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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

so what’s up YouTube’s slow meal prep we got five pounds of chicken breast I put in the oven at 400 degrees for about 20 minutes then i gotta to green peppers over it and and are you over it nor covetous I was going to put it back in the oven for 20 minutes and we’ll see how that goes so the strip make about 10 servings of meal prepping meals 10 servings I think it’s like with two with the bush with the two cans of baked beans and the 18 servings of this mary brown rice cake comes out like 800 calories pop maybe they can figure out how to track the macros i will on that CS is a meal prep was watching some some jury award Jerry congratulations on winning your first show 22 years Hoffs congrats story anyways a do some shit later I don’t know what else is on tap for dates monday morning first day at my new job news alright so what the fuck we gotta wear risk injury for the tubes for the YouTube see what the fuck we got up here II just gonna be heavy 67 pounds we get my mitts oh yeah let’s see we are going on here steam that some steam which it’s going to be heavy they do a good thing I lift lift bro ah-oh got the shit my boss my boss about my business zoom zoom in that’s what’s up finish up this meal prep fuck it’s a lot of work actually I went on your proper about a year so there’s my chicken veggies here’s why black beans to the big cans of black beans it’s a whole box of the rice my ghetto a scale the fucking the ounces don’t work it’s just fucking ground like our new skill look at this shit is like for postage 100 men struggle is real on the scale fucking bullshit yeah I’m trying at ten topper we’re so that like various stuff we’re sorted so fucking struggles real surface pro 3 like a freaking asshole with freaking following a play my amazon trying to me McGraw that I need some other package of 10 I’m gonna do this with all this action i’m going to do ten meals and then I have it in my my loser program so i’ll show you the 10 meals and the the calories and everything but I like to do this once a week here takes like two hours you get 10 meals so that’s 12 minutes per meal during the week I just like to you know I just like to go fast so weighed in at 250 today to 50.8 thinking about trying to get down to yeah I’m thinking about trying to get down to 240 maybe a pound pound cut a week I’m just trying to find my maintenance right now I think maintenance around 3,500 calories with that’s included with extras like five or 600 calories and exercise a day so we don’t do a video about trying to find my maintenance and whatnot but that’s what I’m just trying to do right now I think these are getting these meals here are going to be about 800 calories peace and not sure so I gotta fill in the day but I’m gonna try to lose 10 pounds the next . two-and-a-half months pound a week really want to dunk the basketball so i think i need to lose some weight for that used to summer fun spots which I’m doing anyways I’ll study the meals when i’m done to do my surface pro 3 a plane shit I got no fucking music this is some bullshit how much missed a meal prep that music bullshit alright so this is all all ten all ten meals all Tamils done in and took me I i was doing the math took me about three three hours to do all this so for 10 meals about 15 minutes per meal was the first time we did in awhile so I i think i can get down like two hours or but it wasn’t stressful so 23 hours so it’s like 15 minutes up a meal and I did put this on the loser i made i called chicken rice and beans how creative right now it’s just to lose it up everyone seems to use myfitnesspal which I might try but so i made 10 servings of all this i made a recipe also i’ll show how to make recipes i’ll get my fitness pal anyway 737 and this is the back rows on each one of these because i made ten different port ten different servings so about 10 grams of fat 92 car 74 protein per one of these 737 calories so I also i also figured out that i also was figuring it costs about three dollars per per per meal so I don’t know that’s I guess pretty good you’re going to go out out to somewhere like object polar something that’s going to be 70 books so he’ll the macros going to try to fit into everything that’s just a quick meal prep but i like it once a week I know exactly how many calories I have now again is it is it a is a precise well i just added every everything in and divide it by 10 and i’ll eat this in a week so I mean I use I use the whole whole cup for the further for the rice i use the whole cup and just portions throughout half cup for the beans and then I just eyeballed that the chicken and peppers in here so yeah 111 might have more than the other but they’re going to be about the same and i’m going to eat alternities in a week so I’m not trying to be a you know not trying to be like exact exact exact I’m not going for show or anything christian says you know I’m saying just trying it already not sure already watching a show right now no plans doing a show i’m just getting all right so this will get you already a home excuse me ladies if there’s any ladies who watch this what so so yeah I think it all equal out in in in the week you know doesn’t matter that one’s gonna have a little more or less than the other protein or carbs because it always felt the week but yeah this is a this is so much food prep i’m figuring out my macros figured out my maintenance i want to drop a pound a week for the next to 12 weeks yeah next ten next ten weeks I’m start 11 weeks are only down to 49 to 50 . this morning so anyways to supply the video my amazon prime is fucking up bad and no tim mcgraw and I’m pierced what is that what is that my friends what floor are those done prep feels yeah those are prepped fields 10d turn dizzy prep fields prep fields juices and hate

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  1. Meal preps for bodybuilding is great – just that I was told and read instructions by doctors and other health professionals that cooked food can only be kept for 2 days in the refrigerator especially in tropical countries cooked food can only last 4 hours after cooking outside the ref?

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