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42 thoughts on “Manhattan Residents Dealing With Large Power Outage

  1. Oh my goodness~~ :/ Best thing you can do right now is fill a plastic shopping bag full of ice cubes and keep it in your freezer. That way if the power goes off your food isn't going to automatically spoil. I've a feeling this isn't going to be the only power outage this week.

  2. Deblasio is saying, 'Don't worry it's all in your head see a therapist, where's Con-Ed WAIT THEIR ON PSYCHIATRIC DRUGS TOO!!?? Smh'

  3. Cali earthquakes, NY power outage…. DEM places be getting hit a lot lately…. maybe they will learn…

    Maybe its a GREEN NEW DEAL test?

  4. Wow really so that why it was power out in Manhattan I was in the A train to Manhattan and announcements say A train will last stop at Chambers Street Street due to power outages in Manhattan

  5. July 13….same day as the 1977 blackout. I wonder if the "woke" types are going to treat themselves to another 100% off sale?

  6. Leave the power off! I was in NOLA for Katrina. It was a great place until they turned the power back on. Went to shit overnight after that.

  7. Well with the black out you want know what you’re stepping in l hear there’s a lot of shit in that place. So be careful you might step in one of the many shit holes and never be seen again. 🤣😂

  8. Probably due to all the population growth and development. You can't keep building more high rises and not expect the power grid to get overloaded.

  9. Now If y'all are smart you will turn off all high draw items.That way when power comes on it wont overload right away.
    Traffic people four way stop defer to the car on your right and be polite.

  10. If they can take down the grid or internet or trucking !! They send millions into panick real quick ! UR BETTER STOCKUP , PREPARE UR SELVES SOON OR U WILL BE SCREAMING. FOR MOMMY , AND DEATH WILL HUNT. U DOWN

  11. Major  power  outage  in  Manhatten  ,  New  York  City  ,  blacking  out  large  swaths  of  city  on   the   evening  of   13  July  2019  was  reported.  The  New  York  Department  said  a  transformer  fire  on  13  July  2019  evening  at  West  64th  Street  and  West  End  Avenue  affected  more  than  44, 000  customers  along  a  30-block  stretch  from  Times  Square  to  about  72nd  Street  and  Broadway.   Power  supply  has  been   reportedly   restored  to   all   customers.    In  this  context  ,  it  may  be  apt  to  refer  readers  to  this  Vedic  astrology  writer’s  predictive  alerts  of  1  October  ,  2018  in  article  –  “  Astrological  probable  alerts  for  the  U.S.  in  2019”  –  published  in  monthly  Webzine  of  Wisdom  Magazine  at   One  of  the  predictive  alerts  for  more  care  and  appropriate  strategy  in  para  3  read  with  para  5  related  to  New  York  also  for  June –July  2019.  And  the  suggested  alert  read  like  this  :-   “  Besides  more  care  while  dealing  with  or  storing  energy  resources  or  chemicals  in  these  States.  Fire  incidents  can  also  cause  worry  ,  particularly  during  January –February  and  June-July  ,  in  one  or  more  of  States  aforesaid”.  It  seems  predictive  alert  for  more  care  and  appropriate  strategy  was  meaningful.

  12. when the grid gos down for good and does not come back on every in nyc is up shit creek with a paddle. i stock up on food water ect. i moved out from nyc a long i live near the near the canada boarder in my off grid home i made my self. no lights in nyc ther will looting for food water ect 1977 power outage allover again

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