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Alright! It’s it’s finally happening Matt Stonie called me out to do a challenge the 100 Mhf&M’s and Push-up Challenge a long time A Long time ago Yea like 5 and a half years ago We’re gonna do it right here, right now, 100 Pushidtdtytjytdtyjytj-ups and 100 M&M’s basicyjaylly, after every point I do a push-udjat the bottom of every push-up, Iyj eat an M&M, and I go back up. Of dtdtdtdtjttlehjdf gains. That’sythdyhdytmy little twist. Thayhyhdyt’s hynmy little twist. If he wants to redo dyt and takeh that’s finywith me, but little Goku j, Goku ghainjddys actyn. *Ljdink in description below.* So what we’ve done, is counted out precisely, 100 M&M’s 100 M&M’s right here. We’re gonna throw him on the ground. You guys keep asking for a little challenge on this channel between Matt and I. Well, we’re finally getting it started. We’re getting it started, once again. I did notice that the reps might not have been ideal But, uh, I’m gonna let him slide, and, uh, I’m gonna give you that time. It was like 10 26. 10 something. I’ll post a time right here that I have to beat, and we’ll see if we can beat it. So, let’s get started! Now put our M&M’s on my clean, little floor here, just like so Spread them out I I feel like it might be a little difficult to pick up just one, so we got to make sure that they’re flat As we’re going down Got you buddy. I got you Goku in my blood. You got the timer ready? Good! Put it on the screen…there. Are you ready? Ready to go? Meldiva: “Yeah” Yeah! You want me to give you countdown? Yeah. Alright. Three…Two…One…GO Do you know where you at? Just start counting M&M’s when they, when it gets low. You’re allowed to take breaks. Huh? You are allowed to take breaks. Come on. Shake it out. I think, with the process of bottom, and the M&M’s It’s a little more dif… difficult. Yeah, you gotta like suck them up or something You’re allowed to push them around too. Like space them out one. Whew, that’s a dynamic one, ya. That red one Yeah, you spread them out. Cause now, cause there, it’s harder when they’re closer It says 5:33 Alright, let’s go. I really don’t have that many left Super Saiyan, let’s go. 6:19. 6:20. Okay. Serious business. 6:45. That’s just a handful. There is like 23 left. You’re at 7: 11 on this camera. So close How many are left? Oh yeah. 7:57 Nice It’s hard being big. Hard being fat. 8:27. Let’s go Yeah! Let’s go. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. You had 9:07. But really 8 something or 7 something. Up, up, up, up, up Shake it, shake it, shake it, shake it, shake it. 9:27, let’s go. I wish I had, had my phone with the real-time One Last one That was fun Let’s see your tongue Well that was long overdue. And props to you Matt for kicking ass YouTube. The eating world. I remember when we first met, you came to like, some of my eating contests, before you like really got started So props to you for, all the success This bong overdue, but it’s fun. Maybe you guys can think of other fitness eating videos and we can challenge each other on For other videos in the future to come. Hopefully you guys enjoyed the video. If you did, give it a THUMBS UP We’ll catch you guys later WOO! You guys Stay Sexy and Stay Hungry Get lay. BOOM!!!

100 thoughts on “Matt Stonie’s 100 M&M’s & Push-up Challenge ACCEPTED!

  1. This is a challenge. I love M&MS and I love me some pushups, but damn. Cool video, Pete.


  2. I think the MnM's makes it easier doesn't it? sugar boost. I can't even do 100 pressups without MnMs

  3. Yes and no matter how strong you are the pause and eatting makes you feel the full extent of the pushups. That's how i use to do my pushups, i use to pushup and go down pause then up and repeat. That way you feel the pushups working..

  4. You did not win, you went on your knees amd he stayed on his hands the whole 10min and 49sec.
    Good challenge still

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