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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Are your Athlean dreams being shattered by
your desk job? we are going to go to the computer today to
answer your questions from last week, to show you it doesn’t have to be the case. What’s up everybody? Jeff Cavaliere If you remember last week, I put you to the
test. I said, hey, give me your best question. Vote it up. Whoever had the highest amount of comments
on their question would get answered here this week on the video. This is something that I want to do every
now and then here, because I think it is great. You guys give me your input, and I get to
answer your questions directly. So in doing so I went to my computer last
week: 82 thumbs up on the comment from Mikhael from Greece. He says ” I am already and ATHLEAN-X member. I must say your videos are something to look
forward to all week. I don’t really have a question but I have
a request. I work in an investment bank so I am in the
office 10 hours straight. Could you make a video of what people like
me can eat at work? Nutrition tips or something that would not
take much time to eat because I can not stay off my desk for a long time. Best Regards, Mikhael.” Now that is a great question. It is something that a lot of us deal with. You don’t just have to be at a desk job. When I was in college, believe it or not,
that is when the whole ATHLEAN dream started for me, was way back then, trying to figure
out, what could I do to make it through a day? We used to have a long period of classes in
PT where we would literally just break for a couple of minutes, because we were doing
summer courses at the very beginning of my schooling. There is just no time. You have to cram so much in. So I was thinking, what could I have that
was somewhat discrete, too. I could actually eat in class, without causing
a big scene. So this question is right up my alley. So what can we do? First and foremost you have to have things
that are portable, that don’t require a lot of preparation, and that you can eat discretely
so that people aren’t staring at you, you aren’t causing a big scene while you are just
trying to get your nutrition in. Some of things I recommend right off the bat-what
I used to do-I used to take a thermos and put it in the freezer to make it ice cold. Then I would take a protein shake, in this
case I highly recommend my own here because I know what goes in it. We talked about this before. There is a lot of shady stuff that goes on
in the supplement industry these days. At least I know what is in here, and it is
the best of the best. Basically you make your shake in the morning. If that thing [thermos] is ice-cold overnight,
you can seal that up and it is going to stay cold throughout that entire day. I used to have it sometimes 4, 5,6 o’clock
at night on my way home. So that is a great option, number 1. Number 2, just by having one of these thermos
bags. You don’t have to carry it around on your
shoulder, you just bring it to work. You put something in here, it is insulated,
if you want to keep something that is cold, like a yogurt, you can put it in here, put
one of these little freezer-ready ice…I don’t know what you call them. When you take it out of the freezer, put it
in here, and zip this up, it is going to stay cold all day. So that allows you to have something quick
and portable, like a Greek yogurt- a great snack- and a banana. a piece of fruit. Now I want to break away and tell you here
that the key to your success is not just eating carbohydrate foods. We call it nutrient fusion in the Athlean-X
meal plan. You want to have carbs and protein together
as often as you can. The protein is going to help you slow down
a little bit. It has the chew factor to it so you have to
work to actually eat it usually. That will actually help to slow you down,
the tempo of your eating a little bit. Again, we are not talking about having feasts
here. We are talking about getting this meal in,
in 2 or 3 minutes. It will also help stabilize your blood sugar,
when you combine your carbohydrates with your protein, you are going to have a combined
effect in the gut of a slower digestion, which is going to keep your blood sugar stable a
lot longer. So always try to combine the 2. Those can go in here and you are good to go. An old stanby is very easy; I always recommend
protein bars. Some guys don’t want to have supplements. So take the X-celerator out of it, take the
protein bar out. Guys, it doesn’t get any simpler than this. It is not going to melt, it is not going to
go bad. It can go anywhere with you and it is very,
very simple. Next, again, getting your protein in with
your carbs, turkey jerky or beef jerky here; they make this stuff so low fat now. I think they make these from Ostrich now. Any of these things, these are awesome. If you like the taste of them, they are great
and as your carbs you can have with them as your carbs, as a snack in carbs, just little
grape tomatoes. The advantage here is they don’t need to be
refridgerated. You can just bring these with you. You have your perfect combination, your carbs
and your proteins. So that would be here. Lastly something guys like to use a lot, is
a trail mix. We even recommend that on the X-factor meal
plans.But if you do, I always caution you, what are you making your trail mix from? What is the basis of your trail mix? If it is completely made from all different
kinds of nuts, and you bring in something like this, say I am going to use it for the
week-when you look down, and this is empty, you are going to realize that you made a big
mistake. They are completely caloric and fatty; yes,
they are healthy but they can be fatty. Trying to get a 6-pack the last thing you
want to do is snack away, grab away, and paw away at this all day long. So they have single serving packages of whatever
your favorite nuts are. You can get them here. But I will tell you this-this little packet
here, 14 grams of fat and 170 calories. So when you think about what is the basis
of your trail mix–most guys don’t stop here, they stop maybe 3 or 4 times the size of these
things. There is an old adage guys, becareful of your
nuts. When you put in an amount just enough for
the effect of the taste. We call it incidental fat. Get the incidental fat from your nuts, but
that is about it. Alright? I like to use as the basis of a trail mix,
Kashi Heart to Heart, Kashi Go Lean. It is a little bit harder to pick up, but
the fact of the matter is they are much better for you. They are higher protein content in a typical
carbohydrate type food like cereal. So you can combine a few of your favorite
cereals and that will be the basis of it. Sprinkle in a couple of carrot chips if you
want that sweetness. Again, lots of options here. Very quick, easy, discrete. You can grab at these without people even
seeing what you are doing. That is a very important thing. Thank you Mikhael, thank you guys. We are going to do this more often
but if you want to see a whole bunch more of these options that you can actually take
with you. Not only that, but they are super easy to
prepare. Then you have got to get the ATHLEAN-X meal
plan that comes with the ATHLEAN-X Training System. It is the X-factor meal plan for a reason. It can literally make the difference between
having a 6-pack and not. We know guys, that no matter how hard you
train,if your nutrition is awful, you are not going to look good. So you have got to make sure that you are
dialed in, and I lay that all out for you. Everything like this, but not just snacks,-your
breakfasts, your lunches, your dinners, everything-and it is all part of the ATHLEAN-X training system. Guys if you have it, head on over there, grab
it at In the meantime, we are going to do this again. I like to get your feedback. Leave all your comments below. We might not be able to get an answer to those
this week, but next time I do this, we are going to do the same thing. We are going to challenge you to put the favorite
comment up there, vote it up to the top. Whatever it is, we will answer it. Guys, we will be back here again next week. In the meantime, have a great rest of the
weekend. I will see you back here in 7 days.

