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BORUN YUMNAM: We are the only one who won
international medal in this bodybuilding arena. BORUN YUMNAM: From my childhood,
I really wanted to become a sports player. I started my fitness regime which improved
my physique. So after that, I think about bodybuilding and start competing. COMM: This is Borun Yumnam, a 39-year-old
old multi award winning bodybuilder. He’s been competing in the sport for over 20 years. BORUN YUMNAM: In 1994, I became champion of
the champion in sub-junior in Mr Manipur. Likewise, my journey start from that very
age. Again keep going till 2016, I won 16-17 of nationals and three times Mr Asia. COMM: Being a fitness and muscle-building
fanatic like Borun involves total dedication to fitness. BORUN YUMNAM: No, I don’t do any running
because I hate running. I do only the weight training. That’s it. Nothing else. COMM: Or rather a huge amount of time and
careful diet planning goes into toning such rippling biceps. BORUN YUMNAM: I start walk on morning as well
as in the evening. I do five hours a day and during my competition time I really restrict
my diet: boiled foods mostly and some vegetables and like that. No sweets, no oils, no junk
foods, nothing. My wife also help me a lot. She support me a lot. COMM: Borun’s wife, Mamota, has done a little
more than support her husband for all these years. COMM: Her admiration of her husband’s impressive
abs caused her to take up bodybuilding too. BORUN YUMNAM: We train together. Her first
appearance she came third place, bronze medal. Step by step she won around six medals
more than me in international level. COMM: Since she picked up the sport, she and
her husband have won 28 top awards at both national and international level between them,
quite the power couple. BORUN YUMNAM: At the moment we are the only
one who won international medal in this bodybuilding arena as a couple. BORUN YUMNAM: Bodybuilding gave me a lot: my name, my job, these are all from my bodybuilding. So, I can say that bodybuilding is my life.

100 thoughts on “Married Couple Are India’s First Bodybuilding Champion Duo | HOOKED ON THE LOOK

  1. y'all need to understand that she was trying not to look a man. she dong something that makes her happy and trying to be the first women to accomplish something in. i don't blame her.

  2. Fact is, if you're competing in these competitions, you are taking steroids, period. Now they do have NATURAL bodybuilding competitions and they're hilariously weak when you compare those people to these two. This woman looks like she's bigger than the natural male bodybuilders.

  3. Everyone saying she looks like man. (mostly jealous dudes), no guy looks like that. Only body builders ever look like that. If you take some dude and girl that's never worked out before, their would be a small difference in their arm muscles.

  4. Its totally obviouse the steroids has made to more male like than a female, and with facial hair. It just doesn'nt look healthy!

  5. They are mongoloids like Chinese and Tibetans .not the typical Indian . Both of them are meitie an ethnic minority

  6. Is she taking testosterone? At first I thought she was one of those lady boys because her face structure is so masculine.

  7. Now this is what i call a bodybuilder, the last video that i watched was the guy is injecting NATUROL in his chest and arms to look bigger and calls himself a body builder 😑😑😑

  8. Finally someone breaking stereotypes..I mean lady clearly defies what a women should look like and she slayed it..u go girl do ur thing

  9. It seems to me seeing her first picture and now that she clearly is using steroids and maybe some hormones, her traits got really masculine and just diet and exersice dont do that. She changed so much, she looked east-south ish asian in that first pic, not anymore.

  10. Well its good but she has lost what we call in Bengali labonno. She looks like man,infact she is more of a man than other real men.

  11. The fact that he supports his wife in something that Indian society seems unsuitable for woman and is together with her when other people are saying that she looks ugly and like a men, speaks volumes about him. Respect.

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