Selen Dar

Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

I think one of the biggest issues I
struggled with mentally particularly my early 20s was this fear of being on
camera. I don’t know what it was, I don’t know where it came from, but I just
despised the prospect of having to speak to a camera. Even if it was just talking
to my phone and recording a video I did not like doing it and it showed because
I just turned into this really awkward, weird and comfortable version of myself
which, when I watched the footage and playback of it, it made me want to do it
even less. But this was something I knew I had to change because it was eating
away at me it was making me depressed because I knew that I would progress a
lot more as a person in social situations and, you know, for my career
just being on camera and making videos to be more confident and comfortable
would do wonders for me. So I had to force myself to get better and, as much
as it was unpleasant to begin with, I just got a tripod, got a camera
and I spoke to it. I asked myself questions and I gave those responses and I watched the footage back and I saw where I could improve, you know, I could
increase or improve upon my energy levels, improve my body language and just become overall more confident and showcase my true personality and it did
work. Practice makes a big difference. Doing something that you really don’t want to do will deliver a lot of
satisfaction and as you see yourself progress and get more comfortable it
makes you very happy and I can safely say it’s definitely made me a much
better version of myself. It’s made me the best me and even to this day I’m
still not perfect on camera but I’m progressing the more I do it and the
same thing goes for public speaking you know even sometimes when I get nervous
when I’m speaking in front of big crowds you just have to do it throw yourself
into the deep end and it takes a little while to get going but the more you do
it the more confident you become and you will notice that when this happens it
will just do wonders for your career and just for your overall confidence and
happiness on the whole

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