100 thoughts on “Midday MUSCLE BUILDING Foods – 5 Healthy High Protein Snacks

  1. Great info! Question, are your x-factor meal plans designed for people who workout early in the morning? or is it just different timing on the meals?

  2. Not a nutritious meal, but when I was in high school, in my morning class (English, for anyone who may care), one of my classmates brought in a small bottle of milk, a bowl, spoon, and a box of cereal. Sat there and ate it in the middle of class. lmao

  3. Hard boil 6 eggs the night before. Take the yolks out after shelling them…they'll stay cold in ur lunch box. For carbs bring 1 slice of whole wheat bread. But use 2 cold blocks…one won't be enough. Also look into quinoa and sprinkle some olive oil and low fat cheddar on it… can also keep that cold. Oh and don't tell me you don t like the smell or taste of eggs…..if you want to look good…ur gonna need them. Cheap and easy protein. Doesn't get better than that. Protein packed for the next day.

  4. Suggestions for a 21 year old who is low on energy, lately I am struggling to stay awake. Getting up in the morning is an issue

  5. Jeff can you do a video about when to take supplements. I don't know when the best time to take my amino acids and after I workout I eat my lunch so should I take my post workout with my meal???? Just a video about when to take supplements and combining with meals or not would be helpful

  6. I am a free safety in football I'm pretty skinny but I want to gain muscle mass but still continue to get faster

  7. I love the idea of cereal with nuts. I'm in class all day 3x a week and I can relate to your previous situation. Not to mention, carb loaded snacks get tiring and are definitely unfilling.

  8. Hey Jeff, I'm Rohan from India. There are a lot of Indians here who follow your advice. We incorporate every bit of your techniques that you teach us in our workouts and it actually helps. One really big barrier is that a lot of us out here, don't eat nonveg. That being said, my issue isn't commitment. If given a right "VEG" diet, I shall stick to it for life. Please, please, please do a video talking about the vegetarian foods that one can have to get a physic like yours. Regards, Rohan. ☺️

  9. Can you address nutrition for diabetics (me) who want to gain muscle but keep carbs and sugar down so my glucose doesn't shoot up through the ceiling? Does your AX1 program address issues for diabetics? Love your videos.

