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Today’s episode of OMG We Bought a House is made possible by our friends at Sun Baskets We love Sun Basket because it’s super easy and convenient to get organic non-gmo Ingredients from the best farms and fishermen sent right to your door. Sun Basket’s new family menu makes it easy to cook delicious seasonal and nutritionists approved recipes the whole family will love. Each box features a recipe co-created with chef Tyler Florence of the Food Network there are gluten-free vegetarian Paleo Friendly and chef’s choice options available. Get your first three meals free at! And now… OMG We Bought a House *weird sounds from Kate’s mouth* Can’t wait to decorate there’s so much we can make how will it turn out? Omg, we bought a house [Joey]: Kate door! [Kate]: Coming Hi! Welcome back, guys! Omg, we bought a house. We’re in the backyard. [don’t] be fooled. We’re standing right next to a porta potti And it’s kind of stinky. We haven’t updated you guys in a while because we have been working on Omg We’re coming over [the] stuff has been happening, and we’ve been vlogging all along. Haha We put out a lot of vlog footage with all the updates. We’ve done This is a huge moment forward you that subscribe Scribe. We’re gonna get this video [to] what? Forty seven thousand two hundred [Thirty-two] likes so you so [excited] I’m so excited [this] house was like Dark tan and like bread We’re going to clean it out clean it up crispy white we picked the color intermón. It’s just like the slightest Gray Tone of white Ahh, oh my God the painting is going on still we were debating on painting first of doing a smooth co-star yeah, yeah, but we also decided that we’re going to paint it because it’s Cheaper we wanted to spend the money elsewhere. What is it? What are you doing? Ask my permission? Eyelash stop that flesh stick heading up my face Um so look look look we’ve had to cover all [of] the windows With brown paper because obviously we’re trying to reduce the amount of paint we’re getting on the windows But it’s causing our house to be a dungeon and our cats are just like freaking out; look at Winston Here’s the painters on fire. [you] can’t believe what’s happening Since our house is vintage you guys know it was built in the 20s The garage doors are just like falling apart. We need to put in a new doors. We want to put in windows [we] love to go the salvage like vintage route when possible Now we’re at the old thing and downtown L.A. They’ve got amazing things here. You guys have such a cool place Look at this mirror, okay? Look a big k. We need the [wind] to the rocks. [here’s] a grand view I Don’t know that this is the place. We’re gonna find like We’re going to see them in here. Goodbye ready built ready to be installed windows at your hardware store. We’re going Home Vivo, we’re making the decision between a gridded window and a non gridded gridded Window you’re the point a series one hit lows. Let’s get that one. It’s a little bigger. We found a window We like you know cheap would be like it’s cheap, and we can install it like this week, which we like make a muscle Suck it in Yeah Remember [the] story we went to go pick out our front door We went back to that store this huge warehouse you got these giant doors The doors Came raw wood which is great because then you can stain [it] whatever color you like There’s four [of] these eight-foot doors 400 sills today is the day Goodbye ugly brown door Yeah High-five You just popped out the old doors there No, no, Joey come back back Joey Winston our child is [watching] i Think you need to go to therapy Look at that gigantic new hole we had to cut now. It’s one big Panel of Windows [let’s] so much light [isn’t] it the ban We’re adding some new stucco around [them] to just clean it all up Seal it all in I like the style of this, it’s like more like old school We wanted to mimic the Pattern of the original Stucco from the 20s what we had to fill in this gap And then we’re just gonna paint over it and hopefully you won’t even be able to tell the difference But this looks really good all filled in. Oh my gosh, so we’re doing a really cool project with our deck It looks like a mess It is a mess. We had like a weird infinity deck Just is like a sheer drop-off. So we’re gonna repurpose The pergola wood so we’re no longer have a wood deck under the pergola. We’re gonna [use] some sort of hard scape there Yeah
We’re gonna use that wood which is the same wood they built the deck out of originally and we’re Gonna build Benches and inset stairs within the actual deck yeah our master bedroom doors open out onto the deck So we’re gonna have an area of steps there boom boom boom I know like it’s so crazy that they didn’t Originally do that Over in the corner because we had kind of this angled cut on the deck [it] made a lot of sense to have that become an angled set of stairs because it really leads you straight Over to the garage area so we want a nice flow from the back deck Over to that area and this is like the [perfect] solution [we] save a ton of money would last for so long right, so it [looked] kind of crappy, but all it’s Gonna Take is a sand job and some nice Stain stain and the scene we pick for the deck was a little bit of a different color Than we chose for the fence or playing with those mix wood tones. Let’s go look at the stone setting process shall, we So we’re gonna map out with some spray paint on the dirt Well, that’s not right, okay? Well, it’s rough Spray paint in the eye…are you burping you wanna get it out? just get it out, sorry you look like a pushover For our meandering path Doesn’t look like much now oh We make a gravel