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43 thoughts on “Meal Prep – Easy Chicken Couscous Recipe

  1. Woooow didn’t know you had an entire YouTube channel lol! What are the odds that you posted 2 minutes ago! Yessssss

  2. The music is a bit loud in this one Kev, makes it hard to hear. Actually watching as i'm eating Chicken Couscous, Gonna have to try your recipe next time.

  3. Man, I look forward to your videos every week!Β  I will get this one done next week as I've already got my ingredients for this week.

  4. Hey Kev, I wanna order your cookbook. But I need to know:
    Are the numbers in g/kg and degree celsius or is it the american cups and Β°F???

  5. I’ve been watching your channel since the air fryer episode. This looks great and it’s all ingredients I use. However Swiss Chard or Rainbow Chard is my personal favorite.

  6. Not going to lie the joke was really bad but the part that made me laugh was when you laugh after the joke! Great video Kevin!

  7. As a super quick way to add rice or quinoa to a dish, I buy the pre made kind that come in a tear open pouch, I get them at Costco, they do cost more, that’s why I don’t use them EVERY time, just when I’m pinched for time, they are very delicious!

  8. I follow you on IG but I never get your video notifications on YT ! I have to search you every time smh … love your videos!

  9. Everything looks good EXCEPT the chicken! And the OIL! Happened on to this vlog, don't know why,but watched it anyway even though I am VEGAN! Aways looking for new ideas while staying true to vegan basics. Not eating meat,oil,dairy and junk processed foods has saved my life. Good luck to your cooking ventures and should you adapt your skills to veganism,you will have many followers. It is not easy but you could/should check it out!

  10. I lose 100 lbs in 6 months and just started my Youtube Channel and uploaded my Transformation. Just want to share my journey and knowledge about fitness. It would mean a lot if you visit, watch, support and subscribe to me. Thank mates!!!

  11. Made this yesterday for this week's meal prep. It's easy and tastes great! Love the hint of cinnamon on the chicken.

  12. This was amazing, I mixed chillis in with the chicken whilst it cooked and I do not regret it. I'm gonna be watching you more often. Simple, quick, tastes good and healthy.

  13. After you bring the broth to a simmer do you turn the heat down to low? The video doesn't say. but the app says to turn it down to low.

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