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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

hi, I’m Ry, the guy who diets on foods
nobody would consider good for weight loss and I lose weight, now I know what
some of you are thinking it all boils down to calories in versus calories out
but most of the public still associate healthy food with weight loss and unhealthy food with weight gain, if I eat this I will get fat if I eat that I will
be slim and sexy so to bust these myths I create the 30-day mcdhh iets riah only
ate McDonald’s for 30 days and lost 16 pounds needless to say people started to
take notice since then I’ve continued to diet in his
unorthodox manner and had some fun so why stop now I’m Rui the guy who will be only eating / living on /
surviving off a diet of protein shakes and jaffa cakes these are brackets with
one multivitamin and one cod liver oil were they the closest thing I can
compare this to would be the Twinkie diets where a professor lost 27 pounds
in 10 weeks eating Twinkies he did however consume other snacks during the
10 weeks but Doritos Oreos and protein shakes his reason for doing this he
wanted to show that in weight loss pure calorie counting is what matters most
not the nutritional value of the food sounds familiar doesn’t it he allowed
himself 1,800 calories a day but for me I’ll be on roughly 2000 888 calories a
day there are 46 calories in Jaffa Cake are beets and 40 a day so 46 times 40 is
1840 calories per serving of my SIMEX protein powder as two scoops lose 262
calories times up my 4 is 1048 calories so in total I’ll be consuming 2888
calories for the day so let’s get this show on the road here’s how I’m
currently looking and my stats so there are 46 calories in a Jaffa Cake
naught point six grams of protein 8.4 grams of carbs of which six point five
grams of sugar and only one gram of fat now ladies and gents how do you consume
your jaffa cakes obviously I would hope you eat them you didn’t put them
somewhere else do you are you one of these boats crates the moon shape or are
you one of these boats around the outside and then BAM
so before I consume the protein shake I kind of wanted to show you the time and
date before or draw in every single meal so you know that it’s all legit Monday
the 4th of February at the time 625 McVitie’s introduced jaffa cakes to the
world in 1927 but unfortunately didn’t trademarked the name which is why you
can buy jaffa cakes from all sorts of manufacturers and stores in 2012 jaffa
cakes were ranked as the best selling cake / biscuit in the United Kingdom yday – I already feel like I’m trapped
in some weird time warp wake up protein Japanese Train protein Jaffer’s
work protein Jaffer’s bets protein Jaffer’s sleep repeats wake up protein
Jaffa strain protein jaffas work protein Jaffer’s Mets protein Jaffa sleep
repeats surprisingly though my energy levels sustained despite my own Orthodox
diet manchester united legend and former manager Sir Alex Ferguson brought an
array of talent to the Football Club during their success in the 1990s Eric
Cantona Dwight Yorke Trevor Lee who Trevor Lee was a nutrition guru who
arrived at the club of a jiffy bag from which he pulled out the performing in
hats his super food that would help United reach unbelievable success over
the next decade jaffa cakes you heard that right
while shin itis rivals ron fish rice and vegetables the likes of David Beckham
and Paul skulls were knocking back the jaffa cakes so before your next sporting
event put down the energy drink forget that turbot fish rice and vegetables and
get some jaffa cakes in you okay then here we go so this is the
final meal of day free meal for of day today I’m feeling fine I’m feeling
really good actually I thought by this point I’d be really hungry that said
I’ve just been sent a delightful picture of my friend Chris Chris’s partner
should I say eating their delightful KFC zinger tower meal to be precise looked
delightful so I had no cravings I was feeling good energy levels good and now
all of a sudden I’m craving a KFC but instead shock I’ve got my vanilla
protein shake two scoops of course and my usual ten
jaffa cakes so before I finish up there’s a leak in the gym did you just
see that water there is a leak in the gym so before I finish this final meal I
just kind of wanted to explain that again take this with a massive pinch of
salt I do these YouTube challenges for a bit
of fun I’m also trying to raise the point once again there if you’re in a
calorie deficit if you’re in a deficit of calories you will lose weight
regardless of the food or eating just because you’re eating food many people
will consider bad for a dire bad for weight loss if you’re eating in a
deficit of calories you will lose weight just as if you’re eating healthy clean
food but you’re in a surplus of calories you will gain weight anyway let’s crack
on let’s finish the day protein shake time jaffa cake time let’s go there we go so you actually break down
the macros in each meal it’s not a million miles away from a traditional
bodybuilding meal like a chicken and rice mill and high protein the carbs a
steady of albeit the carbs a little high in sugar embeds obviously rice and stuff
obviously once carbs enter the body they get stored as glycogen they become sugar
essentially once they get into the body anyway and so obviously these he said
obviously choices of food and do impact your performance now and finds them
getting that initial boost of energy from the jaffa cakes as the Manchester
United squad at the 1990s did I’m sure and obviously I’m keeps and obviously
again obviously I’m crashing a lot quicker than I would if I was choosing
the slower sustained source of carbohydrates that said I’m eating two
thousand eight hundred eighty eight calories a day has quite a lot of
calories albeit in a deficit for me and I’m far I feel far more satisfied then
for example the Gregg’s diet I did a few weeks back I was only consuming 1,800
calories a day on so it’s like a thousand calories extra it compared to
great so although I’m trying to raise the point that if you’re in a calorie
deficit you will lose weight it’s your choice of calories that will affect your
day-to-day performance not just in the gym at work but how you feel your mood
energy levels sex drive they’re all impact because it’s actually on to that
subject that has not been impacted that’s all it’s all good
oh yes Melissa but yeah smaller story is it’s going
while three days in yes I need to go home and turn off the lights
I’ll see you I keep showing you what I’m eating when
it’s pretty obvious I’m eating the same thing every single time still two scoops
of that SIMEX way still ten Jaffer’s per meal I need to document every single
meal that I’ve eaten all four of my meals per day over the 10 days
this is currently day five Freud a meal three and I’m feeling great
I’m surprisingly still fine I’m really fine apart from the odd little bit of
cravings it’s normally if I just get on with my
day I have no cravings because remember
again I’ll meet in two thousand eight hundred and eighty eight calories a day
just plenty of calories to keep you going and it’s just boredom I think
sometimes I’m eating the same food but that said I’m still really really
