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Well, well, well
Thanks for joining me It’s Steve Park from Parkecore Personal Training And today we’re doing a review of the most ironic named bit of equipment you’re ever going to find in the gym This bad boy is called the Sissy Squat Machine and believe me when you’re using it there’s nothing sissy about it. Of course, we’ve got it in the orange and black combination because as you know with Mirafit, that’s what we do! So, I’m gonna give you a bit of a demonstration
of how the unit works The main benefit with this is it really isolates your quads, which are these these bad boys right there. That region And if you’re a bodybuilder,
you cats are gonna know about the tear drop effect, that all the bodybuilders are after to give that nice shape to the leg And with this it actually keeps the lower part of your legs straight so it isolates your quads and it cuts out the use of your hamstrings and also your glutes as well So it’s great for that! It is intense because the focus is on the
quads continually. The nice thing I like about this kit is,
one, it took about ten minutes – and even I constructed it fine, without even looking at the instructions, which is something I never do. You’ve got a really thick pad which is gonna support the lower part of your ankles there. And that’s something you really wanna have in a bit of kit because that’s something you’re
gonna be needing that you can put a lot of weight against. And as you’re going through these, and if you’re using your own body weight, or using an individual weight plate as well, you’re gonna want to be comfortable. And this, this bad boy, this goes across the back of your leg there and that also supports So that allows you to keep that part of your leg straight and all the way its gonna be coming from your quads Again, something like this, you want it very big, very comfortable and you want to have a lot of adjustment So with this one, You’ve got two adjustment points: One is a twist out knob which actually locks it in place and then a pull out lever. So, you can adjust it up and down, depending on the height and how you put together and also with this, same thing, so you’ve got this twist adjustable screw in there which actually locks it into place.
But then you’ve got the pop out ratchet unit there and you can adjust it and get it snug.
With something like that, you want it snug against your foot
so you’ve got no play, no movement at all. Now it’s time for the demonstration,
so let me get it on this bad boy! Believe it or not I’ve not even had much chance to try this. All the clients have been trying it. So… You get yourself in here.
Get nice and comfortable. Pull this right up. So you get a nice click and that’s your position. So as I mentioned, because your lower part of your legs are locked together in one position,
that’s really isolated that’s not moving;
all the movement is coming from here, so it’s great for balance and the posterior
and anterior chain. So what we do, is come down.
It feels weird. you’re gonna twist the machine because you’re sitting right back here and you come up. Secret is, when you come up, keep a bit of an angle on your body so the tension stays on your quads. You don’t wanna come too far forward otherwise you’re taking the tension off. So, as you go down, trust the machine. You’ll be ok! You come back up at a little bit of an angle. Quads burning! Tear drop. Boom! Great bit of kit. Great bit of equipment. We love you Mirafit. We’ve got some more reviews to do later on but keep up the great work… and you’re gonna love this bit of torturous

3 thoughts on “Mirafit Sissy Squat Bench – Review by Steve Parke

  1. Thanks a lot for this review, it was just what I was looking for as needed to see this kit in action before I purchased it tonight. I was a bit skeptical about it's quality & build. We're about the same height, build and size so I now feel comfortable forking out for this machine after seeing you demo it 😜

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