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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hey ! What’s up warriors , it’s Amit. Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist And welcome to body weight beast mode’s mass gainer oats recipe If you are working out in the morning, then this is the first meal of the day for you This is real food. All right. Nowadays , I don’t know what happened to people They are least bothered about what they are eating Instead they are concerned about the powders sold in packets which is packed two years ago specially protein powders etc they are more focused on Another thing which is Beginners , who have joined gym hardly they have spent two days in the gym and they are ask the same question which protein powder should I use ? Which mass gainer should I use ? Which is waste of money. So that they get ripped physique Do not focus on these things in the beginning. First concentrate on improving your diet then focus on buying protein powders etc The biggest mass gainer now I am going to prepare which I am going to make without any supplements Most mass gainers or weight gainers available in the market contains a lot of sugars actually if you see they are not mass gainers. They are belly gainer for you After consuming the weight gainers , please check your fat deposited on your belly You yourself will become aware what that thing is actually about We have eighty grams of oats glycemic index of oats is very low Now you will ask me what is the advance of consuming low glycemic index foods When you eat food which is of low glycemic index people who are suffering from diabetes They have to manage blood sugar levels in body And whenever you consume food which is of low glycemic index like oats Now what will happen is person will require less insulin from outside those who are suffering from diabetes another benefit which you get from oats is oats is essential for heart’s health Now you will ask how does it improve heart’s health ? Because those who are suffering from diabetes They are more prone to heart related diseases so both are linked If there is any diabetes patient at your home then you can guide them that to consume low glycemic index foods so that so that they can recover and be in better health than tomorrow Next is fifty gram curd curd has many health benefits specially if you are having poor digestive system or if you are having trouble digesting your food then curd should be in your diet along with this we have cinnamon powder As mentioned earlier, cinnamon is anti-inflammatory There are lot of health benefits of cinnamon powder like it boosts brain power, helps in digestion too And even those who are suffering from diabetes cinnamon is also beneficial for them Next we will have half chopped apple and half banana . Yellow banana as mentioned earlier in the program As you know , apple and banana contains fibers The benefit of having fiber in you diet is if you are having constipation problem , then reduces such problems next we have with us raisins , you can use black raisins too black raisins costs little higher than green raisins black raisins are preferable , green raisin is also fine. No problem next we have with us some flax seeds with us Flax seeds are source of omega-3 in human body When we are talking about omega-3 then we are talking about heart’s health You can click card notification above where I have explained in detailed about omega-3 almonds contains high amount of magnesium magnesium helps us in calming our brain Let’s prepare the meal now This is called real mass gainer Whatever you are consuming is completely fresh It’s not packed in jar or sealed in a packet for 2-3 years at least Those who instructs you without supplements you can’t achieve a good physique this is the correct time to follow body weight beast mode You have to exactly follow the diet with workout routine So that you get 100% results from this program that too in 56 days mass gainer oats is essential As this is the first meal of the day if you are working out in the morning So that our muscles healing or repair process should start as soon as possible and you start growing your muscles as soon as possible let’s meet again in our next meal , take care warriors This is Amit ,signing off

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