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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

hello guys welcome to my channel it’s
your boy OJS Todays topic let’s check it out all right and the correct answer is
there is no definitive answer for that it’s all depends on your Goal for example
if you try to put on weight ? the assumed obvious answer is to buy a mass or
weight gainer if you’re trying to build a muscle or lose weight whey protein seems
to be right for you okay first of all guys I just want to
thank for giving me this two sample so I can show you the texture of
this product one mass Gainer and whey Protien Let’s See! okay first of all guys we can Open
Comabt XL MusclePharm Mass Gainer …Always Check the seal for example if you’re skinny and
extremely hard for you to gain weight you probably need mass Gainer if it’s
hard for you to gain weight and you want to bulk up a mass gainer is unnecessary
in fact it will make you bulk almost entirely fat not muscle because of how easy it makes getting your calories for the day. So what about whey protein? Next optimal nutrition OATS and Whey Definitely whey protein with oatmeal Let’s See again it won’t make you lose weight or
build muscle But if you’re on a cut using whey protein is helpful for meeting your
daily protein intake preserved muscle without taking too much out of your
daily calorie Bank on a Bulk whey protein can be used but still goes without
saying neither of these supplements are
mandatory why ? Whey Protein and Mass gainers are supplements yes they help but
they Won’t do the work for you let’s not forget 30% workout and 70%
diet and be healthy all the time Alright guys that’s all for today once again
it’s your boy OJS For more information and for more tips please
subscribe to my channel and see you next Time!

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