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consists of an all civilian panel of members from across the city
the Commission’s roles include advising the mayor and city council on all police
relations issues reviewing an investigating officer involved deaths
receiving complaints and conducting hearings on misconduct against sworn
Riverside police officers making policy suggestions and bringing community
concerns to the attention of the Riverside Police Department
if you’re interested in learning more about how you can serve or for
information on the Commission visit Riverside CA gov slash CPR C fall has
arrived to the Inland Empire and here on the campus of nor divisive high school
the football season is heating up it’s the River Valley League opener as the
Ramona Rams get set to pay a visit to the Braves of Nord Avista in our
Riverside TV game of the week hi everybody and welcome inside Zach Ertz
Stadium here on the campus of Nohr to Vista I’m Christian miles pleased to be
joined by Nick rice and Nick we have a good one tonight Ramona come in off a
perfect start 5a no to begin this season however no slouches in their own right
here the Braves at 4 and 1 make no mistake in the River Valley League this
he’s a big one tonight certainly is the preseason is over so now we had serife
early played and two clubs that may have been the best out of Riverside
California and football coming into tonight to battle and this is the
special thing about high school football yes you have a 10 game season but due to
just how good these two teams are a win or a loss tonight could go almost the
entire way towards determining a league championship title implications time
let’s look at Ramona right now Diego moniece the junior quarterback having a
great year and a big reason why they’ve had such a good start
well the Rams have just been sensational but he has been the catapult of that
offense specifically he is about as terrific a dual threat quarterback as we
have in the river valley league he’s second of the conference in passing one
of the best rushers in the conference as well and he should be real tough to stop
notre Vista is a good defense but Diego Muniz is that quarterback he’s just that
good he’ll be tough and put up points tonight hey
Misty’s got a pretty good offense it’s built on the running game and the
sophomore Eddie Elaine is raising a lot of eyebrows yeah well he has been the
go-to man for the Braves the league leader in rushing and he is about as
tough of force as there is he is big and bulky he had gained some weight
throughout the offseason and the weight training and throughout the
non-conference year he has torn the defenses to shreds and certainly should
be tough to stop tonight all right we’ve got a good one here it’s the River
Valley League opener last year it was Ramona losing out now Nord Avista looks
to make it two straight when we return we’ll have the starting lineups and the
first half kickoff it’s the Rams and the Braves next on
Riverside TV and welcome in to Zack herb Stadium here beautiful nor two Vista
High School the home of the Braves form one against the perfect ramona Rams in
the River Valley League opener happy to have you along Christian miles alongside
Nick Bryce a little bit of an early kick-off here but we’ll start it off
with norther Vista in possession early on the first drive and certainly will
get a look at that vaunted running game early on here nega’s it’s a draw right
up to godson as you would expect it’s the sophomore Auntie Elaine we talked
about him in the open he is the key tonight for the Braves who’s been around
for a gain of seven by Eddy Elaine here’s a kid his justice sophomore ran
for over 1,500 yards as a freshman last year and another pitch to the talented
sophomore right up the guts he goes short gainer that time and very close to
moving the chains and in fact it does so two downs and a first down here for the
norte notice two Braves we’re really excited for this football
game tonight it’s the beginning of the river valley league and this most likely
will end up being the most important game in terms of playoffs and the
conference championship in the season they’ll pitch it right back here and
they’ll go to you hey soos Gonzales and catch it up with head coach can’t bat
dork before the game here Nick he was telling us how talented this running
core is a notre Vista they have the league’s leading rusher and Eddie Alain
who was just incredible against Ramona last year as well okö heavy ground and
they’re blocking up front has improved all year again they’ll go short this
time on the pitch and a short gainer after second 5 will be about third and
five-year all running game in fact we talked to Kent back tour if the head
coach had nor to vist he said hey you know we’re lucky if we throw it about 10
or 11 times per game they did that about 11 times last week and that win over
Norwalk with nine completions but it’s their running game it’s nearly at 280
yards per contest that’s where they get the job done so it’s third and two for
quarterback Daniel Gonzales and once again the draw very close to the first
down for Elaine they might have to bring the chains out for this one Danny just
got it last year Eddie Elaine ran the ball 33 times for 161 yards and two
touchdowns and he has improved he is a very young kid has a bunch of talent and
also is seeking to vision one interest this man is a next-level type of player
and sock nor de vista they’d be Quinn cording that really 29 it catapulted
them to the playoffs last year such a big game of course Hillcrest having a
big say in the title race as you would expect the big three in the River Valley
League and once again more of the run game more of the same hey if it ain’t
broke don’t fix it fort Notre Vista what’s fascinating and looking at this
team it’s talking to the head coach they throw it back they’re an old fashioned
team they’ve run the ball here six plays to begin this Drive but when they’re
asked with their quarterback Daniel Gonzales to throw they are a very
serviceable offense that can stretch the field in those limited instances so
it’ll be second and six and I’ll throw it up to carbajal he tries to go right
up the guts right now hitting that line dead center they’re having success in
moderation and that will bring up third and 3o for those of you watching and are
getting a bit dizzy at these ball carriers I mean we’re the same the
Braves they employ seven or eight different runners in terms of full backs
tail backs and wide receivers on those tosses those pitches all different
formations they throw out Ramona and all the defense’s they’ve played this year
and that really keeps the offense fresh so third three-point Lane and Goods
alleys it’s very close and he’s just short I believe the first down depending
on the spot in a lane trying to go up the guts once again
quick pitch hanging off here is they slowly but surely March Stanfield not
close enough so forth and short an early decision to make for Ken backdoor and
the Braves it really is it’s an important football game between
eau de Vista and Ramona and as we look at this for that one I believe that this
may be a huge turning point in the first half of this concept the bow on the 48
and they’ll go right back to their tried and true just enough on the surge second
effort got it so first down in the fourth down play good conversion here
for norther vista to keep the drive alive that was a physical run for a lane
and he’s one of those bowling balls when he gets going he can lower the shoulder
and he crashes into that line and moves the chains that was an impressive play
as they’ve gone ground now was nine straight snaps tenth play this
incredible possession already 21 yards on those five carries for a lane and
referee puts a halt to this one on first down now speaking of penalties can backdoor
telling us hey if we keep it clean we don’t get those penalties will stand a
very good chance of winning and this is going to work in their favor 5-yard
penalty so first and short there’s a home team maybe we can look at that team
comparison as we take a look at the River Valley League most specifically as
well these two teams can run the ball but of course no two vistas done
incredible a little bit more passing yardage here for the Rams as we’ll see
on their offensive possession so Gonzales on the pitch and stopped at
nothing going there that time well-read by the Rams defense first to it very
very quick off their defensive line so wouldn’t we spoke to know to Vista the
coaching staff throughout the week and of course leading up to this football
game he believes that they should have even more than what we saw on the screen
there the 278 yards per game rushing the Braves he believes should have even more
than that and largely it’s due to the blocking and they’ll shed and head to
the second level bitterly that’s just a mental thing a notre vez does improved
throughout the year in that regard second five for Jesse Carbajal gets
about three on the carry bring out third and short for noir to
Vista and indeed this is a defense for Ramona it lacks a little bit of
experience only a couple of returning starters that being under fifty to one
swing Maya is really the leader up there on that DL ad the Rams you can see
already now the 12th play this possession some of those defensive
linemen they have their hands on their hips they’re a bit exhausted and getting
beat at the point of attack here they’ll line up in the eye on the pitch to a
lane breaks the line of scrimmage but caught and dropped for a loss well
wrapped up that time by Brian Alvarenga the two-way player had seen here and we
saw this in the previous meeting as they’re denied on third down Ramona got
off to that flying start the defense has some excellent especially up front some
size and some strength that can in those third downs as we see here Elaine
getting stock they can’t move the pile however the Rams we will see over the
course of the game as notre Vista has more bodies on their roster whether or
not they can exhaust robota throughout this second half so forth and two for
the brains another test and they’ll go back to a lane it does just enough a
little bit of a stumble there but it should be enough to move the chains
no doubt about it they’re not making any disguises they’re gonna run and run
straight at you yeah they’ve gone between the tackles carrying the ball
essentially every series now this appears to be a closer measurement
they’re even bringing out the chains that we initially thought as Lane goes
airborne their incredible job upfront paving the way by the notre Vista
offensive line take a quick look at it lot is depending
on this spot here neck he was fourth in two looked as though on that trip over
when he hit the ground it may have been enough but this flooring out the chains
in check take a closer look right this would already be their second terrific
job in a chain gang putting the hustle on to get over there but this has
already been a sensational Drive and early on not only as the gameplan Bank
clear that nota Vista will carry the ball led by a lane but also their
plethora of backs they also are going to go for it on fourth down their second
try of the ball game well and that will be just enough just III water ball
length a little closer than we anticipated but a first down nonetheless
and we talked about this running game get this eighty seven percent of their
total offensive terms of yardage comes on the ground right rubbering just
around three hundred yards a game can bat door says hey I want to get 350 to
400 per game right and he believes he can do it and this offensive line looks
like a unit that can do that here in the river valley they so first down in this
one from the 37 a nice sizable gain and a good carry
from Eddie Elaine sophomore at 6 feet tall 180 pounds and Nick was talking
about the success running for over an average of about 122 yards per contest blew the doors off the river Valley
League is a freshman last herb he looks like a senior already with just his
power in his athleticism really has been a sensational drive put together by any
Lane Josef lucky and the notre Vista offense this is the most significant
stat line to me not only is nota Vista running the ball as they have with
success here in the early stages in this game Ramona knows they’re going to run
the ball and throw out this Drive has been clear where they’re running between
the tackles in and I still paid huge dividends for the Braves early hey
everybody in this building everybody in this conference it’s exactly what Norton
vistas is going to do they’re making no bones about it but hey it may be
one-dimensional but it’s very very successful they say if it ain’t broke
don’t fix it yes really bared the fruit and his drive brings them all the way
down this possession started at their all twenty they have marched to the
34-yard 33 already and this is what makes the Braves such a tough out on the
River Valley League this offensive line paved the way for a nine and three
season last year the Braves work to get again a year ago the best run game of
the conference and they are proving it yet again in 2019 powerful drive put
together in over eight minutes by the Braves second and seven from the 34 in
motion because Gabe Kashmiri and on the run
not much game there so it’ll bring about third and long here for the Braves an
