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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

oh man some of you guys asked me to make
a male model morning routine so that’s what I’m gonna do
hey TOGO good morning halo TOGO this is this is this is my my little guy TOGO so
I’m home now in South Africa let’s open up and shall we start the day buddy
huh start the day okay so first things first when I’m home
put on the slippers alright let’s go say good morning let’s open up so the day can start let’s get
this started first thing I brushed my teeth so follow me I’m gonna give
you a tip as well okay so I brushed my teeth first thing
in the morning because I just hate that feeling in your mouth just bleghhh…
now when it comes to brushing my teeth I use this teeth whitening toothpaste I will add it for you in the description below and it works but what people do is they
brush their teeth and then they just spit it out but brush your teeth and keep it
there for two to three minutes and then you spit it out don’t brush your teeth too hard alright now there’s a little bit here
you want to push it to the front and you keep it there for two to three minutes
so now I’m gonna put on the kettle I’m gonna make some oats and some coffee
follow me all right it’s been three minutes so
gotta get this out okay so the water is boiling so we are gonna make some coffee
soon and we’re gonna make some oats soon but I want to wash my face first so
normally I use let me show you for my face wash I usually use Paula’s Choice which is really good PC4MEN but sometimes you know if I’m in a country
where it’s difficult to find it I just get some Clinique and I get the liquid
face soap because it’s just a lot better and it’s really good I’ve used it for a
while as well so right now I’m going to use the clinique wash my face a bit use
lukewarm water now the next thing I do let me show you
take out the razor if I have a beard so what I do is I shave this little part
here so you do that just so there’s a little bit of difference between your
beard and the hair here and then this part of the hair hair just make sure
that it is nice and clean do this side as well on that side I’m not I don’t use
any kind of soap or anything because you don’t need it all right now I usually
clean up this part of my beard as well and I use a shaver like this because
it’s just so much easier all right done then after the face wash after the shave
I use this guy Paula’s Choice skin perfecting BHA gel it’s really really
good this helps your skin to be more younger radiant even toned it helps
looking pores as well and it just gets clear of those dead skin cells now you
can also use the stuff that I usually use from PC for men which is the soothe
and smooth but this guy is really good as well for another option you can also
use the neat clarifying lotion which is also really good all right and then
lastly because I’m gonna go outside I’m going to use the daytime protect from PC
for men, it helps you against the Sun as well and keeps your skin nice and smooth
alright so this is my kinda skincare routine and I almost never have pimples
or any kind of breakout or anything just because I have this skincare routine
that I do consistently every day I use this guy sometimes as a backup if I
travel it’s a moisturizing gel from Clinique that I sometimes use if I
cannot get hold of the PC4MEN in some countries all right now let’s do
the hair okay so let’s do the hair there’s mainly three products that I use
for my hair first just to get a little bit more body into it I use the L’Oreal
elvive the the styling mousse just to get the body in there
then I go over to the pomade I usually like suavetico but I’m testing out
the bedhead from TG men because I do like their hairspray as well anyway so
this is how you do it put a little bit of water in your hair get on in there I
just cut my hair so now it’s actually pretty short so I don’t really need it
but I just do it to show you guys all right so you get that if you’ve got long
hair you can use a little bit more and you just put it in your hair like that
and I’m gonna need that hair dryer follow me all right so this hair dryer I
have here is actually Nikita’s my wife but it’s pretty awesome it’s the
babyliss paris and it’s got 2000 watts it works really really good anyway I’ll
add that for you in the video description as well so the thing is when you dry your
hair you want it to have the body right and there’s different styles that you
can wear your hair with this kind of style you can do it messy or you can do
the side part or you can do it just a little bit up so what I’m gonna do is
I’m just gonna get it dry and get it kind of messy first here we go so what I’m doing is I’m rotating my
hair a little bit you know so it gets a nice volume while I’m rotating the
hairdryer as well right now you can see it’s got a lot of
body it looks very thick right okay now we
move on to the second part gonna put in a little bit of the bedhead TIGI for
men all right now you don’t need to use a lot you just need to use a little bit
just like that okay you don’t put it into your hair first you kind of do this
first and then you go into your hair everywhere so it goes in everywhere nice
and evenly all right so now with this hairstyle check it out you can just
leave it nice and messy just like this all right or you can do the side-part
which is this over here just make the side part and even use the hair dryer a
little bit just to style it a bit better all right so whoop do the whack you
style your hair once you’re done styling it you put into hairspray you don’t
really need to all right but if you want it to hold for the whole day put in a
little bit now I use this one Bed Head from Tiggi because man it
holds your hair for the whole day and you don’t need to use a lot you just you
just pray a little bit like this done I like my hair like this but some times if i fel like a younger style I might mess it up okay yeah that Messy
style that’s it let’s go have some breakfast
alright so I like my oats this way I like to put a banana in it some nuts a
little bit of cinnamon but if I worked out and I like to add whey protein this
is the one I use this is the nitro tech ripped because I don’t want to get any
bigger I am in South Africa right now so I can’t be but if I have to go to
another country I need to get smaller to be able to work as a model yes now I’m a
bigger I’ve already gained three or four kilos because the modeling industry here
in South Africa they’re like bigger models more muscle
so I’ve added a bit of muscle anyway nitro tech ripped so I’ll add that with
oats add a bit of hot water I’m just gonna
put in the microwave and Togo is also having his breakfast all right oh the coffee well this is
going let me show you the coffee that I like in South Africa so I use a French
press plunger I take this with me when I travel as well it’s the best way to have
really good quality coffee I have instant coffee like this guy here
from dough experts mocha Kenya style but the instant coffee for me it’s as good
for instant coffee but I do prefer ground coffee now this is my favorite in
South Africa when I go to the stores this one let me just open it up
and show you guys this is the house of coffees aroma expresso that it’s kind of
rich and intense flavor which is really really really good and as you guys know
I love coffee but I’m gonna have the coffee as soon as my breakfast is done
alright so that oh it’s he’s done but I do not like oats without milk so I’m
gonna use a little bit of milk in it not too much just a little bit just for the
taste you know I feel like some strawberries as well I like strawberries
okay now before I put in the nuts and the strawberries and the bananas to make
this kinda oats good what I do is I put in the whey protein first just to
give the mixture in there put one whole scoop in it the flavor is nice this is
the kind of chocolate fudge brownie flavor oh so good
this is how you build lean muscle I don’t have a lot of time to work out I
try to do five times a week but in reality I only get to it two to three
times a week honestly which is kind of sad but eating healthy is the most important
thing you get fit in the gym and you lose weight in the kitchen all right so
let’s get a banana in there if I eat nuts only two handfuls a day
that’s enough strawberries time to have some breakfast all right the breakfast is done now what
I usually do is just quickly check my messages so I just want
to see mainly if I have very important messages from my family or friends maybe
things happen especially if I work in other countries so scanning very quickly
it’s morning time so there’s are loads of messages on Instagram and YouTube and
a lot of stuff and I just don’t have the time to go through all of them but I try
to take half an hour to respond to some people so that’s what I’m gonna do right
now all right no this is probably my most favorite
part of the morning coffee you guys if you don’t know how to use this is pretty
easy get a nice heaped spoon like that throw in the water now we’re gonna leave
it just for a minute or so now a couple of minutes has passed all you do is you
take this guy you put it in press it and so you can see the water coffee comes up
here and what’s left is here at bottom all right so I’ve got the coffee that’s it that’s my morning routine if
you liked the video give it a thumbs up subscribe and then I’ll see you in the
next video cheers guys

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