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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

What’s up guys. I’m Vince Del Monte of In this video I’m going to show you guys how to build bigger arms in six sets and I’m going to give you guys this exact workout So if some of the details lose you don’t worry I’m going to share a brand new technique this is completely different than I’ve seen anybody teach here on YouYube and it’s a really powerful technique. It’s a technique that’s going to help you get more from less. You don’t need to train your arms for 10 20 sets The guys that do that are genetic freaks. They’re taking drugs. Alright. Most guys that have huge arms … I’ll be honest. I asked a dude man what do you do for your arms. It’s like I don’t know man I’ve always had big arms. I kid you not. It’s a disappointing answer right. But at least they’re honest and a lot of us are getting misled by guys who are genetic freaks and again I’m always more impressed with guys that are making gains in their arms who aren’t doing a lot and who don’t have great genetics because they’ve had to learn how to do it the smart way. Not just the hard way. So let me introduce you to a killer technique. This one was introduced to me by my own coach, Coach Ryan Faehnle. He’s got so many cool techniques to stimulate different mechanisms and muscle growth and this technique is called total reps rest pause. Alright. Total reps rest pause. It’s awesome. So for the first exercise here, Zottman curls. I’ve got a weight that I’m looking for and it’s the six to eight rep max. Okay. So that’s the starting weight. I have to find a way that I can only do for six to eight rep max and then we use the technique called rest pause where we take a 20 second break once we hit failure until we hit the goal reps for the prescribed workout. So in this instance the week I’m on right now I’m shooting for twenty eight reps with this goal weight. Now when I started this program on week one I was only at 15 reps and then I went to 17 20 22 but each week I was adding on a couple reps with the same weight so I’ve really built up the volume with this heavy weight. And this is called quality training. Not quantity training. After this exercise I move on to the lying rope extension and we apply the same premise. The program has a number of goal reps that are prescribed as the starting weight for this exercise it’s eight to ten, and then I aim for certain number of reps. This week I’m going for 35 reps here so I’m going to hit failure around eight to ten I rest for 20 seconds then I keep going rest 20 seconds and they keep going and I take as many steps as it takes that’s how I hit this week’s number of goal reps which is 35, Now on week one, seven weeks ago I was only doing 20 reps with the same weight so I’m getting stronger each week with more reps with the same weight. The only way I’m able to do this is because overall there’s a low amount of volume, but because the intensity is so high, we’re all we’re hitting all those critical muscle fibers we need for growth and for progress. So this is how I’m able to make gaines with such low volume. I’m shifting my focus from quantity training to quality training. Alright. And then the theme of this continues the next exercise we’re doing narrow grip thick handle easy bar curls and again we’ve got a starting weight that we’re aiming for 15-18 reps here and then we’re going for this week we’re shooting for 48 reps but on week one I was only at 28. Alright so it’s pretty cool each week you’re able to see am I getting better and every week you come into the gym you look at how many reps you did last week you’re always using the same weight and you just try and get more reps with this one technique and then as you can see we’re moving on to another exercise here. We’re doing dumbbell decline extensions triceps extensions and again same thing we’ve got a goal number of reps we’re aiming for and then I just keep packing on those extra reps making those it’s called micro progressions and then on the last two exercises of the workout we’re going to these twin pulley cable curls. I’m starting with the starting weight i can hit for 20 to 25 reps and I take that 20 second break and then I just keep going. I started off with 35 reps on this exercise on week one. This week we’re at 58 reps so we’re chasing more and more reps each week. It’s a really cool tactic. It makes your workouts fun. It tells you instantly if you’re progressing if you need to you know fix your nutrition and it’s always a quality workout. You’ll get a great pump. As you can see I’m getting great pumps here and you’re not going to do a ton of junk sets a ton of junk volume. You’re really going to be working with sufficient loads and because you’re working with sufficient loads and good volume in a progressive fashion that’s not over training you, you’ll see progress. And then here we’re wrapping up this last exercise of the workout with the long rope. A double long ropes here. Seated overhead tricep extensions. Pretty fun one here. Again I’m shooting for a lot of reps here for 58 today and um but I started off with only 35 reps with the same weight seven weeks ago so it’s really cool. So over the last, you know I can look back and see where I started where I came and I can be like wow this progression model is really working well for me. So that’s it guys. That’s my current arm program right now. In this eight-week cycle I do have another arm workout later on in the week but this is one of them. aybe I’ll shoot that for you if you guys want more videos on arm training. Anything specific let me know in the comments section below but as I promised I do want to give you this workout for free. It’s just a one-page cheat sheet all you got to do is visit the link on this screen or the first link in the description. lt will take you to a page where you put your first name your best email in and it’ll give you this exact work out. You’ll see the exercises the goal reps how it progresses from week to week and then you’ll know exactly what to do. It’ll tell you what loads to start off with. This is geared to guys who are mixed fiber type but that’s fine you can adjust it if you’re slow twitch you’re fast twitch and then there you go you’ve got something to follow for the next eight weeks to build your arms with low volume and you can see the power of quality training versus quantity training. I think that’s it. If you’re watching this on your phone or on your mobile device you can click the link on the screen. so click the link in the description follow the same steps and i’ll send you the same workout to build bigger arms and it’s free no catches just a little gift from me to you for sitting through to the end of this video. I appreciate you and I will see you next time

