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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

what’s going on guys moment in today’s
video today we’re going to be doing a full day of eating we got meal one here
it’s a little carb day so I’m going to show you guys everything that I eat on
my little card game my current macros are 30 grams of carbs I know this sucks
200 grams of protein and 60 grams of fat and I’m going to show you guys how I do
that ok so we have 6 ounces of chicken we have two servings of broccoli it was
170 grams we have two servings of goat cheese and then we have one serving of
the balsamic dressing that I had before we also have a handful of lettuce spring
mix specifically so I’m going to have that right now we do have a gym session
today we’re going to be hitting a push day with my buddy andre us you guys want
to see him later in this video but today’s going to be awesome
we’re gonna focus on some power movements and then we’re also going to
be focusing on her feet so stay tuned for that so you do not miss a workout I
will write out the entire workout below in the description so you guys can try
it out for yourselves and as always if you guys are beginner go a little bit
easy on the volume if you’re more experienced you could probably do
something even more than I do or equal to what I do ok so I want to thank you
guys so much oh I forgot I’m having a diet coke god
forbid hope you guys enjoy this video if you guys do enjoy it please give it a
thumbs up for me I’d really appreciate that
I’ll see you guys in a bit so right now we’re gonna be going to a
cafe I usually only do like my I guess you call it business work when I am at a
cafe I don’t really like the setting that I have at home just my personal
preference I’d much rather be in a cafe I like I think that where you work is
such an important thing and I feel like if you go to a cafe where there’s a lot
of people there there’s a lot of life a lot of positivity people having a good
conversation people getting to know each other I feel like that’s a pretty good
environment to work in so I always go to a cafe unless like I need to record
videos or something I obviously can’t do that out in public because you know
there’s just like people making noises and stuff but I’m going to be going to
the cafe and I’m getting some work done we have about two hours before we hit
our gym session with ondrea’s and I’m just gonna you know mentally prepare for
that and then get some work done and then we’ll see you guys after that it’s amido my dad we’re here at the mecca of Westchester
ignite training Jim you guys see that right there this is the gym that I train
at if you guys are locals to Westchester always feel free to come on in
it’s 24-hour gym literally amazing but right now we’re gonna be hitting a chest
workout I’m gonna actually include the entire chest workout in the video I’m
gonna just overlay it over the Edit I guess and I hope you guys enjoy that
feel free to try it at home like I say if you were beginner lighten up on the
volume if you’re more experienced you could definitely do this you know any
words this is on dry ice guys you don’t definitely know him check out his
channel because he’s just starting up and he’s getting serious so if he
doesn’t pose Yatim you really want to train hard you want to make gains become
at this gym just the silent seamen cold like winter until we get a soul
we we this is the only truth we watching the
sky that was a sick session with ondrea’s
we’re now gonna go to Dick’s Sporting Goods and we’re gonna try and get wrist
wraps because my wrist will be in the ton of problems especially when I squat
– bending my wrist will really hurt so I’m gonna try and get some wrist wraps
they aren’t like crappy ones so we’re gonna do that right now all right so obviously if you’re going
to go to like a department store they only have like she kind but Harbinger is
fun if you want to get rich reps they have to they have a thick wonder than
that but slow so uh how’s it feel to be the biggest
guy in the Dick’s Sporting Goods I just want to know I’m very interested I think
one of those mannequins over there see how angles may how we’re talking with
one this guy just lady shit yeah definitely your burn your burnt for
everything you and I’ll see you guys at the house dude
aye sir we were cooking again with my mother she’s hooking some salmon she’s
getting their omegas in she’s doing it right okay now we are gonna eat 10
ounces of chicken we are going to have one serving of this sweet baby Ray’s
honey mustard and then we’re gonna have two servings of broccoli that’s also in
here it’s right there and we’re gonna have it in a bowl full of spring mix
salad okay that’s gonna be a pretty high-volume meal that’ll keep me until
night time until I have to fill the rest of my protein and fats now this is gonna
fill me up on my carbs for the day that’s completely fine I’m making sure
that it gets some carbs in after my workout and that’s pretty much the
reasoning behind that Lamott you have anything to say okay cool so one thing
that I want to talk to you guys about is the seasoning okay so basically what
I’ve discovered about my own body this entire of summer is that I adjust a
lot according to how much sodium I have so if you guys have not heard this brand
it’s called missus – salt free seasonings I highly recommend you guys
look into it if your body adjusts like really heavily on sodium’s and how much
sodium you have some people I know don’t adjust and their bodies don’t change
depending on how much sodium they have but for me personally it affects me a
lot Kove you got anything to say about that man yeah get affected by sodium
yeah due to the sodium stuff Judy the sodium dance okay great now with that
being said I’m gonna show you guys the finished product we have 9 ounces of
chicken and we didn’t end up making 10 so we’re just gonna
that on for later eat more protein later on and then we had one serving of a
honey mustard from sweet baby Ray’s we had four servings of Parmesan cheese now
each serving is five grams so four servings is 20 grams which isn’t really
a lot and Parmesan cheese obviously cuz it’s very thin and yeah this is what we
have here the macros for this meal are gonna be on the screen right now and as
you guys can see is a very low carb meal like I told you guys before this is
going to wrap up my carbs for the day later on it’s gonna be a little bit not
so fun but I’m going to show you guys that I’m pretty much I mean I’m not even
gonna start to kill you guys later I’m gonna be eating mainly just protein
probably a little bit of cheese because that Parmesan cheese doesn’t have any
carbs in it so that’s probably my best bet right there and then I may use like
I can’t believe it’s not butter to sweeten it up but because we’re gonna
have right now I’m gonna enjoy this in my backyard if you look out and listen
in the distance you could hear a leaf bro blowers or you can hear people
cutting their lawn and stuff so that’s like really just nice but yeah we’re
gonna eat this and then I’ll talk to you guys in a minute
okay guys so we’re gonna have our last meal this is exactly what poverty macros
do to you we have five ounces of top round steak right there and then in
order to top off this delicacy I just kind of put a shit ton of Parmesan
cheese on there now Parmesan cheese is high in fat has no carbs okay and the
top round steak is not very high in fat but it does have some fun but we’re
mainly looking to get a high protein meal with a little bit of fats in it and
I’m actually hitting below my macros today in terms of fats okay so I hit
carbs I hit protein pretty much spot-on and then for my fats I had a cup a
little bit left so I did not track that cheese but I do know from experience
that it is not over my calories so we are guchi okay so thank you guys for
watching this video this is the last meal it’s 10:00 11:00 p.m. at night
let’s get into the review now

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