offense that returns eight starters this campaign from the team in 2018 they went
in nine and three and finished second to Hillcrest in the River Valley League
just an incredible drive by no to Vista but this may be the first time they lean
on Daniel Gonzales to throw even though this unit average is about seven yards a
run and they’re capable of moving the chains on the ground so they line up in
the I third and six or nor to Vista and once again they go right back to and
Lane and does he do enough just that last-ditch lunge may have been enough
and it does appear that it’s gonna be enough for a first down and a great
second effort that time by the super sophomore incredible carry from Elaine
he shows the balance there to take the initial contact from the defensive line
and spins right through it 80 Elaine so far has been a workhorse he is put in a
hole a half’s worth of work just on this Drive alone and has carried Notre Vista
and the scoring range so first down for the 26 long methodical Drive approaching
the 10-minute span once again they’ll go back to the tried
and true of Elaine short gainer once again and the clock keeps going lord
Avista coming off that 28 to 7 win last time out against Norwalk and a bye week
to think about a loss on the 13th of September at home to Temecula Valley was
a nail-biter 16 to 12 but they really bounced back in positive fashion this is
the time of year that notre Vista plays its best football in the month of
October last year they outscored their opponents a hundred and forty six points
in October last year and now in October 4th they’re doing the same again this
would be Jesse Carr ball after the 4 yard game from a lane less than that
this time for Jesse carvajal the sophomore at 5 feet 7 180 pounds very
much a different runner a little bit of a wrinkle thrown into the running attack
that really is multifaceted yeah it’s been tough for Ramona to slow down I
mean the Rams defense has been on the field this entire quarter and no matter
what they throw out them it’s it’s been sensational how they’ve been able to be
able to change it so third and three from the 19 inside the red zone now for
Daniel Gonzales the senior quarterback and hands it off on the pitch and Elayne
much wriggle wound that time close enough third downs have been more like
second down four know to visit throughout this Drive looks like they’ll
go for it again this’ll be the third fourth down it’s short that we’ve seen
they made some gutsy call sir Nick on 36 going to the run this one in the red
zone not very often do you see a high school football game or a drive takes
maybe even over a quarter if they move to chains this is Christian the 20th
play of this possession and they’ve gone ground every time fourth and one for the
Braves tight line throw it right back out and I believe it’s carbajal it is he
surges forward moves the pile and moves the chains in the process yet again Wow
another five yard carry for Gonzales and Notre Vista incredible block up front
that was by way of Emanuel Rubio but he really just took Ramona’s defensive line
and pushes them 5 yards up the field and this I mean there’s no other way to put
it notre Vista has just overpowered the Ramona defensive line to start this book
and it’s a real good way to put it here this is a Braves team it’s all about
power players shaken up on the play and get some medical attention because it’s
beats you down they play Smash Mouth football you can call out whatever
cliche you want but certainly that running game is pounding on the defense offensive linemen and the Braves
throughout this Drive I think the most significant moments of this possession
has been those fourth down runs not just from a lane but by committee it shows
that this is a well coached football team and a club that isn’t phased
against the stout Ramona Rams defense on those third and fourth down situations
it brings up first and ten from Ramona’s 13 and the March continues Wow the
running game continues this time it’s a lane trying to go up and over the top
they’ve got some good stops initially but those second efforts have really
paid off tonight for Nord Avista we witness it last year we’ll take a look
at that in the second quarter but note Arista can wear down a defense better
than close to anyone else in the league incredible first quarter effort for the
Braves offensive line through 22 plays well the Day of the Dead and of course
that is Dia de los Muertos returns coming up on Saturday November 2nd at
white park in downtown Riverside from 1 to 10 p.m. the 16th annual anniversary
of this traditional Mexican festival is held to celebrate with food art music
dance and most importantly beautifully decorated and personalized altars
honoring loved ones that have passed on for more info
get on the phone call nine five one seven eight four three one one one
looking online Riverside Day of the Dead calm for another great events well it’s
been also Riverside Halloween fest so cut you off there
it’s October 26th get the kids in costume and head to white Park and
downtown Riverside for Halloween it’s the Halloween festivities and adults a
haunted trail kids zone with crafts and games Halloween vendors
food and beer garden Halloween fest it’s are $10 for adults and free for kids 14
and under that Saturday October 26 2 to 10 p.m. at white Park and downtown
Riverside for more info called 74 3 1 1 1 7 8 4 3 1 1 1 or visit Riverside
Halloween fest calm some great events coming up here he did that spooky time
of season the meet on the high school football campaign is the River Valley
League opener and Nick it’s been all Eddie Elaine and the running attack here
for noir to vistas they’ll switch ends and it’ll bring up second and eight ball
on the 11 for the Braves look at a draw first blood against their dreaded rivals
and some good movement this time once again straightforward approach from the
Braves Albert Gonzalez that’s the sixth running back to tote the football in
this Drive I mean we’re approaching a record here I
mean what team in high school football can engineer a drive that’s over 12
minutes long this has been incredible Ramona is one of the better defenses in
the league and odor Vista is hitting them with its death by a thousand paper
cuts they are hitting them in the mouth and slowly exhausting this defense so
third and five ball spotted at the 8 for danny gonzalez and or de vista and the
pitch out to the right trying to break the edge is elena can’t quite do it short gainer that time from the
sophomore at heart believe this kid is just a sophomore become some really good
stock as his big brother Freddie Holley is the starting running back at the
University of Hawaii yeah you could expect Eddie Elaine if he continues on
this trajectory to follow his brother and some of his family members into
division one football he’s out of the game right now and Notre Vista to their
credit has put together an admirable effort without a lane whenever another
kids such as a lucky or Gonzales or a carvahal touches the football they have
been successful as well forth of one from the for Jesse Carver all pursed
forward does he break the plane is the question very close to a touchdown so
it’ll be first in goal for the Braves is carbajal cut just short of the end zone
and he just with a head of steam I mean he lowered his shoulder he was
determined to get that first down and you can see throughout this possession
Ramona initially crowd of the box and defenders were lunging towards ball
carriers throughout this possession the Rams haven’t been quite as interested as
bringing down some of these runners with a full head of steam so first to go for
door to Vista and this time they do break the plane touched down to the
Braves in a drive that lasted nearly 14 minutes but in the end
patience pays off as the Braves jump out in front here the second quarter 13 carries for 39 yards for any lane on
that possession and he finished it off for notre Vista that was an incredible
drive by Alene he first showed his speed and then finishes it off but with some
power between the tackles and odor Vista marches 80 yards in an incredible Drive
indeed it was it nice straightforward approach it is more of the same here for
Eddy Alain I mentioned you can see the notre
Vista not to cut you off there there are six offensive linemen they already took
their blocks they shot him and head to the second level and that was something
that we had talking about so talk to with the Braves and their coaching staff
that that may be an issue later the year offensive lineman when they finished
their blocks they don’t hang on to the blocks they shed them and allow some of
the defenders to make the tackle but throughout those 23 plays that odor vist
the Hat of offense the Rams are getting sick and tired of making the stop on
defense Edea Lane perfect on the season eight
Freight on those PA T’s he will kick us off hick at the 1006 mark of quarter
number two and they eat up a lot of that time the drive that nearly lasted 14
minutes incredible stuff finally get our first look at Ramona
this one cot in stout side to 20 in a nice little return all the way up to the
37 yard line so the return of 17 yards for the Ramona Rams and we’ll finally
get our first look at Diego Moody’s and his talented office yeah Diego Muniz has
just been a one-man wrecking crew for rabona and if he doesn’t have an
incredible football game it’s hard for me to see the rams manufacturing enough
points to keep up with a Braves offense that already has exhausted the Rams
Muniz has the ability to match point for point with what the Braves do
offensively so standing in a quarterback is Muniz and he’ll go long in that pass
intended for Adrian monje the junior but incomplete so Ramona last year had a
successful season they started the year 7 & 2 they look like maybe the best team
in this conference then one loss to Notre Vista where they
had the lead for the majority of the game wound up being their season they
lost the next week finished with a record of seven and four and that was it
and the Rams were eliminated from playoff contention and to me this game
tonight has very similar implications for the postseason since second it’s an
from the 37 in mini send a little bit of trouble at he’s dropped for a loss just
short of the line of scrimmage and it’s a good tackle so once again
norther vista getting the penetration defensively now the Braves brought a
blitz there and the knees one issue throughout that play is that he stares
down the barrel on the left side intending trying to fit it into his wide
receiver David Cornejo on the left who’s running a comebacker out there towards
the boundary lines up not mattering anyways with a penalty enough and a hold
against the Rams but that may be an issue if Nunis stares too far to one
side of the field that may end up being a problem for them moving forward
already third and long as you mentioned a penalty tacked on to that difficult
start here for the Rams and unfriendly territory they lost by 14 points last
year on their home soil trying to engineer what might be considered part
of an upset here in the River Valley League opener so third and 10 no pen and
it will be mu nice the junior quarterback he looks to the left passed
throw cock complete enough for a first down all the way to the 49 yard line in
a gain of 12 here for Ramona that’s more like it well you can see exactly why he
had his eyes set on the team’s best receiver at least for a majority of the
year David Cornejo he yet again runs the same out he did on second down a
comeback pattern and for notre Vista I’m sure they were kicking themselves that
they wiped out the penalty instead of a second of 20 they had third and 10 and
convertible to throw from Muniz they show dry enough to fool the linebackers
who got some good penetration but not much there a gain of about three or four Cornejo indeed is their preferred weapon
of choice kids got 14 receptions here the first
six games so far for 152 yards on the campaign a gain of four on the play so
that will bring up second and six here Nick
and even though Cornejo has been sensational the Rams were ballast off
it’s they can run the ball with the best of anyone in this league now one emotion
they’ll go draw and write up the guts they go this time and well taken by
Dante Roby he’s their bread and butter didn’t have a great game last year
against nor to Vista but he’s off to a great start at nearly 500 yards
averaging six and a half per carry and he enough to push them forward for the
first down yeah it’s a terrific running back battle the story line runner is the
best carry by way of yards in the league inedia Lane but Don say Roby is almost
as good as him and every right as well and should be tough to stop a total
Vista 6 185 pounds rims a different runner this time it’s mone Hey
trying to catch it and it’s picked off pass cuts by Joseph lucky who barrels up
the near sideline all the way past the 50 and cut down just short of the 43
yard line big big play is that one was tipped by mone Hank and alertly lucky
makes the grab it takes it 56 yards for the return
yeah booties initially he scanned to his left that’s a throw that Monet has got
it at least make it uncatchable for the quarterback who steps in front of the
pass and picks it off that’s a throw then I’m sure Muniz would love to keep
