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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

hey guys this is a video request a lot
of you asked me to make a video about my male model workout routine so that’s
what I’m gonna do in this video now if you’re new here to my channel welcome to
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any of the next videos I’m not gonna waste any more time let’s get right into
the video alright now there’s a lot of different goals out there for why
people want to go and work out some people want to be buff big and “muscly”
some people want to stay thin but with that lean muscle mass right for me I’m
somewhere more in the middle right not too big not too small just nice
so my workout is focused on gaining and maintaining lean muscle mass now I don’t
have a lot of time to always work out so I try to fit in all my muscles in two
days and then all I do is I just repeat those workouts throughout the week as
and when I have some time so the first day I usually start the upper body
that’s my most favorite workout so I start it off and I do about five sets of
around ten repetitions if I do over twelve then I know the weight is
too light if I do less than ten let’s say four then you know the weight is too
heavy so you have to try and hit that twelve reps all right so the idea is to
do the work out until muscle failure so you really get the most out of your
workout routine and then you just rest one minute between every set so you
don’t waste a lot of time don’t rest four or five minutes don’t chat to your
girlfriend on the phone focus and work out all right so let’s look at day one day one is the whole upper body workout I start out with the incline
bench press then move over to normal bench press or if I feel like it the dumbbell chest
press next up is the peck deck or the standing cable chest fly it
depends on what I feel like on the day then I move on to the back exercises and
I do pull-ups or lat pull-downs next up is the lower back extensions next I do the tricep rope pull down and then the bend over of rope triceps
extensions then I do the biceps with the rope as
well or I do traditional bicep curls with no
rest between the two arms and then when I’m done with the biceps I
move on to the shoulders and I do one exercise where I alternate between front
and side shoulder raises when I do the front shoulder raises my palms are down
an when I do the side shoulder raises my palms are more inward no to finish the whole workout off and
to make sure I got the most out of it I do five sets of push-ups and each set I
do until failure after this whole upper body workout you’ll know and feel that
you just went through a real workout all right so that’s day one now let’s move
on to day two day two I start with ABS
first and again I do four to five sets and I do each set until failure first I
start with the jackknives and I use four kilograms on my feet and I hold ten
kilograms with my hands just to get some extra weight
remember your abs are just like any other muscle group and they need to be
exercised in the same way all right when I’m done with the jackknives
I immediately move on to bicycles and I still have the ten kilograms in my
hands then when that is done I immediately
move on to the elevated toe touches without any rest to finish the first set then I just repeat this workout for
three more sets then I move on to the legs first I do my
squats and lunges together at the same time by alternating between the two then I move on to leg extensions then it is the hamstring curls lastly calf raises that’s it for day two right guys that’s
it for the two workout day so all you do then is you just repeat those two days
as the week continues and I also use supplements because we all know that you
get faster results if you use the right supplements if you want to know what
supplements I used check it out in a video description of added them for you
now apart from supplements and the workouts please know and understand you
guys won’t achieve the results that you want if you don’t eat the right way so
remember you get fit in the gym but you lose the way in the kitchen now if
you’re still not sure what kind of food is healthy and how to eat watch my model
diet plan video I added for you in the video description so you can check it
out it gives you a nice kind of basic guide to it now if you liked the video
give it a thumbs up subscribe and I’ll see you in the next video

100 thoughts on “MALE MODEL WORKOUT ROUTINE | How to get a body like a male model

  1. Finally, its here!!! Im very surprised by the structure of the video. Everything is so well-explained like just go to the gym😂👍. Daniel you have done an amazing work, both in the gym and making this video. You really deserve more subs!!! Thank you😀👍👌

  2. "All you need to do is to
    R E P E A T
    those two days for the rest of the week" …

    Ehmmm what do you meann? I thought those are the 2 days a week?😅😅

  3. Nice one Daniel.. may i add that we should also take into consideration of age and fitness level to prevent injuries.. the human body tends to become stressed much rapidly as the age increases. therefore those age 40 years and above, doing workout of more than 45 minutes will actually release cortisol (stress hormone) that counters the benefits of exercise. Im sharing my advice that i give to my patients and to my fitness clients.. Get in there mate..Well done

  4. I thought maybe I could be a male model but then I see this dude and I’m just sitting here saying yeah I don’t think that’s gonna happen any time soon no matter how hard I try😂

  5. Hey guys I am starting my journey into losing 20 pounds to get into modeling if you'd like check out my vids thanks!!

  6. No way should you work out this much in one day… You don't have the calories to expend for all these exercises. Break off muscle groups and split them into days. I personally do 1.Arms 2.Chest+Back 3. Shoulders+legs 4. Abs+Cardio

  7. Thanks for posting the videos, super helpful. As a video maker, my invitation would be to get a better source of audio for your videos. They are shot and edited really well, but the sound is often distant and high in treble, have you considered using a different mic setup? Anyway, just hoping to lend some positive feedback, otherwise videos are great, keep rocking it brother. Thanks again

  8. 2-3minutes rest is optimal for hypertrophy
    +your training ain't got nothing to do with gaining or maintaining muscle mass
    +don't forget rear delts

  9. You do look good man, no doubt. Youre a model after all. But rewatch your own video with the following information; You cant stop posing for the camera! Kinda offputting haha Especially in the intro part. You always angle your face on purpose.

