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hey guys welcome to Protein Treats by
Nutracelle and today we are making lemon meringue pie except this one has
no crust to worry about it’s no bake it’s super healthy sugar-free high in
protein low carb and best of all absolutely delicious so stick around I’m
going to show you how easy this is to make for you and your whole family okay
because this recipe is no bake I’m going to start with the crust on the bottom
and what I have here is some roasted flaxseed that’s just been coarsely
milled so you can buy it this way or you can roast it yourself and just use a
blender to get a nice coarse kind of like a flour I guess but it’s called a
meal and so you’ll see the texture here and so I’m just going to go ahead and
put that into my bowl now I’m adding a little bit of cinnamon here its two
teaspoons of cinnamon that I’m going to add one thing I should say about the
flaxseed as well is we’re a nut-free home so we can’t use almond meal now if
you had almond meal in your house that would be ideal to use in this recipe I
also have half a cup of real butter here and I’m just going to go ahead and pour
that in it’s been melted and cooled a little bit so it’s not super hot and
then I have half a cup of granular stevia here and I’m adding one generous
spoonful of our vanilla Nutralean and I’m just going to go ahead and pop that
in there this couldn’t be any easier you just mix it up and you want it to be
pretty crumbly so once you get it mixed and it’s nice and even and crumbly all
we’re going to do is spoon a spoonful of it right on the bottom of each of our
little dishes here our little dessert dishes and you can really use any kind
of dessert dish that you want you can even go ahead and make one bigger
and treat it like a pie and you don’t have to be super perfect
here you just go ahead just kind of eyeball it to make sure that each one of
your dishes is about equal and then just using your spoon you’re just going to
pat the base down just a little bit you want it to be crumbly this is going
to be a crumbly bottom so you can tamp it down a bit with your finger if you
want but don’t do it too hard because otherwise you’re going to get a firm
firm crust and that’s not what we’re going for for this easy little recipe so
now we’re just going to leave these and we’re going to get all our other
ingredients out to make our no bake lemon custard okay so to make our lemon
custard all you need is 1/2 a cup of real lemon juice you can use
fresh-squeezed or you can use lemon juice that’s right out of the bottle and
you need half a package of cream cheese that’s room temperature now my cream
cheese here is a full fat cream cheese but you could use low-fat if you’re
trying to save a little bit on calories I’m not I really like to have lots of
fat in the food that I’m eating and I’ve got a full cup of low-fat whipping cream
here and that’s a 35% whipping cream and I’m just going to go ahead and pour that
in and I also want four scoops of my vanilla Nutralean and that’s what’s
going to give us lots of probiotic fiber and it’s going to give us a 100%
whey protein so I’m going to go ahead and put my four scoops in and I want
this to have a nice lemony look so I’m actually going to use a little bit of
food coloring here I have some gel food colouring and I’m just going to put a
little bit in just so it gives it that really rich lemon look to it you don’t
have to do this you can skip it if you’re making it at home
and last but not least I’m going to use some liquid stevia now you can also use
liquid Splenda some sucralose or you could use erythritol any kind of
sweetener you want but it should be the
equivalent of half a cup sugar so we’ve got everything in we’re going to go
ahead we’re going to start our mixer on low here and then we’re going to work
our way up once you have everything nice and mixed then you’re going to go ahead
and turn your mixer up to fold and you’re going to leave that on until it
gets to a really nice thick consistency okay so our lemon pudding here is done
and ready I’m just going to shake the xtra off so all we’re going to do is go
ahead and scoop our pudding our lemon pudding right into each of our little
desserts jars here just like that that looks so good you guys and now I’m going
to show you the third step to making the easy little no base desserts and that is
your homemade meringue okay guys now we are going to make our meringue and I’ve
got a really fun little tool here a little torch I’m so excited to use it
fire in the kitchen I’m not going to lie I think my husband’s just a little
nervous about me operating all of the fire tools but we are going to make this
its going to be so easy you don’t have to be scared of meringue even if you’re
doing the low-carb I’m going to show you how you can do it so you never screw it
up but if you don’t have egg whites on hand and you don’t want to make a
meringue you can make the same exact dessert just use your whipping cream and