enjoying the jaffa cakes now I know the jaffa cakes are you know the UK’s most
popular snack most popular biscuit slash cake I don’t know how popular these are
worldwide I don’t know how popular these are in my America and the rest of Europe
but guys if you have never had a jaffa cake you’re really missing out and
remember I’m not sponsored by McVitie’s no one’s paying me to say this I
personally just love jaffa cakes so I want to do this experiment there’s
something I enjoy so yeah more of the story five days in halfway mark and I’m
feeling great still enjoying the food protein shakes are good because I find
that they do fill you up don’t they they bloat you a little bit especially
probably notice how quick I smash them down like I’m gonna do right now ha yeah something afoot I’m feeling
happy I’m feeling content let’s do this second half of the challenge let’s go finding that sheer boredom I’m eating
them differently though I’ve done the half moon I’ve done the boy around the
edges now I want to bite in all that chocolate off I leaving pure sponge now
sometimes when I’m feeling even more adventurous I’ll just bite the sponge
off leaving pretty much chocolate dark chocolate now during other similar
challenges to this like I’ve done so far the Gregg’s by fast encounter as a days
I McDonald’s tire I would wait myself and check my condition throughout the
process but I’ve decided this time I’m gonna trust the process and trust the
formula of being in a calorie deficit and I know I am guaranteed to lose
weight by the end of the ten days I’m so confident I’m not even gonna do a
condition check obviously I do see myself about my top on every now and
again I’m not trying to analyze it in too in-depth so by there by the tenth
day I should be looking leaner as well as being lighter trust the process if
I’m getting really excited like right now I’ll do three at a time
it’s free it’s on baby let’s go I love I love jaffa cakes price of this challenge
but I think I’m now becoming addicted to jaffa cakes protein shakes no offense I
can take you or leave you jaffa cakes well Wow Wow so over the 10 days I consumed a total
of 400 jaffa cakes 40 protein shakes and obviously 10 multivitamin tablets as
well as 10 cod liver oil capsules I mostly did resistance training splitting
up my body parts each time I get most of my cardio whilst working as a postman I
usually hit around 20,000 steps a day so working an active job as well as
training hard at the gym means that burn a lot more calories than the average
male the average male needs to consume around 2,500 calories to maintain their
weight but for me my maintenance is around 3,300 so on this diet I was in a
roughly a 400 calorie deficit naturally been in such a deficit I didn’t feel
quite strong in the gym however considering my diets I’m happy with how
the 10 days went drop me a comment below and let me know what you’d like to see
me die on next time also be an absolute babe and smash that like button okay let’s get me a focus bouche there
we go so a couple of hours ago has caught me
down a bit there we go looking good not really a couple of hours ago I’d
consumed my final meal of this challenge meal for of day ten I was gonna vlog it
all but obviously we were amongst peaked time here at the gym gym was packed
music going so I’m doing it now obviously over the past ten days it’s
gone really smoothly pothinus the police had come in it’s
gone really smoothly and I was expecting to crash and burn early and I was
expecting to really suffer but it’s not been too difficult I’m shocked because
all I’ve consumed are sweet things obviously jaffa cakes being sweet and
protein shakes being sweet and so naturally I’ve had some cravings for
something savory bread something meaty which I’m gonna have tomorrow cuz I’ve
already planned an ethnic cheat day which I’m gonna film few guys and upload
to the channel but before we get to the cheat day tomorrow morning we’re all
business the time and date currently stand at 21 31 it’s gone half knowing at
night it’s Wednesday the 13th of February tomorrow is Valentine’s Day but
I’m sorry Melissa it’s all business because tomorrow morning we’re going to
be doing those all-important condition checks and the weigh-in but for you
that’s gonna happen right now are you ready condition check time / weigh-in
time let’s go so then the moral of the story just as I
didn’t lose weight from eating McDonald’s I now haven’t lost weight
from the protein shake and jaffa cake diet but Wray you did lose weight eating
McDonald’s and you’ve literally lost like ten pounds eaten jaffa cakes and
protein shakes okay okay so yes I did lose weight on those diets but what I’m
trying to highlight here is this not the actual food itself that causes weight
loss all weight gain I lost weight on those diets because I
was in a dun dun-dun-dun drum roll calorie deficit all right Captain
Obvious see now it’s obvious to us guys who are into our fitness and getting in
shape but as I mentioned in the intro a lot of people still assume a healthy
food equals weight loss and unhealthy food equals weight gain even after the
30 days of eating only McDonald’s people would question my weight loss he must
have been doing something else he must have just ate their salads this must be
fake as soon as people understand they need
to be in a deficit of calories to lose weight they will see incredible results
dieting doesn’t have to be brutal make it work for you and I know I just know
someone will throw this at me but Roy what about your health hey I never say
these diets are good for long-term health but if I was to die on healthy
food my point of calories in versus calories out would just get lost and
people would credit my weight loss to the healthy food and not the fact that I
was in a calorie deficit remember calorie deficit equals weight loss but
it’s your choice as to where those calories come from in an ideal world
we’d all be eaten fresh organic produce or sipping away on a superfood smoothie
but this is real life people say we’ve got a lady here she’s
incredibly overweight she’s tried almost everything she’s told she needs to start
eating healthy food to start losing weight but she has to cut out everything
she enjoys boy day three she caves bills terrible her morale hits rock bottom and
she’s back to smashing down the calories now chances are this lady was to
continue eating the food she likes however limited herself to eczema
calories a day she likely see long-term successful weight loss plan so as a
result warehouse would improve with her losing the weight according to the NHS
as well as other reputable sources dropping just five percent or more of
your body weight can lower your risk of cancer heart disease stroke and diabetes
we can also pay over what’s healthy and what isn’t forever however when it comes
to weight loss there is no debate calorie deficit so if you liked the
video smash the like button hit subscribe for more videos like this more
food slash Fitness related videos let me know what sort of dier you’d like to see
me do next tomorrow I’ll be uploading an epic cheat
day my first day of eating freedom since this diet and it’s gonna be great
so I’ve been Roy the guy that lived off jaffa cakes and protein shakes for ten
days thanks for watching see you tomorrow

