back in style permanently is beyond me. Could you imagine if they had a 212 with Priest and Ray going at it every year? #90’sGOATERA

  11. The blond mith should have won way more comps so inderated always came in formidable shape love lee such a awesome guy aswell

  12. Pound for pound one of the most jacked and thick bodybuilders ever and with a tight waist. Even Jay Cutler said he was shocked when he saw him for the first time.

  13. He was the smallest but the best, full muscular ,really beautiful face ,with a clean skin ,small waist (without bubblegut ), mutant forearms and a perfect symmetrie 💕👍👏
    When i was a Funktionär ,i would give him ever the first place😆

  14. Short bodybuilders always look more complete in muscle proportion compared to 6ft + bodybuilders

  15. Should have been crowned Mr. O. Best physique on the sport by far. Just goes to show how powerful and influential politics is!!

  16. Para mi Lee priest debió ser mister olimpia no una vez si no varios veces!! Unos de los cuerpos más estéticos👏👏👏💪💪

  17. You know, this is sum th 'n' We men should B say 'n' everyday, why? B cuz it had 2 take a "Ledgen" 2 tell us,…………..peace…………….

  18. There is something about Lees physique which puts him on a whole other level than any other bodybuilder ever. His whole body looks just freaky.

  19. If is so good y you look so small,are u ever compete before? You gonna show how to take but u look very avarege

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