if he could I mean that was right in the bucket for his receiver and it’s one of
those unfortunate bounces where it ends up in the the receivers hands and off
the deflection intercepted by the Braves they wind up marking him back at the 48
yard line oh he did step out so it’ll be first and ten from their own 48
tough luck that time for Diego Moniz so danny gonzalez
and nor the vista take over and once again go right back to the run not even
a gain of one that time for elaine who’s really racking up the carries now 14
carries 440 yards it’s tough for the offense of ramona
to have a promising four play drive in with an interception but it most likely
is frustrating that Rams defense they’ve been on the field for all but three
minutes of this football game as notre visnoh about 26 plays with a touchdown
of their last possess 25 points so a gain of two for Elaine 7:03 left and the penalty flag thrown
looked as though there was some movement on that defensive line were they drawn
mine or de vista is the question and I’ll March it off so movement on the
line against the Rams here Nick and that I think is just the results of an
exhausted defense usually those types of mental mistakes you don’t see in the
first quarter of a football game for two good football teams such as this in
midseason form that usually happens when fatigue steps in so second and four but
Daniel Gonzales the senior quarterback he’s only thrown 14 times and make it 25
times this season Gonzales goes to Jessie carbajal is
wrapped up at the 45 short gain that time and that will bring up third and
short now for Nord Avista an odor Vista 2 for 6 so far on third downs but
they’re also four for four on fourth downs so this is 2 down territory for
them seemingly for the remainder of this half and with the way things are going
for the Braves and that offensive line if the Rams they’ll make a stop in force
a no gain play here notre Vista very easily will go for it on 4th again and
Alain is lined up wide on the right three wide receivers to the right for a
Goods Ollis fakes the rollout and they go once again right up the gut said
enough for a first down big game that time he goes all the way down to the 37
yard line impressive effort for no diversity you
can see exactly why they average nearly seven yards around it isn’t just the
athletes and Elaine is maybe the best out of all of the backfield but it’s the
plethora of bodies that they throw at you and a fresh Albert Gonzalez moves
the chains on third down gain of eight first and ten from the 38 they once
again it’s Joseph lucky the man who had the pick a burst up the guts and Joseph
lucky yep it’s his lucky day and Nord of this to
grab their second TD of the night’s 38 yard run from Joseph lucky the 511
senior and it’s all going the Braves way 5:04 mark here in the extra point
once again from Fernando Salas a tow is good perfect nine for nine and just like
that 14 nothing here for nor de vista Wow just an incredible run from Joseph
lucky and that is the results of a Rams defense that has been on the field
nearly the entire half let’s take a look at that most recent toss and that’s the
type of formations that they’ll throw at you those triple options the two tight
ends the eye formations the power eyes and the single back formations Joseph
lucky on a toss he’s running right he’s running left they run the laterals and
the reverses it’s tough enough to stop a running back when you know where he’s
going like the opening half of that first drive for nota Vista they run a
toss to the right and he was untouched it was one of his easier runs of the
year knowing that lucky from the moment he crossed the line had only one man to
be incredible run and sensational blocking a few short kick ball Connelly
22 and run upfield here all the way up a 19-yard return for
Ramona I’ll bring up first at ten and now you
talk about it uphill climb let’s see how we’re gonna get themselves out of the
hole not going to be the easiest of tasks down a couple of touchdowns with
less than five minutes until halftime yeah I mean I’m sure going into this
game Kent lijinsky the head coach of the Rams didn’t envision on the fifth snap
for his offense of the game they’d be down 14 nothing but this is the type of
scenario Moody’s is capable of getting out of out of the gun Muniz past caught
and completes and a big gain enough for the first out and once again his
favorite cart target David Cornero makes the big grab second catch of the night
for the six-foot-five 165 pounds senior wide receiver that sure was a confident
throat coming off the interception he goes right back to its favorite targets
of the ball game and moves the sticks this one to the 45 yard line and they’ll
go right up gain of about four or five different type of running style for
Dante Roby jr. then we see out of Eddy Elaine short and powerful enough for the
short Gator to make it second in five for the Rams it’s hard to not look at
Dante Roby as a kid that can play next level football this a great mix of
athleticism and strength we had a great shoot your campaign 200
carries for 24 yards averaged over seven yards per rush well
the one bright side for the Rams if they score here and use all the clock they
receive the kickoff to start the second half moving the chains a little bit
quicker than we saw it that ground chuck running game from noir to vista so
timeout for Ramona I really an incredible first half performance by the
notre vista Braves on the offensive side of the ball that defense last possession
ended with an interception we’ll see if they can do the same here tonight all
right John did you know Riverside is the city of arts and innovation oh it sure
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October the 10th yes at 5:00 to 10:00 p.m. downtown Riverside is the place to
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information but a great event going on downtown just for clarification Jeff
Gorham pep fernando’s yeah the coverage of that North excellent
Riverside TV crew we’re just reading with adrenaline oh yeah oh yeah it’s
good stuff it follows so nice bril pursed up the gutter of Donte Roby
starting to show off his own repertoire stealin perhaps a little bit of the
Thunder but another first down on third to is a good carry as he moves into
Braves territory Idon’t say Robi this is the type of
athleticism where he races right past five Braves defensive linemen and moves
the chains that’s the type of athleticism that really allows Ken
Lewinsky to open up the PlayBook those plaques and passes for Muniz on the
first drive seem to be paying dividends now as the Braves are on their heels
so no bomb the 42 timeout for norte Vista all right let’s
take a look at those standings shall we 316 to go in the second quarter
grapes are up 14 nothing and this is a pivotal football game not just in terms
of who takes a 1 or whether a one game league in the standings but also knowing
that playoff implications right on these non league records a lot of pressure
right now a little bit more pressure right now you’d say I’m not a Vista with
that one defeat but coming up of course and the defending champs rolling into
town Hillcrest so they want to come out it’s
a real tough at tough big ask fork in that door food company but they need to
show their best early on this season also I know we’re doing this game notre
Vista and rabona the Jaguars of Drupa Valley had suffered three straight win
the seasons they had gone Owen ten three years in a row kudos to that staff that
has guided them to a three and two record right now and of course Hillcrest
these two teams are the favorites to come out of this league but yoruba
valley looks like a club that can compete for a playoff spot out of this
conference this season and we should be able to get some updates on them
throughout this football game tonight could be tied out of the gun once again
it’s going to be Mooney said a big breaker this time and it’s Roby
barreling all the way down to the 15 yard line a 27 yard run for the senior
running back already with ten touchdowns but bright
drive right now is Ramona trying to find the answer after two consecutive strikes
the big first quarter from North Avista first down from the 16 they go to Dante
Roby again he breaks to the left Dante Roby barrels all the way down just
short of the five yard line it may be enough for a first down for Ramona
they’re finding those gaps and row be really quick hitting those holes yeah he
shows the explosiveness and the power of a running back that they’re leading upon
throughout this second quarter as the Rams are giving notre Vista dose of
their own medicine second and one out of the gun they go to
Roby once again it stopped at the line of scrimmage get enough on that second
effort to get the first down oh he sure did incredible run from Roby that’s he
isn’t just an athlete when he heads to the outside but he shows some slippery
moves inside the tackles then low center of gravity yeah that conjure up an extra
bit empowered so to be first and goal from the five just enough for the first
down once again out of the gun for mu nice this time it’s a keeper and does
just enough for a short gain of 2 is the age closer and closer and we know that
they can put up a lot of points very quickly here
Ramona they put up 21 against poly Riverside last weekend there’s a team
that put 42 past lakeside back on week one yeah this is the dominant offense
and it seems they’re at their best inside the red zone with the dual threat
of Diego Moody’s second and four and this one once again this time it’s gonna
be Alvarenga trying to change it up just a bit stopped just short of the end zone
so it’ll bring up third and goal here for the Rams they interesting for the
Braves and their coaching staff to avoid using a timeout odor Vista does not burn
a clock stoppage it’s the Rams now that’s also fascinating because
Ramona knows that if they store a touchdown here that the Braves will have
some time left to march down the field themselves with three timeouts so this
is a bit perplexing to me that they decide to stop the clock with so much
time remaining in the second quarter we’ll see what they have up their sleeve
in a very important drive a night right now for Ramona I don’t want to go down
40 nothing at halftime I’ll really be a big blow against them or out but we were
talking with Kent backdoor he says we have to beat Ramona tonight no bones
about it they are the team to beat coming in at five and oh and a good
start was imperative they’ve gotten that tonight but it’s in jeopardy and Ramona
really showed a lot of character here answering the bell after some impressive
drives early on from the Braves this rivalry not only has really decided this
conference but it’s been back and forth I mean two terrific football teams now
go out at yet again tonight notre vez the one last year and also
three years ago Ramona 2017 to 2015 over the last four
years the crown of this pivotal rivalry to really determined the River Valley
has pinned back and forth between these two schools now on third and goal
everyone has a chance to put in their hands and it’s going to be Romeo he was
tripped by so lost his footing and did he loses was he tripped it but does that
was the case so I’m lucky that time for Dante Roby it was third and goal and
this will bring up fourth and goal about three yards out let’s look a look at
that did you ask his footing now that’s
unfortunate but down to this area of the field Diego Muniz he is the second best
passer in the league he also was one of the most dangerous rushers in the league
so he has this dual threat ability where if they run those option plays they have
shown versions of it throughout this possession it appears Romano will use a
timeout near first and this was the type of scenario I was talking about the Rams
Watson use up some of that clock and avoid a chance for a notice to respond
but if they use some of that option and they have shown some wrinkles of it
throughout the latter portion of this excellent Drive that started back at the
roll 37 that could really keep it Braves defense on their heels so they’ll talk
it over and can be shitski his third season here Hayes won two-thirds of his
27 games 18 wins and nine losses in the 2018 seven and four finished third in
the river valley league two team it’s returning five offensive starters
they’ve got their two top running backs as well as Dante Roby and Brian
Alvarenga it’s a balanced team with some good wide receivers will need a lot of
that today yeah there’s a look at Ramona right
there Ken wyszynski who leads those troops and the whites for the Rams he
guided King to what remains really their only trip to the CIF southern section
semifinals he has been a successful coach during his near two decades
raining in CIF football as a head coach he play this fourth and goal from the
four and it will be Diego Muniz out of the shotgun and this time they’ll go
right back to Roby he punches it in touchdown for Dante Robby jr. and Ramona
back in business late in the second quarter a four yard touchdown run for
Dante Roby who rushes for his 12th touchdown of the season and I tell you
what Nick it’s exactly what they needed incredible run from from Robi as that
extra point is good it’s 14 to 7 Christian they went 63 yards down the
field incredible drive from Ramona it began with that critical pass play on
