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Mirafit Guide to Gym Storage Getting the right storage for your home
gym isn’t necessarily something you think about when choosing your power or
squat rack, however being able to store your equipment is really important for a
number of reasons. It helps protect your gear, when you’ve just invested in a load
of gym equipment you want it to last. It helps keep everything in order, when you
lift your mind needs to be focused on what you’re doing.
Tidy gym, tidy mind. And it prevents hazards, having weights lying around
everywhere isn’t going to help anyone so it’s much better to get any trip
hazards out of the way. So in this video we’re going to take you through the
different storage options to help you decide what best fits your gym. So let’s starts with weight plate storage. One of the easiest ways to store
your weight plates is by using a set of weight plate storage poles. These can be
fitted onto your power rack if you have one, just remember to check the maximum
weight capacity of your power rack to make sure that you don’t overload it. As
you build up your weight plate collection there are lots of other ways
you can store them. If you’re using cast iron weight plates in an Olympic weight
rack or weight trees will help keep your weights in check while not in use. Storing bumper plates, our range of bumper plate trolleys and racks are ideal for
storing larger plates as well as keeping them in order. The trolleys are also
great if you want to keep your weights close to hand as you can transport them
around the gym easily. What about weight bars? Weight bars are used regularly so
it’s important they’re taken care of. If you don’t have the wall space for
something like a horizontal bar rack then there are bar stands which are simple
and easy to use and they can hold several different bars at once. If you’re
storing a range of standard 1 inch and Olympic 2 inch bars then you can get
adapters to fit the smaller bars into the same size stand. There are also more
compact options available too which are ideal if you’re just looking to store a
few plates and a couple of bars. Now let’s look at the freeway storage
options, as well as having somewhere to store your weights and bars you may also
need somewhere to store your other types of equipment, whether you’re using
dumbbells, kettlebells, slam balls, medicine balls or sandbags. We have a range of floor racks which will keep them in order as well as off
the floor so that they don’t get damaged or become a hazard. Our vertical stands
are perfect for medicine balls, slam balls and sandbags so however you train
you can always keep your gym in mint condition. And finally gym storage systems, if you’re investing in a home gym you’ll
want a good amount of storage to go with it. Our bay gym storage systems are
designed to keep all your equipment together in one place, they can hold
weight bars, bumper plates, kettlebells, dumbbells, wall balls, yoga balls and more. And they’re extremely good for helping you optimize your training area. And
there you go, that was a quick run through of all the
gym storage we have here at Mirafit. We hope this video was helpful and if
you have any questions you can find us on Youtube, Instagram and Facebook and we
will get back to you as soon as we can. Thank you and we’ll see you again soon. Mirafit logo

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