a little bit of stevia for your sweetener touch of vanilla and you’re
good to go with a whipped cream topping but I want to make it like an authentic
lemon meringue pie so we are going ahead and we’re making real meringue so I have
half a cup that is the equivalent of four egg whites Iv’e got my egg white here and I’m just going to pour that right in and then I have half a cup of erythritol now you can also use swerve the brand name of erythritol is swerve so you can use a granular swerve in here you could even
use half of a granular swerve and half of their finer swerve that they use for
icing so their icing sugar and then we’ve got a quarter teaspoon of our tart
sour cream cream of tartar here or powder you don’t actually need that it
just makes it thicken and hold a little bit nicer you don’t really need it and
all I’m going to do is start up my mixer here on a little bit on low and then I’m
going to bring it up to a full speed and you’re going to mix it for a while you
don’t want to overdo it but you want to keep going until your peaks form okay so once your meringue is forming
nice Peaks that means it’s holding its shape that’s exactly what you want to
see and we are going to go ahead and scoop this on top now because this is a
no bake yummy little treat I’m going to show you with my little blowtorch how
we’re going to finish our meringue just like you really would with lemon
meringue pie in the oven so the reason why we’ve used erythritol or swerve
because it will actually Brown for you and I’m going to show you with our
little torch here I’m gonna try not to burn the kitchen down and I need some hand
push that in there we go look at that see our little fire going and I’m just
going to go ahead and Brown this and you’re going to see it’s going to turn a
beautiful golden brown it’s actually going to cook for us and you’ll see as
I’m turning it around here how that works and what’s so great about this is you
are actually cooking it just like creme brulee you’re cooking your yummy little
dessert just like you would your meringue in the oven I’m going to turn
this off now I’m afraid okay yeah can you guys see how good that looks
and that’s actually firming up and it’s cooking just like a real meringue would
in the oven except you’ve got a sugar-free high-protein super delicious
lemon meringue pie that was completely bake free how fun is that with all your little pretty layers oh my goodness so delicious so pretty you could serve this for dessert at a dinner party you could bring this if you were
going out to a friend’s place for maybe for maybe a potluck or get-together this
is a perfect little no baked dessert for your family for your kids and it’s super
yummy and super delicious so I’m going to get a spoon out here and I’m going to
taste-test this for you guys try not to make a huge mess here
oh yes hmm hmm I think this is one of my favorite
little desserts it is so white and so creamy and oh my goodness it is simple
delicious you’ve got every kind of flavor in here you have a little bit of
cinnamon with your crust and your crust is perfect and crunchy and then you have
this tart delicious mmm so good the lemon filling in the middle and then of
course your real creamy yummy delicious meringue on the top so perfect little
dessert guys I can’t wait let me know how yours turns out let me know whether
you decided to go with the whipped cream or if you decided to try the meringue
out and how that worked out for you if you want to learn a little bit more
about Nutracelle and why our protein is so different and perfect for cooking
with check us out at and of course we’ll see you guys back next
week and we’ll do another yummy treat for you thanks guys bye

15 thoughts on “Lemon Dessert No Bake Weight Loss Recipe (Sugar-Free & Gluten-Free) Protein Treats by Nutracelle

  1. can you use an organic natural sugar? I've heard some pretty bad things about these artificial sweeteners, is stevia a fake sugar?

  2. Something disingenuous, and real close to preying on people looking for genuine low carb, sugar free recipes, which do not require purchasing an ingredient being marketed and promoted by the poster of the recipe. Post the recipe with items found at a normal person's grocery store, without a specialized product, and maybe I would look twice at it.

  3. Looks great. I would probably go with the whipped cream topping, but either would be good. Thanks for posting.

  4. Which granular Stevia extract do you use? I have a highly concentrated powder, but am looking for one that is similar to Erythritol, which will help with binding in baking recipes.

  5. This is a sugar free dessert. How are people recommending not using artificial sweeteners? Art. Sweeteners are fine in moderation. And thank you for the recipe. I needed some SUGAR FREE recipes for my diabetic father in law.

  6. If you use LOW FAT ingredients BEWARE they add LARGE amount of SUGAR to them to substitute for flavor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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