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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

So for the next leg exercise here we are going
to be doing a really good one. It is a compound exercise and it is going to be targeting mostly
the hamstrings. Again it is a compound exercise so you are going to be hitting other body
parts as well. You are going to be hitting the forearms, back, traps, gluts so everything
really adds. So with this one I like to use an underhand grip because you are going heavy
but you can use your overhand grip if you need to though and again you are going to
lock that stomach and it is really important on this one and you are going to come out
and for the stiff legged dead lift you are going to be actually with a slight bend in
the knees contrary to the name and again the feet are pointed straight ahead, the knees
are over the feet pointed straight ahead and you are going to come down and basically what
you are doing is just getting a nice stretch in the hamstrings except it is a stretch with
weight so you are actually just going to be ripping those muscle fibers apart so again
keep that stomach locked and actually you will be straight all the way through and you
are looking up and not looking down and come down and get that stretch in the hamstring
and right back up. I see a lot of people who have a tendency to come back up like this
which is putting an unnecessary stress on the vertebrates in the lower back if you do
that. Just come right here just straight up and you should be good. So again this is a
nice finisher towards the end of the work out but just to get that stretch in the hamstring
but it could also be used in the middle and you will want to go ahead and go heavier just
to get and build some mass under those hamstrings so it would work either way.

83 thoughts on “Leg Exercises : Stiff-Legged Dead Lifts

  1. you cant escape advertisements. I'm going to ensure now that I never watch the movie 'kick-ass' because they keep shoving it down my throat.

  2. @Murphy4709 You can escape the vast majority of advertisements. I don't see any on youtube ever. It is called Firefox with the Ad Blocker Plus add-on.

  3. bigbang3214; you are not smart, we know what he meant in his explanation. You are not witty or cool. I doubt you train legs; I'm thinking biceps twice a week and the occasional bench press performed incorrectly.

  4. @Tolaaaaaaaaaaa No, definetely not. You probably are keeping your legs too straight. The hips are pushed pack in this exercise and consequently, the knees bend slightly (not enough to track over the toes). If the legs are too straight, the tension goes to the tendons of the hamstring & calf area , behind the knee. That is dangerous and unproductive.

  5. I remember doing this exercise as part of rehab when I did my hamstring. I found it a very boring exercise to do, but each to their own I guess

  6. @100089295 If you're halfway competent I don't see how that would be any danger unless someone really runs into you. I don't get your problem.

  7. @imthamouth How is the knee area an issue? In this case the knees don't need to cross the toe, you can see that just from the vid. There's a slight bend, to avoid damaging the knee, as he said. The point is the hamstring stretch.

  8. great video thanks for the demonstration, really helped me get started using them as an assistance work for my conventional deadlifts. again, thanks

  9. Pretty good exercise. It's in my current leg workout, I use it as the first hamstring movement and then I go to the seated hamstrings machine.

    Thanks for the advices.

  10. @khaalid110 no man, in this exercise the legs stay straight during the whole execution, you dont bend them like in regular deadlift. Also you must focus on lifting the weight using your hams and avoid using lower back.

  11. i feel like this exercise is a scam….all it does is stretch and break the hams? cause i want them stronger….this seems like a back exercise and i can never get it to give me that burn in the hams that i'm really looking for.

  12. @jareds1007 wow you sound like a newbie, if an excercise is capable of stretching a targeted muscle then that is one crazy excercise, and this is a compound movement. secondly breaking down muscles makes them come back stronger, … 'stronger' thirdly yes there is tension in your back but your suppose to use your hamstring to pull you body not you hip flexor

  13. @SOULJAJOE010 i am for lower body def. a newb. , i just don't get this and i dont get lunges….i keep trying them and i've known about them for a couple years, i just can't get a burn in my hamstrings doing it….but i see what you mean use the ham to pull yourself up…there a vid with dorian yates that helped me get closer..since i'm just getting back into it…i have soreness in my hams so i must have done something right somewhere…just never felt a BURN.

  14. @jareds1007 how do you think muscle builds? resistance exercises are ABOUT breaking the muscles because more muscle is rebuilt during the recovery.

  15. @jareds1007 Sorry, I get what you mean now. Yeah I don't feel it either, that's why I use the leg curl machine on my bench for hamstrings.

  16. @SOULJAJOE010 How do you use hamstring to pull body? Do i miss anything here? Arent hamstring suppose to help in knee extension and pull? it is connected to the hip and knee.

  17. @eyesallhazy1001 I think it may only look Romanian as he doesn't have weights on the bar for it to start off the floor. He does start like it is a Romanian though. So he should really start from the floor.

  18. i like the range you use on this motion, since the goal is to hit the back it can be very harmful to extend the range of motion beyond what your flexibility allows. It's the worst thing to stretch your muscles using a weight if your flexibility is pitiful.

  19. If you don't feel this in your hams, you need to try to straighten your legs more, or reduce the amount of bending when leaning forward.

  20. most people wear pants on leg day. I dunno about you but i dont like dragging over 300 lbs across my bare shins and leaving blood on the bar.

  21. Did stiff leg deads on Friday…of course my hamstrings got sore…but why the fuck are my Lats sore….my lats don't get this sore from pulldowns or rows….any experienced lifters know how I can improve my form?

  22. Your lats could be flexed because you're trying to keep the bar close to your body, which is a good thing. Or, perhaps you could be rowing it up slightly instead of using your hams and hips to get the weight back up?

  23. It would be a shame for you not to bulk up when these other people are able to build muscle easily using "MAD Ripped Muscle" (Look it up on Google).

  24. I do keep the bar close, but I think there might be a slight row that I don't notice when I'm performing the rep. I think I may try to use a closer grip on the bar, to take my lats out of it.

  25. this really hurts my back, isnt this the worst thing you can do for your back? I mean that movement could really injure your back

  26. You're meant to push your ass out and keep your upper body locked, so you're pivoting at the hips, the back should NOT bend.

  27. If your desire is to bulk up, i suggest you make a search on Google for "SSM Muscle Method". You are certainly end up getting the muscles you should have.

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  30. This is NOT an SLDL. This is an RDL. RDLs are way too dangerous and should never be done. SLDLs are the correct way of doing these. 

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