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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Marcy Smith Cage Workout Machine Total Body Training Home Gym System There’s something about working out and the way it makes you feel Almost everyone when tasked would like to have more fitness in their lives But for most of us it falls to the bottom of our priority list So we developed the body boss 2.0 We wanted a product it would empower people to reach their goals Where you’d be able to exercise more often and consistently We want a product that is compact Something that could do it all with no restrictions this equipment is something that anyone could use no matter their fitness level a Product it takes all these concepts from the gym and combines them into one solution Bring in the gym to you The platform is strong the posts are spaced evenly apart on both sides so you can simulate any exercise movement and quickly just difficulty The base is made wide enough Are you looking for a gym quality workout at home then check out the Marci md-90 10 G Smith cage combo Strain training not only builds lean and powerful muscles It also increases your metabolic rate allowing you to burn more calories and lose unwanted fat This unique setup delivers limitless strength training Possibilities giving you the advantage to choose between smith machine and free weights style lifting or cable exercises The md-90 10 G is equipped with a dual cable crossover system It allows you a wider range of exercises. Usually only found on commercial type gym equipment The Smith type press bar features sealed linear bearings and bar catches for a smooth and secure feel The unit also features a PEC deck for isolated chest exercises the multifunction bench is equipped with a total leg developer a preacher curl pad with bicep handle in a multi-position back pad for various pressing exercises Extras includes six weight plate storage boats to keep your weights organized and an array of training accessories Don’t limit yourself at home start training with Marcie’s Md-90 10 G and get the body you’ve always wanted and it comes with Marcy’s 2-year limited warranty you This is the bowflex Pr3000 home gym a compact machine that delivers a total body workout powered by bowflex power rod resistance Trusted by millions of satisfied users to achieve their fitness goals around the world perform over 50 exercises on the Pr3000 the lat tower delivers a perfect platform to work your arms and back While the vertical bench is great to build a powerful chest and strong core Also, the included triple function hand grips ensure variations to your workout are endless With the Bowflex no change cable pulley system. You can seamlessly move from exercise to exercise Saving tons of time and having a much more effective workout Plus the gym style vertical workout

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