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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Along with a good predisposition for legs these are my biggest assets. Never skip leg day. I am Lorenzo Leeuwe. I am 22 years old. This year I won the Dutch bodybuilding overall title. My goal is to win a Pro Card in the future. My physical goal is to gain in body mass and still keep my proportionate and aesthetic physique. This is our third video. Last time we did the back. Today we will do legs. I got back two weeks ago from the Arnold Classic Europe. Where I got junior first place. And second place in the top 100 kg weight class. I am very happy with this achievement. On to the next one, in four weeks. At the world championship in Spain. With leg training I like to start off with leg extensions. This way you will get the blood in your quads. And warm up your knees before you get on with the heavy exercises like doing squats. I do 5 sets of leg extensions with a gradual increase of weight. To warm up my knees. I make sure to do the movements slowly. At the top I usually hold the contraction for two to three seconds. In order to fully stimulate the quads. Legs are a very important muscle group to me. I always train them with maximum intensity. In the past I would train my legs twice a week. I never give less than a 100 percent. Along with a good predisposition for legs, these are my biggest assets. My focus lies on well balanced legs. That’s why I start with isolation exercises before I do my squats. That’s why I now focus on the hamstrings before we start with the full leg workout. Hamstrings are often the forgotten muscle group of the legs. Mainly because you can’t really see them. They are located at the back of your legs. Just as with the leg extensions I do very slow repetitions. And squeeze at the top. This is very important for the deep lines and mass of the hamstrings. We are moving on to the back squats. The squat is basically the king of leg exercises. It covers everything. The quads, the hamstrings and the buttock muscles. It is simply the best exercise for mass. The knee wraps are perfect for doing squats. Especially for people who have trouble with their knees during squats. Just as with most of my leg exercises, I gradually increase the weight per set during squats. I won’t go too heavy just before a competition to prevent injuries. While doing the back squats it’s important to keep your back straight. This way you will prevent injuries. To get maximum result it’s important to go low enough in order to fully stimulate all muscle groups. The front squat is a little used exercise. Because it’s very difficult. It’s important to keep your back straight and your elbows up while you are doing the exercise. so the bar won’t roll away while you are moving. The front squat is perfect for people who have trouble with their back or knees. Because it’s less intensive. The main focus is on the quads. The moment I wake up these are the three supplements I take. Glutamine BCAA powder and creatine For me these are the essential supplements your body needs after not having eaten for eight hours. Bodybuilding is a sport that occupies you 24 hours a day. Food, training and rest are the three essentials for bodybuilding. On a normal day I eat six meals and two shakes, in between or before going to bed. Resting is really important besides training Your muscles will tear during training. When you rest you will repair the muscles. Lunges are ideal. You combine the hamstrings, buttock and quads. It’s perfect for the details on the back of your legs which are very important in bodybuilding competitions. If you take bigger steps during lunges you put the focus on the hamstrings and buttocks. With smaller steps you focus on the quads. You can decide what you want to focus on. It’s time for the single leg hamstring curl. This one is perfect because you can focus on each leg individually. And it’s good for the deep lines in the hamstrings. While you are training the hamstrings it’s important to stretch. This way you will get more blood circulation and prevent injuries. My training style with legs is to use a lot of variation with my exercises. That’s why I do less sets per exercise and more different kinds of exercises. Which take on different parts of the legs. These exercises I usually do at the end of my leg workout. Because it’s less intensive. A lot of people don’t do these. although they are very important if you want to compete in bodybuilding. This is the last exercise the opposite of what I did before. The other one was for the buttocks this one is for the insides of your legs. I make sure to put the machine well enough back in order to be able to stretch the muscles. Important is to squeeze when you go back in. That was it for today. Four weeks until the world championship in Spain. Thank you for all your support If you have not yet, take a look at my other episodes. Until next time.

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  1. Even een vraagje. Als je zo traint, is je voeding natuurlijk ook goed in orde, dus even een voeding gerelateerde vraag. Wat nou als ik eens later wakker wordt? Stel ik word om 09.00 wakker, neem ik dan best evengoed de 08.00 maaltijd, of gewoon direct de 10.00 maaltijd, of kan ik dit beter combineren en deze twee maaltijden door elkaar slingeren? Wat is het advies? Het komt niet zo vaak voor (eens per maand is al vrij veel)

  2. Ik heb een vraag over de squats. Is de front squat naast de back squat een essentieel onderdeel in de benentraining? ik doe altijd een leg press en geen front squat namelijk. de legpress kwam ook niet voor in deze training, is deze dan overbodig naast de front en back squat?

  3. Hi xxl nutrition, mijn vraag is om al deze trainingen van lorenzo ook kunt doen als je een naturel bodybuilder bent. Omdat ik steeds vaker hoor dat je best geen workouts na kan doen van bodybuilders die niet naturel zoals bv sadik hadzovic of sac smith..met alle respect voor hun harde werk nogaltijd

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