the outside of Cornejo they really changed it up showed some different
variation in the attackee but they keep her that time from anis who played a big
part remember this is his first year and as the starter as Brandon OC Hyundai has
moved on that’s a way did a great job of leading this march and they are up
against it in the first half but it’s that late breaker from Dante Roby all
the way down to the 16 yard line that set it up 26 yards on that carry for
Roby they moved the chains once on third down this was a fourth down conversion
moved by Ramona the rams went heavy with Roby throughout that possession and on
the 4 yard touchdown scamper kudos goes to that sensational offensive line
there’s of course a run for no gain where notre vista brought in the heat
but throughout that drive you can see the Rams start to a
established the offensive line they won the battle at the point of attack Roby
could have had a score there on that third and goal if he didn’t trip over
you through the turf monster or his own quarterbacks near foots incredible drive
it was 15 plays 63 yards rams back in the game no roller for Jesse carvajal
bus went all the way up past the 50 yard line down at the 46 miguel via and
ramona thought they were being clever but it could come back to haunt them
yeah less than 28 seconds left and he wouldn’t put it past nor do vista to
punch another one in here before the break you also wouldn’t put it past them
to score before the break using only the ground game coming into this contest
they averaged just under seven yards that run to the braves and they’re all
red and odor vista also when they do pass a big chunk plays from their
quarterback Daniel Gonzales so it will be from the 47 and a rare throw this
time as it’s batted up the pass was intended for Christian Siriano Kemp at
dar de sade is playing great but their time we’ve seen in fact the first time
tonight we’ve seen Gonzales go to the throw it was just batted down by the
number 10 Johnny a romaine go figure that when they go to a past
Romain is ready for it they had only went 29 straight runs to begin this
contest now time I was called ten vet north not only did we talk to him before
the game but our very own Jeff gore terrific weekly show where he interviews
the head coaches of the team that we’re going to feature on Riverside TVs game
of the week and I mean he’s just an incredible man and I invite no stretch
surprised one Vince and he is succeeding yet again this year notre Vista it was a
real great interview that Jeff had with him and he said you know asked Jeff
asked him hey what brings you back year after year this being his 26th year and
he says you know it’s not about the money because I put in about five to
seven thousand hours in which I haven’t been paid it’s about these kids it’s
about making good people better well he might be saying that because he wants to
eventually get paid for that work I wouldn’t blame him his second tenth from
the 47 they show throw a pass Scott complete by Alene all the way down to
the 38 yard line 28 yard line and a gain of 19 on the play who knew that a lane
could catch the football that was something special for their running back
and a late flag has been thrown they must have seen something did the
officials it appear to be clean formation incredible catch by Alene
right across the middle and using every inch of that 6-foot frame so we’ll see you at the referee sorts
out for us and they’re starting to change things up just a little bit here
on their third Drive of the night so Ramona brought seven a lane split as the
slot receiver runs a sea route and he was matched up on a linebacker Dante
Roby who is an incredible player on offense just one step behind and that’s
the matchup that we have seen throughout tonight Alain the notre Vista running
back against Ramona’s Dante Roby both of them had been incredible both of score
touchdowns and have been key difference makers and maybe the most important
player on their team in this first half first in ten the swan down to the 30 sits up nicely for Gonzales at 15
seconds left over and they go for the same play hit that seam route once again
but pass incomplete intended for Alain so that will bring up second and 10 just
about 13 seconds left yeah the quarterback got crushed there’s
Gonzales a scot-free Runner across the left edge the linebacker for Ramona
comes in unabated to the quarterback keto Davis and that really cost them an
opportunity because Gonzales with a clean pocket most likely delivers the
touchdown to Elaine and that is the sort of thing we talked
about with Ken batten Dorf the blocking has been significant for them while the
offensive line has been solid this year he believes that if with more practice
they can become an even better offensive line and don’t miss those open rushers
they only throw it forty two and a half yards per game and Gonzales once again
dropping back into the pocket gets some pressure
once again it’s a lane reaches out and just off the fingertips with the
talented sophomore that will bring up third down well there are three four
seven on third bounce so they are more than capable even with the perfect
fourth out rating of having two more plays to get into field goal range Roby
in a lane that’s been the incredible matchup throughout this first half this
time the win goes to Ramona on that second down throw seven and a half 7.4
on the clock to be precise to be third and ten from 30 yards out and this is
gonna be an interesting call right it certainly is I would say I mean if I
were the Braves i’ma go ground that’s been your bread and butter throughout
the year Gonzales lost the 17-yard or earlier to Elaine but even if you gained
six or seven here a fourth down tried to the end zone or even a field goal could
go a long way and this first half see what they draw up here one in the back
field could solace up against it third and long three-step drop looks up and
way over throwing this time and this will bring it forth down the pass the
intended for the number five Christian Siriano I simply would have gone ground
on that third and 10 I mean Daniel Gonzales has been serviceable when asked
to throw the ball but Ramona saw coming they ran a blitz but all of their
corners drifted into coverage there’s three Rams on two receivers for a notre
Vista even with a perfect throw from Gonzales that most likely is incomplete
anyways could have been a better run play than
anything but they still are in position with one more play here to attempt a
field goal see what they decide Fernando Salas a
doe is like they met a fourth down stop what’s the forecast
never mind here folks so they’ll take over first at 10:00 for Ramona and once
again they’ll go right back to the run and get me the final drawn is a good
burst right up the guts by alvarenga and it be pushed all the way back to the
40-yard line so that will do it halftime and a good one here today what it’s been
all about the running game of Eddie Alain however you got to give credit to
Dante Roby and this visiting Ramona Ram team who are not going to go down
without a fight yeah that really was an impressive Drive
to begin the game the first half was really sparked by that possession from
Eddie Alain on the first drive where they go 25 plays 80 yards they chewed up
nearly 14 minutes of the clock Alain had 11 of those runs and paved the
way for an eau de vista to take a 14-nothing lead late this first out yes
it’s a good one here the River Valley League opener it’s halftime here at Zack
herb Stadium in the home team nor to Vista up 14 to 7 over Ramona here in California citrus is a part of
our lives every day but what if it all just disappeared
a devastating plant disease called long long bay or HL being spread by the Asian
citrus psyllid is fatal for citrus trees and it might be found in your own
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away I’m police officer pilot I’ve been with
the city for a little over 10 years I’ve always loved aviation and I’ve
always loved law enforcement so to be able to combine the two together to the
things that I love the most I’ve got experience in the background in law
enforcement so that a couple that with aviation and and fly every day and still
do police work that’s why I’m out here work they ship seven to five I usually
get here a little before seven will get an email on what occurred the previous
evening I saw those for those also check our temporary flight restrictions so
I’ll check those and see if there’s any in the area that we can’t fly into and
then we’ll go out and do a pre-flight on the helicopter we’ll walk around check
everything make sure everything’s functioning properly and sometimes
you’re up for patrol other times when we’re here on the ground we’ll respond
to an incident if a vehicle pursuit or a foot pursuit or something goes out we’ll
launch for that if there’s a fire in the river bottom we’ll go up and provide air
support for the firemen on the ground code enforcement uses us for their green
pool flights so we’ll go up and we’ll look for green pools
we’re assisting a lot of different departments I’m a fourth generation
riverside resident out of five generations now my family is set roots
here back in the 1900s and I’ve got a connection Riverside so family and
friends are here and it’s nice to give back to the community that you’ve been
brought up and so if I were to just describe my job in two words it would be
uniquely awesome it’s awesome I get to fly a helicopter and do something that I
really enjoy doing at the same time protecting and serving a community that
I grew up in los novios is a Mexican market located
on Main Street not far from downtown Riverside the name means young male bull
which is typically used for its high quality meat albert Amarillo is the
owner being in the business for years and years almost 20 years in the City of
Riverside and always in Austin so I start working I I always dream like one
day I will have my own business and since I’m being in Riverside for so many
years I says well this is a good opportunity so I asked a couple friends
you know like and my brother hey this is the opportunity of her life we we take
it or not they’re like yes go for it the store features a good selection of
fruits vegetables canned goods meats and seafood there’s also several kinds of
cheese salsa and guacamole loyal customers who shop here say it’s because
of their fresh food and great customer service I hike at Mount roubideaux and I
go here every morning to buy a fresh ceviche it’s a great market they’re just
gonna get bigger and better so usually I’ll come in here to buy lunch but if I
need anything from my house I’ll you know any supplemental groceries I’d come
in and I buy everything as freshmen Alberto says he trains his staff to
treat customers like family Mercedes Duran is one of his cashiers
just asking with how are you doing that makes a really big difference and just
being in a small market you kind of notice who who’s who and what are they
doing there sometimes I’ll even ask them like what are you cooking today I do
spaghetti are you doing cutting your flower you know that’s makes difference
I wanted the people when they came I want that I feel like walking like oh
this is my house you know like this is family and that’s what I’ve wanted to
tell all my customers that they’re not just customers they’re guests with me
another guest they’re my guests they’re my my family all the time when they came
if I know their names I you know I tell them about their names and everything I
shake hands all day long and I think they like it my name is lovey Jung and I work for the
city oversight fire department I’ve been here for about seven years now and I’m a
firefighter/paramedic on engine one when I was younger I actually wanted to be a
firefighter but I ended up getting sidetracked and went and played softball
for the Olympic team in 2004 2008 and when I retired in 2009 that’s when I
decided I wanted to switch over to become a partner usually when I come in
the first thing I do is I check my personal protective equipment and then
I’ll also check the medical equipment being a paramedic I have to make sure
all my medications are there and that my equipments working properly so that when
we go on a scene to a medical aid that everything’s in working form and that
were professional on scene if I were to describe my job in one word it would be
adventurous every day is different from day to day depending on the training or
the type of calls that we run you know some days we might go on more duis or
some days we might go on more traffic accidents so every day that I come to
work is gonna be completely different from the day before and the next day
they get to work with a group of people that I enjoy working with and having
that camaraderie that I’ve missed from being an athlete but now being a mom I
just kind of I want to be that role model for my daughter to you know show
her that you can be independent and you can have a job that you want to work in
whether it’s a male-dominated career or not and I want her to understand that
how she grows up we need to make sure our seniors are
safe with consistent proper nutrition and healthy foods delivered to their
homes elderly patients who do not have proper nutrition have a higher risk of
irregular heart rhythms and sepsis Riverside’s meals-on-wheels program can
always use your help if you can volunteer or donate you can visit our
