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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, So, a couple weeks back I talked about how
life was getting a little bit busy, to say the least. The twins were on the way. Well, now they’re here, things are even crazier,
it’s a little bit harder for me to make sure that I get my meals in the way I need to get
them in, but that doesn’t mean that I have to sacrifice that option of eating healthy
entirely. You see, I talked a couple weeks ago about
these three options that we all have. We either have fast options, cheap options, or good
options. We can get two of the three. We can’t choose all three. My case? I’m going to choose good and fast.
I don’t have the time now to make sure that I can eat healthy. So I might have to pay
a little bit more. Here’s the big secret: I mentioned the catering menu. What I do is, I don’t go to the hot bar
at Whole Foods or the hot bar at [inaudible 0:00:54] and order what they have their. I’ll
pay through the nose and so will you. So what you do is, you go to the catering menu, you
find the options that you like on the catering menu. I guarantee that because of the amount that
you’re buying you can get it for a lot less than you would if you tried to buy the individual
meals at the hot bar. So two examples of what I ordered here is
grilled chicken – a whole tray full of grilled chicken – you can see it right here. Again,
it’s beautiful. It’s all done. I don’t have to worry about it. It’s all setup for me perfect. Sweet potatoes.
You know that I love my sweet potatoes. Obviously, I’m on going to go without them. So a whole
big tray full of sweet potatoes here all done for me. Now all you have to do – or all I have to
do now – is take out some Tupperware. You see I have a ton of it over here. A ton. Just
take out some, scoop out the sweet potatoes in my individual servings. Guys, I don’t measure, okay? That’s a waste
of time. That’s about how much I usually eat. Take it, put it together, here’s a serving,
and this will go in the freezer. It freezes great. I’ll take them out as I need them that
night. I might be at the hospital and I’ll come back,
grab one, take it out, and it’s ready to go for me. I’ll freeze all the ones I don’t
want. Maybe I’ll leave about four of them out for now. The same thing here for the grilled
chicken. Screw measuring, guys. Take out what you normally
have. You eyeball it. Again, for me – I’m talking about plate wise – I get a third
of the plate in protein. So here, done, put together, and there’s my grilled chicken all
set. This same deal, you can freeze that too. You
don’t have to worry about it going bad. It works perfectly when you take it out, defrost
it, and use it that night. Look, I hardly used up any of it. This is one whole tray. As I said, I ordered two of these and this
will last me for two weeks at least, if not a little bit longer and I paid a whole lot
less than I would have if I went to the hot bar. Remember, you’ve got three options. You can choose two: fast, cheap, and good.
You can go cheap if you want and have it fast and then you’re probably buying form McDonald’s
and Burger King. That’s not really one of my choices. I have to keep the quality of
it and maybe sacrifice a little bit on price. But for the convenience and to allow me to
continue to eat well, this is the way we do it. Guys, if you’re looking for a whole entire
meal plan that allows you to actually eat good food – these actually taste really
good, they’re not tasteless – and even a lot more options than I’m including here,
these are easy for me to do this now; you can get them all out of our X-Factor Meal
plan available at In the meantime, if you’ve found this video
helpful and this tip, now seeing it in action, then make sure to leave your thumbs up below
and let me know. All right, guys. I’ll be back here again in just a few days.
See you.

100 thoughts on “Meal Prep Hack (30 MEALS / 30 SECONDS!)

  1. Meal Plan:
    Icecream fruit juice
    -a shake of blue seeds (poppy seeds)
    -a shake of thyme
    -two scoops of promasil (stable protein powder)
    -two tablespoons of powdered skim milk
    -one hand-full of raisins
    -one hand-full of dried cranberries
    -quarter bowl of alkalined water
    Twice a day, one for lunch in morning and one for lunch at noon
    Holy Fruit-Mash
    -brussel sprouts
    -red peppers
    -green peppers
    -yellow peppers
    -organic white wheat
    -oat meal
    -olive oil
    -sunflower seeds
    -sesame seeds
    -pumpkin seeds (when on sale)
    -dill weed
    Once for morning lunch
    At times I change the vegetable mix in the Holy Fruit-Mash
    Food prepared for 4 to 6 months in advance, dropped 34 kg, or 75 lbs, since the summer I learnt this guy's Latin
    Catus Brooks
    MA Candidate

  2. I weigh 202, 30% body fat, 31 BMI and am 5'9…45 years old; I can't stop eating fast food! I weighed 150 lbs until I was 34 and got a 9-5 job…and then came the fat!

