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What made Ronnie Coleman is his lion heart. The guy has.. He’s a tough, one tough individual. I’ve never met anyone tougher as Ronnie Coleman .. And I’ve been around the world for the last 20 something years. And you can actually see what created him to be 8 time Mr. Olympia. It’s just sheer willpower he has to continue to drive forward. No matter what!! And he’s not a quitter. That’s what it takes to be a great great champion. The challenge is on again!! An 8-time champion, to call yourself The King.. He certainly deserves that name. And I can tell you one thing right now. I don’t know anybody else in the world that can go what that man is going through, that wouldn’t have already quit and given up. That’s a warrior heart mentality. He’s a true warrior. From the inside out, he loves the sport of bodybuilding. And you’ll never ever see anyone hard soul spiritually like Ronnie Coleman. I mean he’s just a powerful man, deep down inside in his spirit and soul. That’s what I see.. That’s exactly what I see. One tough human being. When I go out I put 100% in everything I do. Because I’m not into this just to be doing something.. I wanna be the best at whatever I do. As long as I know I did my best, put my all into it and gave it my all.. I’m satisfied. That’s why when somebody tells me, you need to work on this, I always keep an open mind. I go out, I work on it and try to become better at it. You’ll never ever see anyone like Ronnie Coleman He’s a powerful man deep down inside in his spirit and soul. That’s what I see.. That’s exactly what I see. One tough human being.. Ronnie just does not stop! I got mad love for every single fan out there. And I don’t care if you don’t like me.. I still love you. Let’s go EAT!! Ain’t nothing to it, but to do it. Everybody has a purpose. That’s what life is basically all about.. You know being happy and doing the thing that you wanna do.


  1. ONe thing people forget is that Ronnie Coleman was a cop. Therefore if you can deal with getting bullets propelled at you by bad buys and running for a living. What are weights? Lightweight baby.

  2. I used his " Yeah Buddy " pre workout and the little Ronnie Coleman told me to add 2300 lbs to the legpress…. I'm typing this from the hospital but it was sure worth it ! yeah buddy

  3. By far the greatest bodybuilder of all time. It’s not even close. Best attitude of any human I’ve ever seen.


  5. El que subió este video sabrá que coleman esta echo mierda🤦‍♂️ de tanto maltratar su cuerpo por culpa de entrenamientos brutales exagerados y el consumo constante de esteroides anabolicos para aumentar su masa muscular, ahora esta en la fase de destransformacion donde el cuerpo vuelve a ser normal

  6. I dunno man, when I think of "bodybuilding", guys like Coleman never come to mind. He was all mass. Just "how large can I get?" seemed to be these guys motto. The entire bodybuilding world took a major hit from these guys as it boiled down to who had the best cycles and understood test/insulin/HGH the greatest. Of course, these guys put in serious time at the gym. More time that I could ever imagine. But I hardly doubt (or would at least hope not) there are youths looking up to Coleman and saying "I want to be unnaturally large and odd looking" lime they did Arnold.

  7. How many times he used to poop ? That gigantic figure surely made by lots of stuffs….and foods…..I really wanted to know how many times he inhaled the shits and exhale those ???

  8. What the most beautiful thing I see in him is smile, no matter whatever the situation it is he always smile

  9. Это не красиво, не эстетично. Да он молодец, но нет это перебор.
    Здоровье дороже.

  10. Unfortunately he paid a price with back surgeries and hip replacement. Nevertheless he still has a champions heart

  11. For your information , narrator….

    If he doesn't have accepted yet Jesuschrist as his only exclusive savior , he is absolutelly someone that will be loosing his life in a totally damned end.

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