website and get more information how you can participate and we thank you do you have unneeded prescription
medications and don’t know what to do with them
CVS pharmacy and the Riverside Police Department have a safe and secure
Dropbox located inside the Magnolia police station this free and anonymous
service keeps dangerous prescriptions out of the hands of children and abusers
while protecting the environment through proper disposal most over-the-counter
and prescription medications are safe to drop off however there are some
restrictions items such as thermometers inhalers aerosol cans point mints
lotions or liquids and needles and sharps must be disposed of elsewhere and
please residential clients only this service is not for businesses to dispose
of their medical waste helped the City of Riverside keep dangerous
prescriptions out of the hands of children and abusers by disposing your
unneeded drugs in a safe secure and environmentally friendly way you might
have noticed new traffic lights popping up around Riverside and the Public Works
Department wants you to see how they work first of all you’ll notice the new
left turn signals consists of four lights a red arrow a solid yellow arrow
a flashing yellow arrow and a green arrow so how does traffic flow work with
these new signals first we have the left green arrow which indicates you have
permission to turn left but oncoming traffic must stop a solid yellow arrow
indicates that the light is about to turn red and you must be prepared to
stop or if you’re already in the intersection complete your turn when
safe a solid red arrow means you must stop no
left-hand turns are allowed when the signal changes to a flashing yellow
arrow turns are still permitted however you must yield to oncoming traffic and
pedestrians before proceeding with your turn these new signals are being
introduced nationwide and represent a safer and more efficient way to handle
left turn traffic at busy intersections the City of Riverside encourages you to
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stuff are personal you know and I take a long time doing that make sure just lay
the work and other stuff and dinner and it’s not just bandsaw cutting out in
whatever these things it takes three or four days at a time to make one and with
the train it took probably a week people say you know you can sell these you go
on eBay or whatever and so on now that’d be like work I’m retired
you know when I was in Fleetwood they they had a charity called Rosie’s kids
and they used to do little fundraisers and stuff all year long to get enough
money to buy clothing and food and stuff at Christmastime and so I thought I
suggested well maybe you could throw a toy and a tube you know with it for the
kids one year we ended up with over 600 toys
and we gained somewhere 5,000 or more I get exact to gear but we helped a whole
bunch of kids families and stuff I’ve been giving out toys for kids and
charities and stuff for years and I know when I was a kid I had a stick I know I
grew up in the depression so in Brooklyn and that was tough and I can remember
that and I didn’t have anything so I want to make sure that
and almost any kid I see I give a toy I do this in sort of on the side to give
to kids and see what the reactions are and I always tell them there’s no
batteries because they’re always playing with the electronics and tell them that
it’s gonna cost them smile and thank you I always get it I just enjoy doing it
this like to see the kids light up tucked away in a large warehouse off of
Columbia Avenue in Riverside is one of the most unique and highly specialized
businesses in all of California the company designs modifies outfits
fabricates and installs a vast array of custom equipment while turning cars vans
and trucks into high-tech emergency vehicle welcome to west coast lights and
sirens we’ve been in business since 2007 we have roughly 35 employees in a 32,000
square foot building Danny and I founded west coast lights and sirens in 2007 he
had a background in racing off road racing and custom fabrication we build
cars from San Diego to the Arizona border into LA up into Ventura we have
about 80 to 85 different agencies here in Southern California
most of our builds are there’s normal patrol cars but we do get into special
bills we built a special van for crimes against the internet for LAPD we’re
gonna build another one for the homicide we built command center units
for EM it there’s a bunch of other things other than just patrol cars that
we do here at West Coast lights and sirens the vehicles come in their
pursuit rated by Ford Motor Company and Chevy’s so they have to go through
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we get them but when we up fit them we up fit them with bumpers that will
protect them from intersection crashes lights to keep the officer safe in
intersections light bars that help them search for things each individual city
has a different spec or a different configuration that they build their
vehicles on for the for this specifics of their cities the attention to detail
the quality the throughput and the professionalism we take extreme care and
extreme quality so that your vehicles are repeatable there every one of them
identical so that officers and our safe in our vehicle the biggest challenges we
have is these agencies there’s quite a few of them they need these vehicles in
a timely manner so they’re always in a you know there’s always a great push to
get these vehicles built and in service as quick as we can for the local
agencies West Coast lights and sirens builds between 25
five in 30 vehicles a week roughly about a hundred a month the owners also place
the success of the business squarely on the shoulders of their dedicated loyal
and highly trained group of employees my employees are the best we’re very happy
they are very appreciated and I hope we show it our employees are the key to our
operation me and Patricia owned the place but these gentlemen in this
building do the work they’re the ones that are should get the credit for the
quality that are done we are just giving them the tools to do their job I
absolutely love my job I’ve been here for 13 years I’ve been working with
Danny for 13 years it’s like a family you know it’s private business and
everybody’s really good it’s like working with a bunch of your friends a
lot of people don’t even know that we’re located here when you tell people what
you do as far as where it goes I mean nobody ever thinks of this as a field
that people are in it’s kind of I guess out of the public eye kind of goes on
behind the scenes I would like to say thank you to all our clients they’re
wonderful they’re loyal and they are very open and welcome to come to our
facility and tour and review what’s going on here profound emotion is also
evident while discussing Riverside and the work with clients whose sole mission
is to ensure community safety I was born and raised in Riverside and the fact
that we get to build our local law enforcement vehicles brings a lot of
pride to myself a lot of the people that we employ here live in Riverside and
these are the very people that keep us safe at night while we’re sleeping it’s
a wonderful place to live it’s a wonderful place to start a business and
we’re very happy to be here that’s part of my job is being an interacting with
the local agencies and actually giving our younger family members places to
work in future that okay the Community Police Review
Commission was created to promote public confidence in the professionalism and
accountability of the City of Riverside Police Department the Commission
consists of an all civilian panel of members from across the city
the Commission’s roles include advising the mayor and city council on all police
relations issues reviewing an investigating officer involved deaths
receiving complaints and conducting hearings on misconduct against Warren
Riverside police officers making policy suggestions and bringing community
concerns to the attention of the Riverside Police Department if you’re
interested in learning more about how you can serve or for information on the
Commission visit riverside CA gov slash CPR c here in California citrus is a part of
our lives every day but what if it all just disappeared
a devastating plant disease called huanglong Bay or HL be spread by the
Asian citrus psyllid is fatal for citrus trees and it might be found in your own
backyard that’s why it’s important that we all do
our part to keep California citrus safe don’t let California citrus disappear
visit California’s citrus threat org to learn more got junk too big for the
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larger than eight foot by four foot by four foot if you got a lot of junk check
out our bulky item and a waste drop-off events held several times each year
bulky item pickup call us today and we’ll haul it away welcome back it’s the Riverside TV game
of the week here at high school football it was nor to visto had a great running
game here in the first half Christian miles alongside Nick rice and Eddie
Alain getting the job done early Nick well that was the end to a 25 play
80-yard Drive and a critical interception earlier in the second
quarter allowed for the Braves to put together
another sensational Drive as he was marked out of bounds of the 48 yard line
the Braves wind up going four plays 52 yards and this incredible touchdown run
from Joseph lucky of notre Vista great set up play on the int and then he
punches it in the nice little run however you got to give credit where
credit is due and how about Diego mu nice Lincoln up that time with David
Cornejo a part of a really good drive for the Rams yeah they went 15 play 63
yards and smashed the Braves in the mouth that scamper there gained 26 for
Obi and he finishes it off with a touchdown run leaving just a few ticks
to go for the Braves a much-needed strike name is Jesse carvahal that last
returned and was a good return there from carvajal who really added an extra
dimension and things started to get aired out a bit good deflection that
time from Ramona’s Adrian monje and then it would be Gonzalez force to go to the
air and he picks out a lane for a nice game right down the middle yeah 17 yards
there notre Vista however would turn it over on downs on that final drive of the
first half and the Braves going to the locker room up 14 to 7 don’t forget
folks joining us here on riverside TV for the Dia de los Muertos or Day of the
Dead it returns Saturday November 2nd at
white Park and downtown Riverside from 1 to 10 p.m. it’s the 16th annual
anniversary of this traditional Mexican festival and itself to celebrate with
food I’m hungry right now I could go for this tonight the Dia de los Muertos also
with art music dance and most importantly the beautifully decorated
personalized altars honoring loved ones that have passed away for more
information call 951 seven eight four three one one one
nine five one seven eight four three one one one or visits there on the bottom
left Riverside Day of the Dead calm I’m in
I’m in sounds like a great advance we got a great event tonight
it’s the Riverside TV high school football game of the week and a big one
here Ramona Rams in the River Valley League opener trailing nor to Vista
these are two of the big three in this conference this one has heavy title
implications already on day one of conference play a lot on the line and it
will be Norda vista and fernando Salcido kicking us off and catching this one
just inside the 13 yard line as ramona and stopped cold on that little run back
as Raymond Valdez not much going there so a gain of about five on the return
and we’ll see Ramona take over but today what I’m really impressed with the
character from Ken machine ski and these Ramona Rams he could have been
overwhelmed by this immense running game from noir to Vista but they came back
and punched one in and gave the Braves a taste of their own medicine you see
what’s in store here in half number two yeah it should be interesting after this
play I’ve got some scores for you as well Christian across the river valley
they excelled that’ll also pay into exactly who will improve the one and OH
and big play after this week but the Rams are coming fresh off an impressive
Drive as you alluded to 15 play 63 yards and the scoring run late in the half the
Donte Roby so I dropped for a short loss that time
how did the shotgun and nothing doing that time for Dante Robi brought before
a loss to yard loss we’ve got to Riverside TV games of the week where
Norco is currently playing Corona for not mistaken or King I’m sorry and are
two of our Riverside TV games for the week we have doubleheaders this Friday
and next Friday as well Riverside TV Muniz throws it forward
pass cock completes not enough for the first down about five yards short but a
good grab once again good job airing it out and once again it’s mu
nice press and throw from Muniz he rarely threw the ball the first half
firing into the three defenders he was 204 with just 25 yards but the
significant play in the first half was the interception he threw oh and he took
a hit that time on third and three flattened just past the first down
marker my goodness it was a keeper and he took his lumps that time yeah
but moves the sticks so quick update across the river valley league patriots