  10. the thing is you dont have much muscle, only you are thin and most likely you dont eat nothing to maintain your fat levels at low thats why with any exercise you do, it looks good.

  11. This is great because most people don't show this, they try to make a video for each work out. I do a similar workout, i add reverse barbell curls because i'm trying to grow my forearms, dips/decline bench for lower chest, rows and face pulls to prevent rounded shoulders and target the back. Great stuff

  12. Dude it’s an awesome work out that’s what I do and I’m getting to the way how I want my body to be

  13. nice video bro 🙂 can you explain what to do when not reaching the 10 to 12 reps in one set? e.g. pullups: lets say i only can do 6 in a row. how to deal with the remaining ones? thanks

  14. Why are models obsessed with hangar shoulders? Fine with women, they’re meant to have elegant shoulders, but the guys purposely leaving out traps because they think it makes their shoulders straighter just end up looking weaker, less intimidating – thus effeminate and less sexually attractive as a result.

  15. It would be so easy to hate this guy but he seems such a good dude. Props to him. He deserves his success.

  16. First some reason I think your mom was the pretty one in the family and that's why you look like that….I could be wrong

  17. So am i supposed to work out only 2 days a week? Doing upperbody on monday and lowerbody in the wednesday for example?

  18. I m 5ft8 want to become 6ft tall and I'm 23yrs old how can I achieve this height
    My friend told me to do swimming so does swimming Increases height?

  19. you have a really good body, but what about how to lose the light fat on belly, im not fat, just have some belly fat

  20. You also most importantly need to warm up your body and get your heart rate to feeling pumped? With basic sit ups, press ups, and cycling, or a jog, before exercising with any gym equipment, if your not looking for bulk body mass, or just want a toned body no matter what age you are then warm up with the basics first, why? Because the body parts your training without a basic warm up will fatigue and cause injury during and after time.

  21. No did respect in my last comment, because I believe in leading by example, I am over 50yrs old and have heard many guys and girls tell me they have recurring weaknesses because they didn't warm up first! My personal system with a long fitness regime is eat well and plenty fluids during and after workout because the body and muscles need it even when your not working out, I train to tone but military style 5 days per week with 2 days off inbetween , my diet is not the usual protein etc but eggs vegtables and natural whole foods with cold water from sink, I am partial to the odd coffee or beer now and then but look after yourself and you will achieve much and more, I only like your videos because they are achievable with care and attention in all aspects of manhood lol

  22. Do you do a different exercise after each set, or do you complete 5 or 6 sets of a single exercise before you move on to the next?
    Or, when you mean 5-6 sets, you don't mean a specific exercise but exercises for a specific muscle? Like for chest: 1 set of bench press, 1 set of cable flyover, 1 set of incline bench press, 1 set of dumbbell press etc, then you move on to the exercise for the next muscle?

  23. I'm from Pretoria, are you also South African? Where do u film? I just signed a modelling contract few days ago

  24. Hi daniel, first of all thank you for this helpful video, but could I ask you how could I divide this routine to 5 days as my goal is to gain weight and muscle. Thank you very much 😁

  25. Bro I have heavy fat in my body especially in love handle .so how I can get male model or lin body like you

  26. OMG… what a beautiful body type you have… !!! very sexy , much much better than those too heavy elephants types wrestling WWF champions … i love you .. many best wishes from Pakistan

  27. I like that i see the effort, the pain. Usually this kind of video shows only beauty an perfection. This is a true workout
    … Ok… i know my english is very bad…

  28. I started this this week. Yesterday was upper body. Today, my legs hate me. I'm still very new to working with weights at all, so this will be a process. I've got a lot of fat on my belly and chest to drop

  29. countdown from 12 reps

    rest 1 min between sets


    incline bench press

    bench press

    or dumbbell chest prest

    peck deck

    or standing cable chest flys

    pull ups

    or lat pull-downs

    lower back extensions

    tricep rope pull down

    overhead tricep extension

    rope bicep curls

    or bicep curls intervaling between arms

    alternating front and side shoulder raises

    push ups on stability ball


    jackknives with weights

    bicycles 1 side at a time

    elevated toe touches

    crunches on stability ball

    alternating squats and lunges

    leg extensions

    hamstring curls

    calf raises

  30. I'm subscribing because you are the only one whose hands I could see trembling while finishing the last set. In over 2 years of my experience I have never seen anyone's hands trembling so I use to feel that maybe I'm weird but now I know that it's completely fine
    Thanks for being so genuine

  31. I really loved your videos although I´m a girl and have no modelling intentions,
    but the aggressive way you push out your pointed tongue is so irritating and scary.
    By the way, a workout can be less stressful, but still effective 😉.

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