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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hey ! What’s up warriors , it’s Amit. Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist And welcome to body weight beast mode In milky nuts recipe video Ingredients are very easily available. We just need 300 ml of low fat milk and fifteen almonds Almonds are rich in magnesium which helps in calming down the brain before sleep As you may know, many people suffer from insomnia and now what will happen by consuming magnesium is If you eat almonds before sleeping that will make you fall asleep quickly You may also be aware that many people use different kinds of drugs before sleep so that they get sound sleep The most important thing about almond is that it is natural food Almonds doesn’t have any side-effects which generally drugs have. Next we have Low fat milk We will consume 300 ml If low fat milk is not available near your house then you can use normal cow’s milk in this entire program Please download workout and recipe book whose links I have given below in the description box This is last meal of the day Most people generally neglect eating before bed Due to which the body is not able to recover or grow You may also be aware of …. It is also one of the myth That we grow muscles inside the gym this is absolutely not true The reason behind this is We grow muscles outside of the gym from proper nutrition and rest If you are following my diet or whatever written in PDF If you are not following my recipe videos then how will you grow muscles ? how will you recover in this 56 days That’s why I keep repeating To watch my videos carefully So that you understand my video well. So that you don’t feel sometimes that you are not able put some muscles you are not able to achieve your goals further Finally you will come under depression what to do now and what not to do That’s why I am requesting you all to watch my videos carefully be it my workout video , nutrition video or PDF Each and every thing you have to follow So that in this 56 days you get guaranteed results. Just like When you drive a car , engine overheats after sometime and after sometime , the car stops Similarly , our body needs rest So that you are able recover from the workout As a consequence you can grow muscles in body In a day , please note you need 7-8 hours of sleep So that body starts recovery process and starts muscle building process This is because when you sleep, our body produces different kinds of hormones now what does hormones do ? different hormones have different roles in body Even different hormones have different functions in the body Because we are doing muscle building For the time being, we will focus only on testosterone now which is one of the important hormones Whether you are doing fat loss or muscle building If you are very much tensed be it financially or due to office work any type of work pressure or you are not taking rest for seven to eight hours or you are not following correct nutrition guidelines as I have mentioned on my nutrition videos now what will happen is your body won’t be able to produce enough testosterone and the process of muscle building or muscle growth your body won’t be able to do and you won’t get proper results. Similarly, I will launch my programs on Youtube Please share my videos with your friends So that my videos reaches every single person , whosoever needs my videos Take care warriors, I am waiting for your results please take your progress pictures please do not forget to use hashtags for this #amitphysique #bodyweightbeastmode . I will be waiting for your results Definitely results are waiting for you guys If you are following my programs with complete dedication then results is guaranteed peace, this is Amit. Signing off.

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