why they have trounced la sierra right now 48 nothing for patriot at home in
their River Valley League opener of course notice the lead this football
game 14-7 and Harappa Valley who I mentioned oh and 10 three straight years
they have three wins to begin the season their doubt big against the Trojans of
visiting Hillcrest as they lead thirty-five to six though so crest on
the road and Dante Roby getting his lines crossed with Diego Muniz so to
bring up second and long to gain of one that time from the Rams
it’s been hit or miss at times but a big ask is Bernice operating mostly out of
the shotgun tonight the six-foot-one 165-pound at
junior quarterback he has the completion rate at nearly 64% they’ll drop into the
pocket step forward good stuff that time and knee down on the 40-yard line so
this will be just a gain of about four on that one it will bring up third and
four for the Rams for those of you just joining us this game can really be
summed up into a tale of two quarters the Braves began the football game with
a 25 play drive all of them runs they went 80 yards of scored on a short
yardage plunge from Eddie Elaine but Ramona hung in led by their quarterback
Diego Moody’s and a sensational Dante ropey once again Moo nice on the third
and four and he had a receiver was Roby wide open he couldn’t connect and this
will bring up a concerning fourth and four for the Ramona Rams yeah this may
be the first punt we see at the ball game Roby who has yet to make a catch in
this game he has been an incredible runner Muniz had him that could have
been a touchdown but he overshoots him that time as notre Vista who had been
punched in the mouth in the second quarter by Roby in the ground game Roby
was at over seven yards of carry for most of that first half which is above
his season average he really punished the notre Vista
defense and they had a shot that Ramona to cash-in with a touchdown throw there
so it’ll be the punt from Adrian Mohan he gets a good bounce return around West
the 15 and all the way down to the 11 yard line so a good punt from that so 49-yard gain on the punt for ramona
not good field position to start here for it nor de vista but really hasn’t
been a problem because we know what we’re gonna see from limb yeah we know
we’ll see from both sides of first half fifty four snaps for these two offenses
forty five runs nine passes and most of those passes came from Daniel Gonzales
on the final drive of the first half of the Braves so first and ten from the
twelve is the market for danny gonzalez was nine for eleven last week once again
it goes right back to Eddie Elena bust one all the way forward to about the 18
yard line so again of about six for the sophomore
Oliver League is a freshman last year this kids future is as bright as it gets
certainly does but Ken magista has to be thrilled about how the Ramona defense
held him in check of the first theft he gained seven yards on his first run of
this happened last half but since then he’s been bottled up about two and a
half yards that carries so far in the ballgame for a lane as the Braves have
had to lean on some of their other ball carriers so second and four and they’ll
push it straight forward once again it’s a lane on the short gainer close to the
first and mark and I’ll bring up third and short for the Braves and this is a
methodical office certainly and notre Vista is a team that shows some
incredible boys in these third and fourth down situations they had
converted four straight fourth downs of the first half and they have the ability
to move the chains here on third and short third and one for Gonzales and
once again he’s going to go to carvahal plus one up Owen it’s Jesse carvahal
he’s got some space past the 50 all the way down to the 30 no one is gonna catch
Jesse Carbajal all five-foot-seven of him a huge touchdown what a run from
Jesse Carbajal 79 yards in that just might be a
backbreaker in the third quarter for Ramona
the Rams offense was marching on the first drive of the second half knowing a
touchdown would tie and the subsequent two minutes from the overthrown football
from Moonies to Roby which led to a punt instead of a touchdown to tie for Ramona
winds up costing it’s a 14-point swing the Braves if this play is wiped out
extra point was no good there and the whistle again just before ball
was snapped much too Fernando Salas Eidos relief here’s a kid that’s been
perfect all season on his p80 attempts in fact it’s kicky game including the
field goals perfect 9 / 9 he’s very much aware of that streak going on right now
you see what they draw up here but what a run 79-yard busted from Jess
Jesse carbajal they’re gonna go for it see going for the two-point conversion
they’ll go out of the eye with Elena’s the back and he goes up and over the top
of it for – so carbajal does all the hard work and Alain goes up and over the
top showing out the entire repertoire and it’s a 15-point advantage cheap or
the Braves on home turf I mean that is just the results of notre
distant and most likely the most important Drive of the game was their
first where they punished the Ramona defense and the rams looked exhausted
down the stretch of that drive Elaine started it off with the 7 yard run and
right away notre Vista responded with one of the most incredible runs of the
season after this short carry from the notice the tailback jessie Carbajal he
just softened up that back line and carvahal says thank you very much
a 79 yard dash for the house and Dante Roby is one of the fastest players on
the team for a Mota he is a blistering runner and he was outrun that time from
carvahal from the moments the the gun was fired off and the guys crossed that
track at field starting line that was an incredible sprint from Carbajal so an 11
yard return for Raymond Valdez after their return so the Rams once again an
uphill climb they’ve been up against it before they’ve answered the bell before
and we’ll see what they have up their sleeve because they know it’s gonna take
something special they knew that they were five and O but it wasn’t going to
be an easy task tonight and they’re finding it out firsthand as they will
take over possession ball on their own 21 and once again Diego Moonies
looking to engineer something positive and leave it on that short handoff so once again you’ll go to their usual
preferred weapon of choice in Dante Roby with yet another carry and here’s a guy
last year you and I were talking about this at halftime it was at season-low 38
yards on 10 carries for him against Nord Avista last time out he’s answered the
bell himself with a big big game tonight yeah nearing a hundred yards is Roby
this time he has really nowhere to go but I mean Ramona for a team that it
seems every year is the stepchild of noticed as of late right now I mean this
last year their season really came down to their loss of the Braves and this
go-around if they lose it’d be hard for them to come back this has to be
frustrating for head coach Ken moosh insky who knows this team is good enough
to win in this league third and eight 10 once again Muniz looks left pass cock
complete enough for a first down on forward progress and it should move the
chains here for Ramona gutsy play the kid showed a lot of poise and composure
and the pass completed for the short game but enough for the first down and
there’s Cornejo yet again I mean he is about as good a route runner as this
team has just a sensational delivery as well from the quarterback who checked
into the game and for Ramona they’re going to need more of a passing attack
if they hope to win this one C on this one that’s just OB who long v who took
the snap himself he played some backup quarterback last year will it be
classified as a fumble that’ll be the ruling here his arm was in motion it
just slipped out of his hands flag on the play and that is a significant loss we will
see if Ramona signal caller Diego Muniz returns to the lineup but if he’s not
out there the passing game takes a significant hits we’ll see three wide on
the right and it will be a Roby the keeper he’ll take it himself says hey
let me take matters into my own hands and bust it all the way up to midfield
first down from the 50 yard line and a gain of 18 for Dante Roby who says hey I
could do it all the passing game takes it hit but it doesn’t matter for Roby he
is nearing a first down a run in this football game he fakes the handoff he
did about a half handoff before he takes it himself
Dante Roby this is I would say every play needs to be the player that can
lose schinsky and Ramona relies upon offensively if Notre Vista is going to
give up this lead Roby is the one that is at least as he has proved so far
today that’s gonna will the ramps back he and Cornejo trying to engineer yet
another comeback and kind of take a page out of the Nord of Vista handbook last
year remember they were down late in the third and end up winning
4329 and at Ramona so time-out on the field as they talk this one over here
and just hold the phone just when you think that nor the Vista is gonna run
away with this Ramona pops up with another big gain yeah these are two
veteran head coaches excellent guys both with over a decade and a half of high
school coaching experience so they I’m sure gathered the troops
Ramona’s rependa schinsky I’m sure got his team back corralled and ready to go
for what is maybe the most significant drive of the second half as the Rams
trail by 15 and in speaking to Ken batt Dorf of notre Vista I mean this is just
an incredible man he says that I mean the Braves won the league championship
last year notre vista nine and three had a successful campaign want a playoff
game as well in 2018 but he says his biggest success last year and years
prior has his alumni base returning to the school
and just the impact that they make in the community is something he hangs his
hat on as much as a 22 to seventh lead here in the third quarter now they’ll
have an injured player and as being tended to by the medical staff you know
some of this alumni have really really stepped up to the plate in this local
area Mike Langford of course gave $10,000 nearly annually in contributions
toward this program in fact it was back to our saying himself about 12 years ago
or so that Mike Lanford stepped up and bought cleats for each and every one of
these Nord Avista players and then of course you got to think about frank
stottlemyre goes out and solicits and gets those donations in the community to
keep this proud program running for nor to vista it’s a community effort
everybody pitching in and indeed they’ve really reaped a success now Gilbert
Garcia will limp off the 5-11 senior coach at some low words for Gilbert
Garcia huh said hey you know I knew he would be good and he’s living up exactly
to what we expected out of it’s just a lot I think about Garcia because here’s
the guy’s a senior and you know bat Doris expectations are high and he’s
meeting them under that pressure wow really incredible knowing the Braves
every year aren’t the mix for a league championship and they to their credit
notre Vista last year found themselves down to
Ramona came back and won that critical football game that’s really catapulted
them to the playoffs and all of us to look prepared tonight certainly have so
far at least it’s under that eighteen yard run from row e first in ten from
midfield out of the gun and it’s Roby takes it himself he flicks one out wide
to the right pass intercepted by Buddy Wilson junior and Buddy Wilson junior is
going to take it to the house 50-yard return and a big one once again for the
Braves the theme tonight was big and I tell you
what it doesn’t get any bigger than that for buddy Wilson junior the 510 senior
with a huge pick pick six for Nord Avista first interception of the year
for Wilson and it might be the most important in their hopes of making the
playoffs this is a critical game for that Roby saw nothing on there’s no
running lanes up the field and makes it past that I’m sure he’d love to have
that incredible effort from Christian Jurado of notre Vista
he forced Dante Roby to slide outside of his comfort zone towards the numbers and
Roby delivers that pass where he didn’t really he didn’t see Wilson at the start
of it he leaks out late and Roby just the poorest decision he has been thrust
in a quarterback with Diego Muna’s out for the for the Ramona Rams here in the
third quarter and for as successful as the second half has been for the Rams
they have manufactured a couple first downs here the critical turnovers have
reared their ugly head here in the third quarter second interception
tonight’s touchdown is the verdict as we await the extra point from Fernando
Salas a doe went for two last time up by 21 right now looking to open it up to a
nice 22 point advantage for Dante Roby other than a big kickoff return he had
last year against Notre Vista we alluded to it earlier he struggled in the game a
year ago and the ramona running back took it upon his shoulders to lead the
Rams and what they hope to be an upset win tonight and he provided an
incredible first half performance rushing he averaged nearly eight yards
to carry in the first two quarters of this football game
but now thrust in a quarterback along with the running duties it’s a lot to
ask for this youngster and he makes a critical mistake on the interception