68 thoughts on “Living On Protein Shakes & Jaffa Cakes For 10 Days & Losing 10lbs

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    Still if this protein jaffa diet aint enough to convince them its what you burn vs what you take in then theyll never understand.

  4. Congrats on using this junk food bait to trick people with the moral of the story being that you're saying the exact same thing as everyone else – you just wanted more fame for saying it. 😅

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    You are what you eat
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  9. You lot are amazing 😊 some lovely feedback! Glad you took the video for what it’s meant to be – light hearted fun but with a helpful punchline – in order to lose weight you need to be in a deficit of calories 👍🏾 Those who mention “health” 👉🏾 as I mentioned throughout I don’t recommend living on Jaffa’s OBVIOUSLY (I thought common sense would establish that 😁) – a balanced diet full of nutrients would be more advisable however remember nutritional value of food makes no difference with regards to weight loss, calories do ❤️

  10. Couldn't you say this is just down to a lack of volume in food consumption and that low calorie intake attributes to potential loss in muscle weight and size which will show on the scales and the food you are eating doesn't encourage your body to retain water weight? Not saying you are wrong but seems more like a short term weight loss than a long term one. Best thing to lose weight and look good is eat normal train hard and use juice

  11. I’m a personal trainer and the amount of shit I get from the “elite” members of the local Fitness industry over calories in vs calories out. End of the day though, my clients are all loving their diets from me and still losing weight.

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  14. Your caloric deficit must have been MUCH higher than 400kcal a day, 10lbs of fat are equal to 35'000 kcal while you only ate 4'000 kcal less. which should result in roughly a pound of weight loss within those 10 days. You probably burn much more calories a day than you think. Fun fact: a sedentary guy that isn't eating anything for 10 days would have lost less weight than you did by eating 2800 kcal of sugar and protein.

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