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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

(lively music) – That’s what I’m trying to do. (lively music) – My god. – [Driver] Fat ass! (rock music) – Hey girl. – Hey. – Hi Lily, salad again? – In reality yes, but in my mind I’m enjoying a large stuffed crust cheese pizza with a lot of leaves on it so. (laughing) – Oh you’re so good. I had like three donuts this morning. I feel so fat. – So David wants to hang out this weekend. – Really? – Yeah. – Yeah, it’s finally your
chance to talk to him. What are we going to do? – Let’s do a pool party. We haven’t had one of those in a while and we can do it at my house. It’d be super fun. – A pool party with like, bathing suits and stuff? – Yes, I got the cutest new swimsuit, we have to do it. – Let’s do it. – Mm-hmm (affirmative). – Yay. – Yay. – Yeah, mm-hmm (affirmative). (calm music) And now I’m ready to
rob a convenience store in Atlantic city, great. (mysterious music) – Come on Lily it’s so nice in here. – Lilian get in the pool, come on this is a pool party, not a sit around on our phones party. – I’m good but thank you. – Alright.
– Okay. – No. No, no, no, no. – Josh, there’s way
too many bubbles coming from over there. – Oh hey, this is my roommate Vanessa. – [Female] Hi. – [Female] Hey Vanessa. – [Female] Get in the
pool, get in the water. – [Female] It feels nice. – [Female] It’s amazing. – [Male] I’m hungry. – [Female] I’m hungry. – [Male] Yeah, pizza? – [Female] Yeah pizza.
– [Female] Pizza always. – [Female] Can we get gluten free? – [Female] No.
– [Male] Uh-uh (negative). – [Female] No.
– [Female] Why? – [Male] Dobby likes that. – [Female] Vegan? – [Female] No. (singing)
(laughing) – [Group] Yay! – Finally. – [Female] You look so cute. – [Female] We’re just harmonizing. – [Female] Yeah you want pizza? – Yes. – [Female] Gluten free? – No. – [Group] Yay.
– [Female] No. (joyful music) – Goodbye. (joyful music)

100 thoughts on “Lose Some Weight

  1. I know I’m late but it’s a fact that muscle weighs more than fat. If you’re trying to lose weight, keep going! You’re doing great 👍

  2. I used to be obese but lost 56lbs and although no one ever mentioned my weight (I was bullied severely for 11 years but my weight was never mentioned) I don’t know if it’s because I’m really tall. But I still hated myself and am so glad I lost the weight. Now I can go up the stairs without getting out of breath.

  3. Girl how are you doing those push ups. And to all the people out there tryna lose weight to look better, do it for your health and not your looks.

  4. I don’t get why people look at fat people the wrong way when they walk into the gym, like isn’t that what the gym is for? To lose weight and get in shape?

  5. I will do 5 situps per like. I saw someone else do this but like, I actually thought that was the best idea ever.

    Edit: Welp. Time to do 30.

  6. Saw someone else doing this. I'm gonna do 5 sit ups for each like and 500 m for each comment. Trying to lead a healthier lifestyle.

  7. My name is Emma. I’m being bullied on Facebook for trying to loose weight. I reported them but nothing is happening. I’m sad. I don’t know what to do.. I’m trying

  8. lmfao while im out here getting mad at myself if i eat another meal and im proud of myself if i eat one meal the whole day.

  9. I luv this ❤️. I’m glad she jumped in the pool and got to enjoy herself with amazing people and had a cheat day. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle while still being able to enjoy yourself is important 🙌🏾. If not you’ll eventually break and go back to your old ways, trust me I know that feeling very well.

  10. I love this video bc it does give me confidence but she does need to lose weight. She is beautiful no.matter her size and she may be healthy now but in 5-10 years that can be soooo drastically diffrent.

  11. Laughing at people in the gym is honestly the most rude thing I can come to think of. These people are putting themselves in positions where they’re probably feeling very anxious, just to fit into what other people think is the ‘right’ way to look. The least people could do is mind their own business or possibly even support them.

  12. People who make fun of overweight people who are exercising are so stupid. Like the same people who say “you need to go to the gym” are teasing them for going. Honestly, everyone should just mind their own business unless they’re gonna say something productive.

  13. i’ve always struggled with my weight and i have a really low self esteem and i hate my body. i know that i can do something to change it but i won’t. i have gotten bullied before which is so annoying and having a youtube channel can also be very difficult because of hate comments😕 i try my best to ignore and it’s been working and i’m still making youtube videos because that is what i want to pursue

  14. She could be overweight but still really healthy! Someone could be in good shape but very unhealthy. Don’t judge a book by it fricking cover

  15. The worst thing to do is to make fun of an overweight person at the gym. They are trying to do the exact same thing as you.

  16. I mean, I love this video and its positive message but it feels like YouTube is telling me to lose weight lol, I see it all the time in my recommended.

  17. This is what the ‘fat acceptance/ body positive’ movement should be a about. Loving yourself the way you are now at the same time working worlds a better you physically/ mentally etc.

  18. Omg those people who are saying she’s fat are evil that’s so mean who do they think they are! If she was like that shruggling would she like it no I don’t think so

  19. If she goes on the scale and she see heaviness.
    Remember we where the pounds are coming from.. If yoy cut off the butt and upper part. You won't be as heavy.


    This isn't made to sound rude btw

  20. Nice video, but you really shouldn't run if you're heavier! There are lots of other cardio exercises that won't destroy your knees.

  21. Ppl should stop thinking about other ppls life. Look at ur own Lifestyle and stop throwing bad words at those ppl! No one knows what the other one is doing in his free time. Maybe hes trying hard, like she does, but doesn't sees results. Give them hope, so they'll get results <3

  22. I feel the same way as her. The thing is though, I'm really skinny. And a bunch of people make fun of me for being to skinny, calling me twig and stuff like that. I'm also called skin and bones. It's not even my fault because I eat alot and I'm still underweight. I'm 14 and most girls my age weigh at least 100. I weigh 70.

  23. This video made me feel happy about myself. I just want to say, you are beautiful just the way you are and you do not have to change yourself to fit in with other people, no matter what people say. Because you are unique and strong no matter what

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