Selen Dar

Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Today we’re gonna hit an upper back
superset with only mobility bands to incorporate into your next back day from
home. So we’re gonna use our folding bench starting with our Jcups on the
back side of the rack, and then we’re gonna choose our mobility band for our
main resistance. We’re gonna string it from one side of the rack to the other
I’m gonna grab another mobility band and create my handle for the seated row.
Double up this mobility band I’m gonna loop it around the middle of our main
resistance to create my seated row handle and I’m gonna perform my seated
row. Making sure you get that nice stretch in the back, squeeze those lats.
Alright so once we finish that first part of the superset I’m gonna grab a
lighter mobility band and for this one I’m only gonna grab the one part of the
mobility band. I’m gonna get set up the exact same I’m gonna perform my mobility
band face pulls. Get that nice squeeze at the top,
stretch it out at the bottom. Alright guys at the seated row and the face pull
using only mobility bands to pump up your next back day from home. Thanks for

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