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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

– My name is Coach Jimmy
and did you know that I lost a hundred pounds? And after losing the hundred
pounds, I actually put back on 20 pounds of lean muscle mass
and in all my fitness journey, regardless if you’re trying to
lose weight or put on muscle, one thing’s been consistent
and that’s the shake that I have every day. I’m gonna show you how I
make it coming up next. (hip-hop music) Coach Jimmy here, and on
this channel I teach tips and tricks and strategies to
help you live your best life and I know as a lifestyle
entrepreneur when I’ve achieved anything, building businesses,
traveling, really creating the life that I desire,
it all started with my health and fitness and once
I got in control of that, all these other opportunities
really opened up for me. So I wanted to share with you
today the exact shake I drink everyday that I truly, truly
believe has helped me not only lose a hundred pounds and be
able to keep it off, put on 20 pounds of muscle,
but it’s also helped me perform better mentally. It’s helped me have more energy. It’s helped me just crush
it in life all around. So much better, and it’s
so easy to make so let’s jump right in. So this shake has evolved
over the years and so you may not have the time or all the
ingredients that I’m gonna show you here, but one
thing has never changed. If I have some extra
time, I’m gonna make what I’m about to show you. If I have no time and I’m on
the go, the one thing I never, never, never, never miss is
the base of the shake and that is Shakeology and I choose
Shakeology because it’s not just a protein powder, it
really, truly is an entire meal replacement and it is
the healthiest meal of the day because I get my protein, I
get my enzymes, my digestive enzymes, my phytonutrients, 70 superfoods. If it’s just something to
go, stick it in a shaker cup, shake it with water and chug
it because I know how fantastic it is for my body, it’s Shakeology. I, today, am using the
vegan chocolate flavor. I’m not a vegan but I
like the vegan formulation a whole lot better than I
like the whey formulation so that’s just me. So sometimes when it comes
back to muscle building, we’re always looking to
supplement a little extra protein and I told you I wasn’t a
vegan and so one of the things that I use is the Vital
Proteins collagen peptides. So this, it says right here,
supplement helps with hair, skin, nails, joint, and bone. As we’re all getting older,
we get a little creaky, but I’m in the best shape
of my life at 40 years old and so I supplement two scoops
of this with my Shakeology, boom, there is protein in
this and here it’s pea protein mostly, I think, and with
the collagen, perfect combo. Getting in our healthy fats,
super, super, super vital and so what I do for that
is really two fold here. I love Bulletproof. I love the company. Brain Octane Oil, it’s just like it says. You can do your research. In fact, I’m gonna put the
links for all of these products in the description below,
but Brain Octane Oil, it’s so, so good for you. It’s a derivative of
coconut oil and it’s a great healthy fat for your skin,
for your eyes, and really for your brain capacity. And then who doesn’t love just good old fashioned almond butter? I gotta be careful with this
because I could literally sit and eat an entire jar of this. You know you want it, but
just a little bit goes a long, long way. In addition to that, I
love, green juice I think is a keyword, it’s a hot button topic, right? Everybody wants what’s
the best green juice? Before green juice was ever
comin’ out, what I loved about going along with Shakeology
is that Beachbody has their own Power Green packet and I’ve
looked at other green juices and powders on the market and
this thing stacks up, man. It just doesn’t play around
and so I throw an extra packet of this in even though they
say that Shakeology is like going to the salad bar seven times. I always throw in an extra packet of my Power Greens as well. It helps alkalize the body. So much of what we do everyday
is acidic and this is gonna help that as well. Next thing is, I hear a lot
of people really wig out and freak about sugar and I
used to be that way thinking no sugar, no sugar in my
diet, but one of the things that I’ve been starting to use
recently that my chiropractor who’s also the chiropractor
for the Dallas Stars hockey team, very respected
professional, really got me using was manuka honey. This is my manuka honey here. And again, because I wanna
keep this video short, I don’t wanna get into all the
benefits of manuka honey. I’m gonna link that up
in the description below, but this stuff, it helps
so much, again, joints, it helps with allergies,
it helps with literally the healing process if you have nicks. It’s just great for your
immune system, so I just put about a teaspoon in here as well. And then last but not least,
and this one’s optional. I don’t do this everyday. A good old fashioned banana. Great energy source,
especially if you’re doing some really intense workouts. Personally, for me, I do all
sorts of different workouts. I do my Beachbody On Demand,
which is things like Body Beast and Insanity and P90X, Piyo. I also lift really heavy. Three or four times a week I
work with my CrossFit coach Chip Phillips and we do all
your traditional, really intense CrossFit movements
as well, and I actually go do things with a running
club, November Project here in Dallas, and so for me I
gotta keep my body fueled so certain days when I
feel a little run down, good old fashioned banana as well. Last but not least is what
you’re gonna mix this all with and for me, I like almond milk. Not all almond milks are created equally. I get unsweetened because I
have my sugars in the banana. There’s a little bit of natural
sugar from the Shakeology, obviously the honey, so I
don’t need an almond milk chalked with a lot of
extra sugar and really, read your labels. This here, less than one gram of sugar. This is the Trader Joe’s
almond beverage original unsweetened but you can
find so many unsweetened almond milks as well. (blender whirring) And just like that. It’s nice, it’s thick, it
reminds me of a Frosty. How much better and healthy
can it taste that amazing. Thank you so much. Hopefully this was helpful to you. Like I said, all the ingredients are in the description below. If this was helpful, if
you’re enjoying the videos that I’m making for
you, hey, do me a favor. Think about subscribing. I’d really appreciate, we can
be better friends that way, and let me know what
else you want to hear. Thank you so much for this time. I would love to know some
of your favorite recipes. Leave a comment below, let me
know how you are taking care of your health and fitness
in order to crush it in life and all different areas. My name is Coach Jimmy,
we’ll talk real soon. (calm hip-hop music)

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  1. What is your favorite shake flavor: Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla? I like all 3 – but go Chocolate most days!

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