base or a place these really cool pavers hammer em in so it’s basically like a giant tile job So it’s gonna curve around here and turn into like a path these pavers are set really close together So there’s really small cracks But then you go over it with sand and you just take a broom and you broom it in and you kind of repeat that Over the course of many days and sand just keeps settling and eventually settles until it’s at the top filling in with sand has a very Lived-in look oh yeah, we’re not the way for it to age Stone is like this cool. Colored Gray and we chose to do it in different shapes So we have both the square and the rectangle So it has kind of more that English storybook look to it with the peaked roofs and the texture and the cute arched windows So we wanted the pavement to be that way, too Right after the parking Pad that’s obviously really wide we’ve gone more narrow and the first Narrowing in that little area of dirt. We’re gonna do a nice little European fountain Maybe with some up light maybe check it out lights lighting is so important. I mean you guys know how important it is inside It’s also really important outside like if you think of those really beautiful homes that you Hotels there’s always like lights lighting up the trees and along the pathway we went to a lighting designer light Scapers my friends at lights capers, we specialize in Outdoor lighting There’s [specialists] in everything We’re gonna put those at the base of the trees yeah [gotta] pick out a lot of good lights Essentially the low voltage thing means that because it’s using very little power you put it on a timer And it just goes on at night, and this is what we’re putting on the steps Right here picking out [cookie] now So obviously on the inside of the garage we had it’s so pretty it’s so pretty [it] was just all raw wood before We wanted a vaulted area of our ceiling we left it raw which means That old shingles are original shingles from the 20s for some reason they [just] left those and then put the new shingles over them So underneath you can see it’s like a very cool architectural detail so we decided to just paint that white and Since it was raw wood the white paint kind of came out a slightly different tone Well, it’s also because there’s like the oil from the original tiles are still yeah, I mean We’re painting over drywall versus painting over raw wood we’re gonna put our chandelier up there We haven’t done the chandelier yet this ceiling is just [a] cool oh Joey thank you. Oh My gosh the floors you guys Beautiful great own floors are actually Bamboo. Which is sustainable? Eco-friendly and very durable [cuz] of course you’re gonna be working out lifting weights on it Basically when you’re building a home gym It’s all about [space-saving] right it depends on what types of workouts you do we’ve been doing weight lifting I just put together these puppies power blocks. Which are like those crazy Modular dumbbells [be] saving you guys like we didn’t want to get one of those huge Shelves and have every weight of every dumbbell separately yeah, so we found like the transformer of Dumbbell Which is basically like you can have like from like five pounds up to like 90 pounds in one Thing if you know anything about weights like weight rocks are big and clunky what I found is this company that actually? Was on Shark tank, there’s not here. We have one of [the] [weight] powers here And we’re gonna use some major anchors. Are you going into the stud because you marked out those death right there? [all] [right] guys. I am beyond sweaty and gross. I have officially Melted the system [Jelly] who obviously guys know is like an expert at finding the studs and securely? mounting rings We love working out and now that we can come outside instead of [having] to get up even earlier to drive to the gym It’s really cool Thanks Hydraulics you can just sit relax. Okay like a basketball pump. No gas a gas shock It’s a hydraulic looks like a basketball. [huh], there’s a metal Rod with grease on it going into it – yeah, and it makes a noise such a do you think hydraulic lifts work? Like a basketball pump If our treadmill Is covered in plastic because we were painting I bought a treadmill from someone who wanted on let’s make a deal for like 40 percent of what it would cost Retail right you know the person thinking. It’s probably a Craigslist scam [I] made her prove it to me that she wanted she sent me like her episode number. I looked it up [oh], she actually did win it on [like] heel, and I guess she doesn’t like to run so yes, I bought her treadmill. Yeah Brand new We made a deal [a] treadmill off Let’s be real and arch our weight lifting up from Shark tank getting big people purple now It’s like we finally get to landscape this puppy and finish furnishing the garage [oh], yeah We may have one [or] two more things to do internally don’t need to get my drink fridge in there with my eucalyptus towels so yeah a lot has happened and Excited to bring you along for the rest of the journey which we are getting close [drink] So close so make sure and subscribe [yelp], because you are so kind that you’re gonna get us to seventy two thousand three hundred Thirty three likes she is going to Go into the andy gump [no] joey. You said you were gonna. Go I’ve already been in there [know] you that was me We’re not coming out of the Auntie gump until we get them Oh wait like that video so we can make more videos is that being? Yeah, this whole back wall didn’t be like storage countertop um [mini-fridge] with eucalyptus in two towels in coconut water who’s Gonna replenish those [Dead] World HmM

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