  3. Jeff, when you are talking about the " Catering Menu" is this at a specific store? I heard you mention whole foods. is it just there or different places?

  4. Very smart and great for beginners. Just have a catering service make meals for you. You save time, you eat healthy and have no excuses. You're not gonna waste all that food.

  5. $109 for the chicken and roughly $80 for the potatoes, then you still have to buy oatmeal, cinammon, brown sugar, he also eats asparugus and nut crusted salmon, $300 for 1 person grocery list.

  6. I live in South Florida (Port St. Lucie). Unfortunately, I don’t have a whole foods. What supermarket could I find this Style catering menu? I have Publix, Winn-Dixie, and Walmart , Locally to choose from.

  7. The best kind of meal prep is when I don't have to meal prep. Very helpful tip to order from the catering menu!

  8. First of all…

    "Guys I don't MEASURE. Ok? It's a waste of time."

    "Screw measuring guys."

    Music to my ears!!! Thank you!!!!!

  9. Hey bro thanks for the video and information!
    Since following your channel I've become more aware to my workout routine and eating habits. I have a question though it's off topic of the video. Would love your input on this. What do you think of this powder drink mix called Superhuman Hulk from Alpha Lion? Been looking to help give my workouts an extra kick rather then just plain coffee as I'm becoming used to. Any information is much appreciated bro!

  10. I feel like this is so obvious. Yet I would have never thought of it. Actually not all that expensive either $7.00 per chicken breast, fully cooked? Not at all bad.

  11. Jeff having gone through the u.s. army basic training and the meal plan that they offered us. I had problems sticking to there plan after completing training and I am now wanting to get back to a healthier way of life. However I know from past experience that switching is not easy and I wanted to know what you would suggest in order make a change and keep that lifestyle. I also want to know how you would suggest avoiding unhealthy snacks like ice cream or popcorn or something along those lines, or maybe some healthier alternatives.

  12. Thank you i’m currently a physical therapy student and I love how your videos or scientifically focused and also truly help individuals like myself that are extremely busy maintain a healthy lifestyle

  13. One of the things I’m curious about is how do you freeze it pre-cooked does it do anything that dramatically affect the taste

  14. Thank you so much Jeff. I feel like this is for those who don’t know how to cook for cheap, but willingly have the money to spend for their meal plan to stay in shape. I just ordered a full pan of baked chicken and green beans with almonds and they will have it ready for me by tomorrow. Thank you very much!

  15. Id love to do this have to buy glad containers, the food, and of course a job again since it was only seasoal lol

  16. After all these years your advice is still solid man. Never thought of it this way tbh. This is why I always followed this channel for years. No long winded bullshit, 3 mins straight to the point advice. You're the man Jeff wish you all the success

  17. Hey, I’m writing this here because I️ can’t find a spot to write it.
    I’m a vegetarian trying to lean out and gain muscle. Any meal recommendations ? I️’ll eat some fish, but rarely. Can you make a video for us vegetarian folk? Please and thanks!

  18. Holy Crap! Look at the prices of these on Whole Foods website. I'm not paying $199 for a tray of 8 pork tenderloins. Good grief. Anyone have a suggestion on good companies that do this type of meal prep?

  19. Por qué no tienes este video en español?

    En tú canal de español no tienes ninguna informacion sobre alimentacion.

  20. This is an amazing idea! Thank you so much. I cook for my family every single day and this is a great idea for when I just need a break. I don’t have to feel guilty about my kids eating unhealthy food. They can still eat healthy while I take a break. I love it.

  21. This video is fantastic, exactly the area I'm struggling in, anybody know an Australian equivalent around the Melbourne area with good catering food?

  22. This video must not have aged well, considering 30 days of just grilled chicken from my local whole foods would cost me 220 bucks before taxes. So I would love to know where Jeff 30 days worth of everything for about 100.

  23. I have all day to sit around and money to burn so I just cook all day with fresh ingredients it’s fun and rewarding

  24. Jeff, will this concept work with your Max/Gains program? I just signed up and am trying to figure out the best way to plan for success since I work long hours on construction sites.

  25. I just put an egg, a banana, beans, tuna, peppermint, a potato, a large onion, a bit of garlic, cocoa powder, ginger, greek yogurt and some parsley blended with milk and olive oil; then i drink this during the day putting it in like 3 bottles filled with water. That's how i feed myself, and I don't even need to cook. I just eat 3 spoons of whey without flavour as post wo. I like them dry, directly in my mouth.

  26. Jeff still making videos even with his hospital band still on his wrist! Dedication to a whole new level!💯

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