55 thoughts on “Mass Building Arm Workout in ONLY 6 SETS!

  1. Can you please provide us with the scientific evidence that 6 sets are required? Or that 6 sets are more effective than 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5?

  2. Just in case people out there think that they're going to have an arm like the pro bodybuilders that's never going to happen unless you take steroids however if you have a puny arm and you want to improve it by hard work you can put on a couple of inches say from a 15 inch to the 18 inch but there is limitation to this game if you're not using steroids.

  3. Hey Vince, i clicked on the link and got the Squat Crusher workout instead…what's up with that?…Kinda lookin forward to tryin the 6 set only arms workout…Get back to me…thanks…

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  5. I don't understand why you think you got stronger? there's no time limit, how you can say you increased the volume (reps in a given amount of time) when there is no given amount of time

  6. hey Vince, I'm wondering your take on using muscle soreness to gauge progress. I know soreness comes from overloading the eccentric, but I've been training shoulders and they are never sore. I want to see more growth on that muscle group.

  7. Hey Vince, just wanted to ask your opinion. For the past month and a half I've gained 2.5lbs of lean muscle. Which shocked even me, but I turned up the intensity on leg day so that explains it. But thing is, I got cocky this week and big headed and ate absolute shit food and even starved myself because I couldn't be bothered to stop my work to eat. Anyway the scale this morning said I lost 1.9lbs of lean muscle. and that really sucks! Just wondering if you think the scale is wack or if I can put the muscle I lost back on faster than normal or not. Also can you give me some advice going forward from here.
    – Thanks Vince your videos are epic!

  8. That's quantity training.. If you have to rest 20 seconds everytime you hit failure, that's called quantity training, not quality. Also your doing more than 6 sets. If you have to stop rest 20 sec to let the CNS system recover you are doing mini sets in order to increase work capacity. This method has been around forever only reason why it's not recommend for beginners is because it can be demanding on the CNS. Thank you for doing it with isolation movements with only 1 set. Only 2 things you have right so it's not as taxing on the CNS. Plenty of trainers use this method. Nick Mitchell, charles poliquin, Christian thibaudeau, Josh Bryant and many other strength coaches. Also you're not hitting every muscle fiber unless you use all Rep ranges. (1-5,6-8,9-12,13-25) Do yourself a favor don't go and say everyone who uses 10 sets is on drugs, there are plenty of training methods that use 10 sets of 10 reps for overload of the Muscle with sets. Start thinking outside of the box because there's GBC training, GVT, Rest pause, Isometric, plyometric, contrast, post exhaustion and pre exhaustion training, 6-12-25 method, century sets and countless other styles of training. Not everyone is on gear, pick up a book from a well rounded professional. You are literally discrediting some of the world's greatest strength coaches by saying doing 10 sets or more means you're on drugs. That statement makes you sound and look uneducated my good sir.

  9. Good advice. The only thing is that as you increase the number of reps you can do so does the capacity to do more reps at once on your first set. And to gain not olny strength but also volume you should stay with a weight with wich you can only do 6 to 8 reps on that first set. You should increase thus the weight more than the total number of reps.

  10. wow, picking a weight and aiming for 6 or 7 reps resting and going again, and each week aiming to beat the number of reps you did previous. never heard of this before . oh wait sounds like progressive over load

  11. Cool program Vince. I usually base my progress on lifts based on if I go up in weight or the mirror. This kinda makes progress a little more exact.

  12. this guy looks terrible but obviously all natural I would say been in a gym for 6-10 months you are no where near an athlete never mind a body builder
    please reply

  13. If this method works on other muscle groups it would be awesome if you could do videos and programs on those too 🙂

  14. You can't build big arms using cutting exercises… working half a bicep and half a tricep will get you nowhere… also using too heavy of weights shocks the nervous system and you'll gain nothing at best you get a little pump. You're like a dance instructor that hasn't learn to dance yet!

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