which leads to seven points no mistake this time for the third time tonight
Fernando Salas a doe so 20 – seven here for Nord Avista with 415
left in the third and it was an interesting option as it was Roby
running the option offense and caught there a great anticipation from Buddy
Wilson junior plays a lot at free safety and spent some time at wide receiver but
it’s the defense’s side that gets things done
once again they had really a tough pill to swallow for Roby interception notre
Vista I mean the sign of a great coach and a well-run organization as it
appears the Braves will be backed up on this kickoff is their performance
throughout the year do you improve every week do you play well off of a bye both
of those answers have been with a resounding yes in favor of the Braves
and in large part it’s due to their October scoring a year ago they all
outscored their opponents in October 196 250 Wow
none of their October games last year were all that close except for the
Ramona game and the Braves entering October it looked like they’re playing
the best football once again that one fielded at the 36 yard line on a battle
to return inside Braves territory all the way up to the 48 yard line and now Ramona this may be the most
important Drive of the football game in the Rams knowing that this is maybe the
most important game of the year in their hopes yeah of not only making the
playoffs but winning a conference championship our down by 22 notre vistas
defense has barely been on the field due to the excellent running from Eddie
Alain Jesse Carbajal and Joseph lucky tonight for the Braves
and now the Ramona Rams are down their quarterback and forced with Dante Roby
for their best runner to also be potentially their best thrower see if he
continues to run that option know as a bungle snapping it took a deflection and
it’s going to be recovered here by the Braves and Oscar Godoy the first man to
it the third turnover the night back-to-back turnovers for the Ramona
Rams is it all goes south and it’ll be the Rays taking over inside Ramona
territory nor in motion and he just runs a bit too fast across the line the
anticipated snap was supposed to happen before Shannara heads towards Roby and
the projected play was roe beats tech takes the ball either hands off to the
sweeping shanaar and a receiver reverse or goes with the run off play action
instead there were a step behind and it winds up costing possession so first
down from the 44 once again Elaine bust it up oh it’s Eddie Elaine and no one is
going to catch the sophomore he can do no wrong it is all Braves here in the
third quarter Eddie Elaine with his second touchdown
of the night a 44 yard run for the super sophomore
this has just been an avalanche now Ramona is gassed
I mean they’ve lost the hope the energy the enthusiasm of a game that appeared
to be at least in contention of the second half the significant play of this
football game occurred on the opening drive of the third quarter Diego Muniz
who is hurt and has yet to return the second half these whether it’s hurt or
something misses an open dot say Roby and what could have been a game-tying
touchdown the Braves take over instead of tied at 14 they’re up 14-7
that note Avista running back Jesse Carbajal rips off a long run the rest is
history the Braves in an avalanche they score on not just those long drives they
had in the first half this came on one play off the fumble Chenal runs a step
in front on the snap that was maybe a bit late who knows who’s the big fault
there but it deflects into the hands of the Braves and right away the touchdown
run from Eddie Elaine breaks this game wide open the Braves appear to be
running away with the third quarter here at home
Eddie Elaine with another touchdown this season already with 12 on the campaign
or to Vista really looking the part and I’m sure it will raise the eyebrows
around the river valley league most notably that of Hillcrest which will
face the Braves next Friday here in Zach Ertz Stadium and a good return this time
from Valdez it should be noted the Trojans of Hillcrest lead 35 eight in
the fourth quarter at nirupa Valley so most likely next week’s matchup
Hillcrest anoter Vista will be a battle between undefeated teams meanwhile the
third matchup of the River Valley Patriot leads 54 nothing at home over la
sierra the beginning of the fourth quarter of that ball game
so all the way up to the 27 yard line I don’t know if we have it but maybe we
could look at some of the schedule after this play but next week we will have the
no Dervis the Hillcrest broadcast and we’re gonna be right back doing this
wonderful football team the Braves in battle next week against the Trojans
courageous run that time from Kevin Sanders the 5 foot 5 is senior it takes
it from Roby and gets a good game all the way up to the 34 yard line 35 yard
line so a gain of 8 second short right for those of you just joining us and
this score is a little bit misleading I mean yet again the Rams led by not just
on say Roby but their plethora of running backs they’ve established a
solid ground game so far however the turnovers and the the missed past I mean
I hate to harp on it the missed pass for moon is what could have been a touchdown
tremble for Dante Roby those small plays turn what could have been a game tied at
14 into what is a 36 to 7 lead for the Braves no gain that time on the carry
from Roby 3rd and 1 from the 35 a short gain or rather and Roby will hand it off
in it’s not going to be enough for the first down and so we’re looking at a
fourth and short right now for the Rams we’ve already Rick reached a critical
juncture here at the two and a half minute mark in the third quarter two big big-ass no word on what the
situation is with Diego Muniz clearly missing their junior quarterback and it
the rains have been handed over to Dante Robi so looks as though we’ll see
Adrienne Monet back to punt for Ramona on 4th into from the 35 no one back to receive here for Nord
Avista it’s a high punt and they’ll just let it go and it’s bounced all the way
down past the 30 to the 27 yard line so the Ramona Rams are down huge here other
than just an incredible comeback the Rams are going to drop this one and this
has been an issue over the recent years for Ken Wyszynski Ramona has missed the
playoffs to the last three years and despite having a winning record every
year since 2014 their issues hasn’t been early in years they’re five ago coming
into this game their issues has been closing the season with victories they
lost two straight as well to close out 2018 so the Braves are the driver’s seat
Elaine it’s the pitch shit swarmed by that defense led by the number 99
dürdane six-foot-one senior at 220 pounds not much there that time for Eddie
Elaine proving he is human this kid incredible
he ran seven times for a hundred yards or more 2018 he was a southern section
first-team freshman averaging nearly seven-and-a-half yards per carry he gets
four that time that will bring up second and six from the Braves 31 it was a
little bit of a trick play and it was and taking the snap that time his Seth
Vasquez the backup quarterback who’s come into the fray and it gets a
positive gain on that one so they’re pulling out all the tricks right now
yeah that certainly crafty fakin a toss right and scrambling to the left for
Seth Vasquez these are some valuable snaps for some of these youngsters the
backups here late in the football game against the stout Ramona defense I’ll be
if they’ve given up 36 quite a bit of it has been due to turnovers here in the
third quarter of miscues but these are some important reps for Vasquez the
quarterback the only allow an average of 16 points per game so that gives you an
idea of what Noir to Vista has achieved here tonight and they carry that time
it’ll be Albert Gonzalez so the first carry tonight for the five
nine senior just his third rush of the season but enough for the first down
for the Braves this team averaged seven yards a run coming into this game
offensively there’s the big fellas up front and they have been the most
important part throughout the year of the Braves success on offense
first down to 41 once again it’s Vasquez and Alain goes all the way forward past
the 45 all the way up to the 48 yard line a gain of seven for the sophomore
so we will see next week notre vista play Hillcrest and Cameron Payne who I
had watched that’s the Trojans quarterback yes Diego Moonies is a
sensational thrower the football for Ramona but Cameron Payne is maybe the
best quarterback I have seen all year on Riverside TV his numbers have been just
otherworldly in five games 67 completions 966 yards eight touchdowns
five picks Cameron Payne also has a touchdown run in his dynamic scrambler
as well so next week no temesta will have a tough test against the dual
threat quarterback every bit as good if not better than Diego Moody’s of Ramona I would attack tonight right but the
Braves defense looks in midseason form so Cameron Payne alive his hands full
next week it’s gotten so good they’re even pulling
out the Abba tonight on ho-jon field music homecoming we might add a very
good point my friend homecoming tonight big night tonight here trying to match
your energy here in the booth it’s the Abbott gets me up right and whoever Zach
purpose second Ted by the 41 is he switch in and get set for the start of
the fourth looks to be pretty close to beyond asking right now for Ramona who
came in with a brave face so a lot of character returned the punches paid the
midway through the second quarter Lee down by a touchdown and the stakes
plaguing them on three big turnovers tonight and I tell you what good teams
capitalize and that’s exactly what the Braves have done this team looks so well
coached noticed that they’ve played their best football late in the season
to capitalize on turnovers they look prepared off of a by and I mean notre
Vista looks like a team that you know they’re gonna run the ball and they just
will overpower you up front Vasquez on the pitch in the lanes land
right back on his back that time stop well he was overpowered on that play
Bobby villa-lobos was the one who threw a backwards
could stop that’ll move the cheese anyways for I know to Vista we saw in
that first half are the Braves that was an important juncture of the football
game but notre Vista converted it was to third downs and three four thousand I
mean that was an incredible Drive 25 plays 80 yards took him just under 14
minutes I mean had the ball the entire first quarter right and into the second
I mean ready for any defense that would exhaust you and a Ramona is no exception
here’s the junior quarterback Vasquez 510 180 making his varsity debut if I’m
not mistaken the Braves have yet to punt they have not punted out evening that’s
crazy I mean very few collegiate or NFL teams could do that let alone notre
Vista incredible we’ve been talking about the offense here and of course a
lot of the credit you gotta keep reddit where credit is due here in a lane is
there’s a flag on this play but how about the defense pop it up here the two
picks tonight from lucky and in the 50 yard pick six from Buddy Wilson junior
moments ago you’ve really set the table for this talented offense I’ll tell you
what this Nord Avista team looks very well-balanced as it’ll bring up first
attend from the 46 of movement on the line and in motion will go Albert
Gonzalez Vasquez on the handoff to a lane trying to evade that first tackler
it was a good wrap up that time by the ramona defense there on the stop
defensively was Don yay Romain so bring up second and 12 this TV a
chance to look at some of their second stringers here let’s take a look at that
previous play just a simple gut run from Eddie Elaine terrific blocking up front
you can see the offensive line for notre Vista just shove Ramona out of the way
but Elaine in that short yardage run saw more more room to the right instead of
going left and a wins that maybe cost me more you Carvajal is broken one of the
outside to the left-hand side of here is Jesse Carbajal turning on the Jets and
no one’s gonna touch him it’ll be touch down on a 52-yard run for Jesse Carbajal
on his second big Gator of the nights he hit the hole with a head of steam and
carvajal was gone he only had five runs for 12 yards in the first half didn’t
even see the field until here early in the fourth quarter and rips off maybe
the clincher of the ninth the Braves it seems they’re up insurmountable 42 to 7
lead here in the fourth quarter for those of you just joining us as well
we’ve got another blowout in the Riverside TV duel ahead the other game
nore goes up 49 6 in the third quarter over king with john ray me and Jeff
Gorham on the call of that football game at other City Riverside contest on
Riverside TV incredible run an incredible score line as well not what
Ramona was expecting remember this is a Ramona team that averages thirty four
and a half points per game they’re five and OH coming in and it gives you a idea
the magnitude and the power of this norther vista team who is just handling
that their business tonight yeah they went grounds of the Braves throughout
that entire Drive and capped it off with this toss to Carbajal and the Rams they
had two players in the backfield to make the stop none of them could number 48
Peto Davis and number 99 for Ramona as well in a dual den he just simply they
