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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

100 thoughts on “Leg Workout to Build Muscle From Home

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  3. I'm in the mood to sign the thenx app plan, but I don't know when and how long I'll have to rest in training, between exercises, between rounds, etc. could someone help me, i need a lot

  4. Hi! I wanna have a wider chest but, i've been doing push ups everyday but, my chest aren't getting wider. How do i get a wider chest?

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  6. It would be great if she Could give more instructions for the perfect form. But anyway great exercises. Did the whole exercises 3 times with my backpack. (Within were2 books and 2l water bottles) should definitely buy such a vest that would be so much easier

  7. For the Bulgarian split squat, when I go up, do I make my leg completely straight or do I keep it slightly bent at the knee?

  8. Muy bueno los ejercicios caseros ayudan de mucho cuando no hay tiempo de ir al gimnasio. Mis saludos desde Bolivia 👍😎🤝🇧🇴💪

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  10. Exercises

    Single leg romanian deadlift 10 reps (Each leg)

    Side lunges 12 reps (Each leg)

    Step up 10 reps (Each leg)

    Asistant pistol squat 10 reps (Each leg)

    Bulgarian pistol squat 10 reps (Each leg)

    Tip toe wall sit 60 seconds

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