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Last season we had the pleasure of getting to know Zach, a 460-pound man who had one of the most incredible weight loss transformations that we’ve ever seen here on The Docs. He came to us for help because his transformation well wasn’t quite complete. By the time that my son was born, I had already doubled my weight. I was around 300 pounds. My stomach was so large I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t play with my son, I couldn’t do anything. I was so worried that I was just gonna wake up one morning and he just wasn’t gonna be breathing. I was 460-pounds. I needed to make a change. With determination, dedication, and certainly the love of his family, Zach was able to drop an incredible 300-pounds. (audience applauds) The new Zach, come on out buddy! (audience applauds and cheers) I feel like a new person. You are a new person.
I took, I took my life back. There are still some excess pounds that you can’t get rid of. There’s a lot of extra skin. I probably have 15, 20 pounds. I’m embarrassed. Zach, we have a little surprise for you. Greetings, Zach. I want you to know that I’m here to help possibly complete that transformation and hopefully achieve your final goals. (audience applauds) Thank you.
So, Doctor Trevisani feels you’re a good candidate. He’s going to remove all that excess skin free of charge to you. You’re gonna be in the best of hands.
(audience applauds) Today is the day of my surgery. I’m excited and nervous. Okay Zach so are you ready for surgery today? Yes sir, I am. (inquisitive music) We’re at the first phase of his operative procedure. We’re gonna start the excision of the buttock tissue. This red buttocks skin has been removed. We’re gonna dry up the bleeding and then we’ll close it. We’re finished with the buttocks and we’re flipping him over on his back to then proceed with the front. Zach’s been in surgery for a couple hours now. It’s kind of stressful sitting here, not knowing what’s going on behind the door. Not knowing if something is gonna go wrong. We’re making our initial incision in the lower abdomen. Move down and tighten. This is the lower excess skin excised from his body. And it used to contain 460-pounds. Now we’re beginning the closure of the abdominal wall. Now we’re going to address the left breast. We’re securing the nipple and areola in the new location. We are now approaching the right breast. This is the last stitch. We weighed the specimen. We have approximately 10 pounds of skin. We’ve finished and we’ve had a very successful operative procedure and hopefully he’ll be very happy. He’s a new man, post-op, ready to show the world. Are you all ready to see him? ‘Cause I sure am. Zach come on out and join us. (audience applauds and cheers) Let’s talk about the transformation up here. Since I came on here, with the help of The Doctors as well as Doctor Trevisani, I have taken my life to the next level of just happiness. We’ve changed everything. We’ve changed our eating habits. I’ve stopped smoking. I have taken control of everything. (audience applauds) I’ve lost 315 pounds. I’ve gotten rid of this skin. It is a brand new lifestyle with the help of you. (audience applauds)
and Doctor Trevisani. I feel emotional about it. It’s an amazing transformation, from the inside out. (audience applauds) Getting healthy Drew, it’s possible. Even when it seems impossible, and Zach is a living example of that. I can’t believe the transformation he’s gone through.
One of the biggest changes we’ve seen on this show in nine years, I love it.
And a great guy to boot. Yeah he was. Wish him all the best.

100 thoughts on “Man’s Incredible Weight Loss & Excess Skin Removal Transformation

  1. the guy still looks sick …

    how the fuck can you let yourself go like that … how can you possibly get so fat? what was he eating? wht the fuck

  2. He needed to do some strength training to replace some of that fat with muscle. cuz looks like he's been starving in a Nazi concentration camp for The Last 5 Years

  3. Hello there Doctors my name is Anthony and I want to loss all this weight I have in about 555 to 600 pounds and I want to loss this please can you guys help me

  4. Looks great! All he needs now is a little bit of fillers in his cheeks to look a bit more "filled out" 🙂 hes done one heck of a job.

  5. Please go visit my channel for my video on my skin reveal! It was very emotional for me and I’d appreciate the support

  6. Yet diaries are age restricted.
    Edit: I’m glad he had an amazing transformation, he looks very amazing now!

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  8. god i feel like i'll never get to feel this happy. i haven't had any human interactions in 2 years and i'm eating myself to death. i feel like i'm going to die in the middle of the night in my basement and there will be nobody there and i'll just rot away and found only because i stopped showing up for work or my mortgage company forecloses on me and sends someone there…. fml…

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