both were there converging on the ball carrier in the first and second quarter
they’d most likely make that stop or at least slow down carbajal not so much of
the fourth for an exhausted Rams defense back to catch will be Jonathon Zamora
takes it all the way up to the 23 yard line
and that’s where they’ll take over also quick final score update the Warriors of
patriot have proved to one and all they have blown out lost the Aaron incredible
game 54 to nothing a win for Patriot over lost cierra Halloween fest it’s
October and that means one thing Halloween and I’m ready for it as well
Christmas Day the end yes Halloween fest Saturday October 26th get
the kids in costume and head to the white park and downtown Riverside for
Halloween fest but we knew and 10:00 p.m. there’s a costume contest for both
kids and adults a haunted trial kids owned with crafts and games Halloween
vendors and a food and beer garden food and beer garden Wow Halloween fest it’s
are $10 for adults and free for kids 14 and under that’s Saturday October 26 2
to 10 p.m. at white Park and downtown Riverside for more info call 7a for 31.1
or visit Riverside Halloween fest come it’s Halloween Fest Saturday October 26
food and beer gardens I know where to find you and I do believe from 2 to 10
so that’s eight hours of that for you my friend
right and nine hours on November 2nd as you see in the bottom ticker their Day
of the Dead Dia de los Muertos at white Parker’s wall in downtown Riverside so
white Park is the place to be for a couple weekends here in towards the
holidays go short once again I’m dropped the line of scrimmage is Kevin Sanders
for Ramona on the first down it’s beyond asking
coming up next on Thursday Ramona will return home as they get set to take on
patriot in the fall on Friday take on Hillcrest before finishing up at La
Sierra that will be here at North Vista High School and then the season will
conclude on the 1st of November against yoruba Valley before the CIF southern
section playoffs so back to pass right now is Dante Robi
trying to fling one up and the intended target was Cornejo just overthrown a bit
missing that passing precision but they had no doubt earlier under Diego moniece
and just a reminder lark coming up from the Halloween fastest huge it’s coming
let’s take a look at that Riverside TV schedule shall we and we’ve got a
doubleheader tonight but next week is integral as well notre Vista and
Hillcrest and a battle of undefeated teams in the league will dupe will be
underway October 11th okay Arlington and Paloma Valley I’ll be there as well with
Jeff then on the 19th Paul II battles lakeside North and orange Vista
Arlington Notre Dame la Sierra and Notre Vista and also on November 1st and a
doubleheader King battles Pauley that’s all coming up on Riverside TV and
I’ve got my eyes set on next week’s matchup what you’re doing Hillcrest a
notre Vista because usually most leagues only enter two teams to the playoffs the
conference champion of the runner-up out of the league the winner of that game
most likely will be the second team in the league we’ll see first or second I
mean we’re all guessing is very early in the season but that’s a very important
football game that’s coming up on Friday one of two and a doubleheader on
Riverside TV 36-yard botched punt of sorts but they
make something out of nothing and it will be the Braves taking over and some
of these second stringers will come back on running clock as well Christmas so by
the Ray the Rams I’m sure are happy for this defensively knowing that they get a
chance for this game to end soon and they can get catch their breath that
defense has been on the field for a majority of the football game
just an incredible clinic put together by the Braves up front
Vasquez on his debut his varsity debut lines up in the I pitch back and it will
be carried by Gabe coach Mary Lee five-six 150-pound his senior the rare
carry for him in relief of Eddie unlined can’t say enough about that game next
week between our two Vista and Hillcrest the defending River League champions Hillcrest is about ready to finish off
their impressive beat down over Haruka Valley on the road up 35 eight in the
fourth quarter just a couple minutes left to go in that game pass caught was
a complete brought down nicely by the number 16 Isaac Gaines a sophomore sorry
not to cut you off no cross is actually up 41 date over her Rupa Valley it’s
gonna be an interesting clash of two of the heavyweights here at Zach Ertz
Stadium as he look at this one nice little graph of a sophomore down a quick
slant one of the Rams safeties fell down all to play that being Marcus Hidalgo
and that wound up allowing him to move to nearly moved the chains on that
crossing pattern so what’s 32 see what’s happening here
cows one yard gain setting a fourth down and for those of you just joining us
this game it says forty three to seven the Braves and the Rams this was
anyone’s football game until about seven minutes to go in the third quarter where
Ramona this is something they can ill afford to have happen of course a loss
here versus later in the year could help them rebound to build some momentum but
they can ill afford moving forward to let one play wind up being 22 unanswered
and a game that was close turned into a blowout under four minutes left here
purely academic at this point yeah that’s a first down pickup worthy of
Braves in neutral zone infraction and and these are the type of things that
for the Rams they’re going that they can use this week to build upon this is
awful by as well so I’m sure some of these messages were already brought
beforehand as we see the encroachment just and not one but a couple players
jumped early they can use this as a learning tool moving forward wow they’re
gonna call false start never mind but this is a tool they can have moving
forward knowing that for the Rams if they if you make one or two mistakes to
be able to rebound an avoided becoming an avalanche
why the different freight from their only other game on the road a forty four
seven crown Singh the Whig 0 of Canyon Springs at the end of August seems a
long time ago but they can regroup against Patriot you hate to have these
learning lessons of league play but you’d rather have it now than later on
when the playoffs are completely at stake fourth in five four Vasquez and
once again he’ll go to the senior coach Mary not much there for him well short
of the first down so bring up a fourth down situation he’s a turnover sorry
because because that previous play wasn’t an encroachment that was a false
start so it drops it for the fourth down loss at first at ten here for Ramona and
this this would be a huge momentum boost for the Rams that they could score
touchdown here just some pride points going into next week because next week’s
football game that just might be the season it’s the beautiful thing about
high school football that really the entire year comes down to a couple games
your league schedule and the way the schedules panned out this year if Ramona
loses next week their hopes of going to the playoffs are all put over also a
thanks before we sign off from Riverside sieve you’ve got two minutes to go here
to regulation kids from Arizona eighth graders have been an integral part of a
Riverside CB broadcast today throughout the year quick shout out to those guys
hesitated kind of striking the fear of God into our Riverside TV cast and crew
here perhaps our jobs are a jeopardy eighth graders are taking over man
that’s right thank you guys great crew tonight and
this will be the second largest outburst tonight this season beautiful Scott
completed a good little grab that time from Zach shiner all the way down and
that will March it all the way down to the 20-yard line and the chains will
move but they had that amazing shutout 51 to nothing in week one nor to Vista
at home here against Sultana the only loss as I mentioned back on the 13th
against Temecula Valley and Donte Roby you lose a challenge some great balance
that time from Dante Roby the senior has shown a lot of heart as a season-low the last time he faced
the Braves and he’s come out and really put on a brave face tonight wasn’t quite
enough I’m cringing yeah next week’s game Ramona Rams Patriot warriors that’s
a Thursday game so they have six days to prepare for what might just be a lose
and you go home and your season your playoff hopes are over so the Rams have
to rebound they’ve got only a couple days to get this right last play at the
game and it will be a row be rolling out wide to the right to pass Cod complete
all the way down to the 4 yard line as it’s caught by Adrian moaning hey you
dropped it Wow they called incomplete oh man complete looked as though he granted
that’s going to do it nevertheless in a huge huge win 43 to 7 his Nord Avista is
victorious over brave Ramona well that that certainly brave is a good
way to put it because Ramona hung in the game against the talented Braves Club of
notre Vista for two and a half quarters just an incredible start to this game
for the Braves we take a look at the start a 25 play 80 yard drive capped off
on the scoring run from the Braves and Joseph lucky that was one of two scoring
runs for the Braves to lift them up 14 nothing
Muniz throws an interception down field which was a momentum shifter the first
half keeping donor Vista not just with possession but chewing up that clock and
lucky really setting the tone got it done up both sides of the ball because
then on this little pitch back lucky takes it all away and a big big run for
it Joseph lucky at 38 yard touchdown run for the 511 senior there’s a scoring run
from Dante Roby that answers scoring run from lucky 14-7 off the
touchdown from Roby going into the half this was maybe the most important play
the game home he’s busted these wide open Jesse carvajal with two big
scampers one for 79 yards as you see here and that made it on 22 to 7 in the
3rd the 2 point conversion good from Eddie and Lane to make it 22 to 7 and
then this is where it went south here Roby’s picked up buddy Wilson junior
what a return 50-yard pick six for buddy Wilson junior the three safety and then
more lines crossed as shiner gets in the way of the snap it’s recovered that time
by Oscar Godoy setting up this little run from Eddie Elaine who busts it wide
open in the senior I tell you what he gets top billing and you could see why
he just might be one of the best sophomores in the country
this was an incredible run from Jessie Carbajal he didn’t take the ball much in
the first half but now has two touchdown runs for the game including that one to
close out our highlights where an odor Vista trounces Ramona 43 to 8 Day of the
Dead Christian it’s a big event here in Riverside yeah de los Muertos or Day of
the Dead returns Saturday November 2nd at White Hart park in downtown beer
aside from 1 to 10 p.m. and of course the 16th annual anniversary of this
traditional Mexican festival is held to celebrate with great food art music
dance and most importantly beautifully decorated and personalized altars
honoring loved ones that have since passed on for more information get on
the horn nine five one seven eight four three one one one that’s nine five one
seven eight four three one one one or you can get online of Riverside
Day of the Dead dot-com Halloween fest is also coming up that’s first before
your Dia de los Muertos that’s Saturday October 26 then for Halloween the kids
get costume and head to white park in downtown Riverside again October 26th
it’s a Halloween fest between 2 and 10 p.m. there’s a costume contest for both
kids and adults Mahanta trial kids own with crafts and games all the vendors
and a food and beer garden Halloween fest it’s are $10 for adults and free
for kids 14 and under that Saturday October 26 2 to 10 p.m. out white park
and downtown Riverside for more info call 7 8 4 3 174 3 1 1 1 or visit
Riverside Halloween fest calm 36-point win convincing fashion
here for door to vistas final thoughts from you Nick writes it just makes an
incredible match up next week to the three teams that are undefeated in the
league to battle next week notre Vista and Hillcrest but the ramona ramps don’t
take anything away from this second-half performance the Rams hung in for two and
a half quarters against the order Vista they ran the ball well sensational
performance for their running back Dante Roby but of course notre Vista too many
bodies a powerful offensive line they had nearly 350 yards of offense on the
ground which their head coach wants every week but the Braves get it done
this week played well off of a bye and have an important football game next
Friday night one of two on Riverside TV so Ramona moves to five and one oh and
roll one in River Valley League plane or two Vista also 5 and one want to know in
River Valley League play and it sets up that tasty tasty matchup as defending
champions Hillcrest will be an action we’ll have it for you on our Riverside
TV high school football game of the week so make sure you join us then but until
then that’s gonna do it for us on behalf of our entire great crew my man Nick
rice it was a lot of fun producer director Scott Brosius this is Christian
miles saying good night from the Inland Empire here Riverside where North Vista
wins out 43 to 7 over the Ramona Rams good night everybody

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