  10. Jeff, I appreciate your videos. I am a YouTube subscriber, but not yet an AthleanX'er–if you will; strongly considering though. I have a question about body symmetry and proportion. Do you discuss symmetry and proportion or plan workouts with these in mind, and perhaps 'fixes' if a muscle group seems to be going rogue…? Thanks! -Josh (Chattanooga, TN)

  11. Great advice. We all get the concert of" walking in", may you see that we don't need to see you do it. Just tell us "let's pretend i juste walked in and i'm about to cook for me dinner." Boom! Simple intro. No staging. No lies. Just the real Jeff we love. Take care.

  12. dont agree , i haven found a good protein bar in my life…. Try eating fried eggs with bread one day and other day same meal eat just protein bars and compare. fried eggs are real protein!!

  13. Can somebody give me a chart to sort out all the daily food items according to their nutrition value? For example Fibres- Bananas, Corn

  14. what about peanut butter and banana sandwiches?but with a twist?using the banana as your "bread" 😉 vshredz style lol lol

  15. I think the idea of snacking is flawed… when I cut weight, I have to eat meals every 3-4 hours. The best thing to do is to either meal prep or get a meal prep service (there are lots nowadays) with 450-550 calories per meal with 40-50g protein and 40-50g carbs in each meal. Basically, chicken and rice or some equivalent several times a day. That's the only way to really keep your hunger under control and get enough macros to build muscle and stay lean.

  16. Great ideas! Wish I would have done this in my working life. I lived off of fast foods, 7-11 coffee and vending machines.
    Garbage! Even though I led an EXTREMELY physical and active life – that crap still took its toll.
    I'm retired now, totally sedentary ( that's about to change since watching your videos!) and want to eat healthier. You've pointed me in the right direction.
    Thanks Jeff!

  17. What are good vegetables that are high in protein low calorie low carbs that are good for you? That also aren't too nasty?

  18. I think I've found the best way to get that trail mix into the diet by making a week's worth of breakfast oats, with dates, bruised mixed nuts and something like dried apple or apricots. Combine it in a large tub with skimmed milk and stuff it in the fridge for the week – it gets richer and better every day :o)

  19. I’m so glad to have found your site. Your videos have me re motivated and I can’t wait to get into your meal plans because that’s my downfall. Keep up the killer videos

  20. hi jeff cavaliere i have a question can u make a video explaining how many days you have to workout in a week like hiw many days is good for you to workout in a week

  21. I would like to make sure that I'm eating something that is healthy, but is a Nutri Grain bar of any flavor healthy ?

  22. I don't trust supplement companies after Hotstuff in the mid 90's. How do we as a consumer know that these things are really in the protein mix

  23. Please I need the videos in Spanish 🙂 I love your videos about food, but I don't understand, because my English is basic. Please 🙂

  24. How about a video for people that sit all day long at work 12 hours a day and somehow stay active or something we can do so we're not just so not doing something any idea would help please thank you

  25. More light on your kitchen makes for a less grainy picture. A lil light on the subject, if you will….😎
    Sucker for cashews!

  26. It may work for you. But carb consumption should be extremely little. It turns to sugar. Causing insulin to fall and hunger will rear it's ugly head soon after. High fats have more fuel and longer lasting fuel than any carb any day. I follow just about all that you show. But I have to completely disagree here. That banana is pure sugar also. I would bet that yogurt has corn syrup in it as well. Read the labels to what you consume. If it says it has preservatives, high fructose, etc. Then it's basically poison. Stick with whole foods , high fats, and minimal carbs. It's ot my opinion. It is fact based. Trust me if I could eat potatoes and pasta every day I would.

  27. The keyword and most important, rather it's food or life in general as Jeff states at 6:30, "be careful of your nuts", Amen!

  28. Some additional food typicaly eaten from sporty people in germany:
    Harzer Käse (low kcal chees) 0 carbs, 30g protein, 5g fat
    Rollmops (fingerfood fish), 1g carbs, 12g protein, 8g fat
    lowfat quark (good base for quick meal), 4g carbs, 12g protein, 0g fat

    Nuts, Thuna and Avocado is also well known in the US.

  29. My favourite meal is a good ol' vaginamite sandwich, idk about you but you might enjoy penisbutter on yours.

  30. I gotta be honest, I don’t know anyone who can enjoy eating cherry tomatoes like grapes. I get your point, but it just threw me off when Jeff said that

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