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And now from Frankfurt, Germany. Please welcome competitor Markus Ruhl. This is a big machine right here. He left his neck in Frankfurt. Das Freak. Every year I say this guy can’t get any bigger but he just seems to pack it on. 280 pounds on stage.. It’s unbelieveable. All he has to do really is just stand there. That’s incredible. You know what, regardless of any kind of rules that’s out there.. This is Markus Ruhl. He’s got a lot of fans, and he build those fans off the fact that he’s the BIGGEST and the FREAKIEST. He’s not gonna be able to change that look for anybody, nor should he. This guy raised the bar so high. The mass freaks are going crazy. This is what the Mr. Olympia is all about.. Right here you know. I think now your SIZE and your SHAPE and EVERYTHING that you bring to the table.. Will be recognized. This SIZE that MASS that’s who MARKUS RUHL is. Rules or no rules.. He thinks and believes this is bodybuilding. And building the body as big as you can humanly possibly get it. Is why we know who Markus Ruhl is today. RUUUHLL!!

100 thoughts on “Markus Ruhl – SHREDDED MASS MONSTER – Bodybuilding Motivation

  1. ''This size, that mass.. That's who Markus Ruhl is. Rules or no rules, he thinks and believes that this is bodybuilding. Building the body as big as you can humanly possibly get it, is why we know who Markus Ruhl is today. Regardless of any kind of rule that's out there.. This is Markus Ruhl. He build those fans off the fact that he's the BIGGEST and the FREAKIEST. He's not gonna change that look for anybody.''

  2. Everything about him is big, but: look at these brilliant shoulders, his back and his legs. Dog damn – these are all so well shaped and shredded. Compared to all his competitors especially his back and shoulders make a massive difference in my opinion. I cannot believe the jury voted him for the 4th place…

  3. Love you Marcus. Youre my inspiration..I admire you. He is the real champ…Marcus Ruhl Rules the Universe✌👍🏼

  4. Ich finde Markus rühl war der extremst freak überhaupt mit dem größten Bizeps von allen und dazu noch extrem definiert.

  5. Marcus Rühl the Beast forever 💪💪💪einer der allerbesten Bodybuilder von der alten Garde und Schule 😘😘😘 alles andere sind nur Votzen 👍👍👍

  6. Mein Gott, wie oft ist dieser man beschissen worden bei wettkae
    mpfen? Solch eine masse gepaart mit eine klasse definizion.
    Markus der ungekroente koenig des bodybuilding!

  7. er kann froh sein so eine starke Partnerin zu der Zeit gehabt zu haben… ohne Sie hätte er das nicht geschafft…

  8. Wurde Grad etwas horny 😂😂. *Nohomo, aber der M.R ist einfach ne Menschliche-Maschine. Tolles Motivations Video 💪👌.

  9. Und wer da noch sagt“ja der hat ja Anabolika genommen bla bla“ muss ziemlich dumm sein, um so auszusehen muss man alles geben und mehr und eine Top Genetik haben, nicht umsonst ist er was Masse angeht bis heute ungeschlagen!

  10. The look at the face of RUHL at 4:19 is like I'm gonna dwarf you buddy.. and on the other corner Ronnie would be screaming"yeah buddy".

  11. Isn't mr olympia given to best bodybuilder or best developed bodybuilder on the planet in a particular year. If it is than whats the point of giving the title to someone else when Clearly other bodybuilders are better than that said winner . And I'm not just talking about markus. Many others like levrone,flex,Nasser and so many others

  12. Markus…he was my favorite. Unbelievable size on this guy, except his triceps. 😀
    He did piles of bar/machine benching, piles of machine/bar shoulder press, and trained his triceps 2x a week additionally. No wonder. They never had a chance to recuperate.

  13. Echt Geil,aber ohne Anabolika,Wachstumshormone,Steroide und all das zeugs,würde man nie so eine Masse hin kriegen niemals!! Und jeder der etwas anderes Behaubtet,hat schlichtweg keine Ahnung!!!!👍🏻💪

  14. 4:54 wer hat sich denn da verlaufen.. einer ausm publikum ? who has lost his way there .. one of the audience?

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