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74 thoughts on “Leg Workout Without Weights – AthLEAN Xtreme Leg Circuit

  1. AthLEAN-X builds lean muscle more effectively than any of the current alternatives on the market today. As you said, the essence of the program is the ability to add lean mass (without having to do the bulk up and cut down nonsense) and get an athletic looking body (not that of a Mr. Olympia!).

  2. Hey Jeff, pretty good choice of excersises and order. Tried this workout today and I've to say it's awesome!

    Keep up the good work!

  3. Actually your knee is very safe in this position because your knee should continue to track directly over your foot. You can however substitute a pistol squat if you are able to perform those.

  4. The videos are great ideas to switch up your program when you're looking for something new and creative. They are more stand alone workouts to give you guys some cool new options. The AthLEAN-X Training System however is a complete step-by-step training program that tells you exactly what you need to do from day 1 to day 90 with no guesswork involved. It truly is "grab and go", just like Jeff's busy clients need it to be. Results without the research!

  5. Look for my "12 weeks to 6 Pack Abs" workout series here on my channel. It is a great place to get a complete week by week program. Thanks for watching and keep up the hard work!

  6. getting abs is the easiest thing ever. LOSE WEIGHT that's all you have to do to get a 6 pack you need around 7% body fat and there you go.

  7. can you do these leg workouts with free wieghts….im a pitcher and i really need to get bigger and stronger legs and can you also give me some more workouts to build leg strength

  8. Brother Jeff, Many thanks for the great workouts. I am 35 years old and overweight (75 Kilograms). Currently, I am into Taekwondo (ITF style) and I attend 3 sessions per week.
    1) Will the leg workout help me improve the kicks and balance?
    2) I am a typical South Indian addicted to curries. Should I completely avoid rice, wheat and other carbohydrates to get in shape?
    Sorry for troubling you with these questions. Thanks for your time.

  9. im a basketball player and im 12. i wana be able to dunk at 14 and im not a hopper . if i do this will i get higher jumps?

  10. This is a great workout! Especially for me since I really don't have much access to weights… So thanks Jeff! And also when we saw Adam's abs was that relaxed or flexed?

  11. hey i am a rugby player, and was wondering if this would help me with my speed and bursts, and my do you have any workouts that can help increase your verticle jump, (for my freind, he plays bball)?

  12. ive been working out all summer mon-fri and i rest weekends… the end of the week my legs are sore since i do just cardio….last week my right leg was more sore than usual and it goes numb occasionally…is that normal?

  13. I have very little meat on my legs and would like much bigger legs. will this workout make my legs even skinnier (burning what little fat is there) or bigger? thanks

  14. woahhh jeff man.. i gotta tell u, when i watched this it didnt look that challenging but ive just done 3 circuits with good form and about a minutes rest between curcuits and i can honestly say that is the most intense home training ive ever done n such short time!! thanks so much man your a great guy!

  15. Hi JD i asked a question before but didnt get a response from you.. How do i make my shins and just above my ankles bigger? what excercise i do?

  16. This looks like it could be very stressful on the knees, and I've had injuries before. What kind of precautions should be taken in the squats?

  17. i like that the demonstrator isnt some guy who does it everyday, and makes it look easy. then makes me feel like shit. i like that guy! lol, he should be in every workout vid!

  18. is there something I can do if I do not have one of those yoga balls?I have free weights and a small office space……

  19. is pulling tires a good exercise for thighs? if so then how much do they have to weigh so i can get some?

  20. my knees are in bad shape as well as my left hip from a bone graft i had to have as a young boy. i cannot do any of these exercises without injuring my joints does any one have any advice for me to build my legs on. i do have a program i do legs thursdays. i just dont have any wieghts and no gym memebrs ship every thing i do is at home.

  21. stay away from all these exercises man, see a physiotherapist. they will give you safe easy exercises to start with so build up stability and coordination.

  22. You should try AX2.
    If you liked the first one you'll love AX2. Don't wait too long though. I waited a few weeks before doing AX2 and the first week kicked my ass!

  23. Work past the pain do it 2 to 3 times a week and in about 2 weeks you should be fine or search up quadzilla leg workout

  24. Great video here man..just one question..can i do this entire circuit as my only workout for my leg exercise day? or do i need to do other stuff too? or shud i repeat the entire circuit ? if yes..hoe many times?

  25. I wanted to find something different from my normal leg workouts. I have been watching your channel for a little over a week. I like your mentality on just about every 'functional' workout. I gave this a shot today. 5X through; not only was I sweating like crazy, but I had a few people watching, then started to follow along with the me. Was much needed for stability! Thank you! Cheers

  26. Should a person with a Posterior Bulging L4-L5 disc be doing some of these exercises? My initial thoughts are that any exercises that involve stepping or transferring shock from the bottom of the heel should be avoided.

  27. I love calisthenics but fuck leg bodyweight exercises. Shit just feels weird and like I will snap something at any moment.

  28. I wanna focus on legs can I do legs 3 days a week and still gain? (3 different leg routines each day) and still gain upper body doing a full upper body the other 2 days?

  29. Instructions at the beginning:
    1. Five times each leg.
    2. Twelve times each leg.
    3. Six clockwise, six counterclockwise for each leg.
    4. Ten jumps with squats.

  30. At first I thought – nah, this ain't gonna work, looks simple and what does balance have to do with muscles. Boy was I wrong. This targeted and burned every muscle in my legs. I don't feel I can go another round. Thanks Jeff! And btw, is there a substitute for the hamstring curls? I don't have a physio ball.

  31. 2018 !!!! Jeff is the best !!! I follow you since this video and i have so much to thank you for !! I love you man !! +ATHLEAN-X

  32. Hey Jeff, wanted to know, if we are travelling and don’t have access to a ball for the hamstring workout and or a box for box squat jumps, can we do something else that could have the same effect ?

  33. This workout definitely delivers on its promises! I just performed the 3-direction lunge sets – by gully did I feel the friction and the tiresomeness performing this only exercise! The squat twists sealed the spanking deal for me! Hey Jeff, you Rock!

  34. Being abroad with no gym available where I am, having to visit these old bodyweight videos has been so helpful, also so admirable to see the growth of Jeff really inspiring.

  35. Drop Step Lunge (5 each leg)
    One Leg Twister Squat (12 each leg)
    Physi Ball (6 on each Leg NEED BALL)
    Box Jumps (10 times 2 sets)

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