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hey guys welcome to my channel um if you
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channel if you don’t subscribe I still love you so today I want to review this
shake have y’all ever heard of this xviii shake it’s kind of expensive
actually it’s like I think I forget 39 or $29.99 something like that but
anyways it says that it’s supposed to this is vanilla vanilla they have
different flavors of course but it reduces hunger it’s high in protein and
it has a great taste so it’s supposed to be a luxury meal replacement so it says
that in the back over here for instructions it says you need one scoop
and shaker and then you add 8 ounces of water so this is my 8 ounces of water
and then I’m gonna add one scoop of the mix and then shake it up and see what
this tastes like I took it a while ago I think like two months ago I forget what
it tastes like we’re gonna try it so basically this is my okay this is that
and then this is my one scoop okay and I’m going to put it in the water okay I
got a little messy here about that’s fine so I put it in the water and then the
next thing it says is to shake it so we going to shake it oh I thought I closed
it but I didn’t shake shake shake shake shake shake shake shake I shake it
pretty good so I could get a good taste of it okay this is supposed to be I
guess if you’re going on a diet and you want to drink something they’re supposed
to help you out but let’s see if it works this is a drink right here I’m
gonna try I’m shaking but I gotta do it so it is um when you see me make my face
like that that means it has a taste that I don’t like it’s kinda like you could
taste like they were trying to make it sweet but it’s not sweet and it tastes
like shit so based uh so basically you don’t want
to buy this oh maybe buy it and mix it up with
something else don’t just buy it by itself but on and then everybody’s taste
is different but for me personally the stuff tastes like shit and I wouldn’t
waste my money I don’t like what it tastes like so I’m not gonna be buying
it again and just tasted it at someone and done thing so they’re like it anyway
guys anyways everybody thank you for watching this channel subscribe to my
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2 thoughts on “Meal Replacement | 18 Shake Review

  1. glad to see this video.. trying to figure out what this taste like.. so if it taste like shit.. it cant be

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