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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

– Oh. Oh, man. – Yeah, I’ll give you a little wiggle room since you did two chest
exercises in the last two days. – Dude, I’m missing a leg. You should give me a
little bit of room anyway. – No, no. Fuck you. (laughs) (intense music) – [Jesse] I got to warm up
with some little weights. It’s too early. – [KC] My biggest phrase is no excuses because I’ve been told many times that I shouldn’t be doing what I’m doing. – I’m going to do a few sets
incline, a few sets flat. – [KC] And then do– – [Jesse] And then go over to the bench. – That works. We’re building it. – We’ve been building it. We started off with nothing. – And we have three ideas right now. – We kind of have an idea
of where we’re tracking to. I think we’re just trying to figure out like what we’re gonna do. – Want to do incline,
flat? I know we’re gonna do bar bell bench. You can probably work in some rope stuff, flies, whatever. – Okay. We got a fucking workout plan. We got a fucking workout plan. – [Jesse] Two masterminds in here. Come on. – That’s fine, okay. – [Jesse] Alright. – [KC] If you think about it, you’re gonna somewhat
start fatiguing yourself prior to getting to our bench. You know, so we’re actually
gonna go train bench semi-exhausted which I actually like to do every once in a while because you can build a lot of strength at that time, and you get rid of a lot
of the stabilizer muscles and things like that. So, when you go to the
bench, you’re really using a lot of chest. So, will our benches
be our biggest benches? Absolutely not because
the muscles are fatigued. Doctors have told me that I shouldn’t be squatting, or dead
lifting, or moving a lot of weight like that. I’ve been told that it’s not possible. There’s no excuse on
why I couldn’t do that. Why? Same thing, three sets of 15 on the flat? – Yeah. – [KC] Medically, you’re telling me why, but you can’t feel what I can feel. Excuses are, I feel, something that somebody is scared of, or it’s very life-changing, or they just don’t know how to do it, or make that change. They use an excuse on
like, well, this is why. (thumping music) If somebody tells me
no, you can’t do that, I’m like, I’m gonna show you. (weights thud) Alright. – [Jesse] Done with that bull. – [Jesse] Throw some weight on there. Max effort, let’s go. – They got chains over here. – [KC] Huh? – They got some chains over here. – [KC] We can do some chains. I’m down for that. (laughs) – I’ll be honest– – [KC] Make it look
like we’re doing a lot. – I’ve never used chains. – [KC] Really? You might like it, too, actually, with the shoulder being the way it is. – [Jesse] Yeah, but there’s
less weight on the bottom. – [KC] I like it. Like, you know, you’re gonna get that when you’re down in the hole, all the weights off you
kind of a thing, you know. – Right, right. – If that’s the way, then you get to use it at the top, you know. – [Jesse] Yeah. – [KC] For sure, no excuses is something that people have fear in. I’m a very fearless guy. – 225, or? – [KC] Yeah. You know, it’s just like
with the power lifting thing. Everybody told me there’s no way. I said why? That doesn’t make sense. Because it hasn’t been done, or because somebody’s not doing it? Where’s the shoulder hurt
at, like down in like fully? – [Jesse] Yeah. – At the bottom? – Yeah. – Even when you close-grip, too? – Eh, it’s not quite as
bad, but it’s still there. – [KC] Well, maybe I’m gonna be the one that sets that bar now, and look, now I have, and now there’s gonna be amputee’s that are doing it. (weights clang) – It’s like, when I injured it. I was here. – [KC] Oh, yeah, so
it’s tore at the bottom in the whole. – Yeah. – Is it when you went to
press, or when you came down? – [Jesse] Yeah, it was when I went to– – Like all that, see that’s
how it was in my hip. When I went to launch out, that’s when, see you later. – [Jesse] Ah, shit. – [KC] From my first meet,
my singlet on the back had no excuses right on the back. I try to just put that on everybody. Live life like that. It’s a great thing to live life like that, where there are no excuses on why you can’t do something, or why you can’t strive
to be a better person, or live life differently. Don’t be afraid. Just attack. Set a mission and attack,
and conquer the mission kind of a thing. It’s crazy after doing all those reps how heavy that feels. – Yeah, that feels ridiculous. – 60 reps deep coming into this. No, more than that, like 70. – [Jesse] Yeah, after– – I was a grunt, I don’t do math. (laughs) – I do math, unfortunately. – So, it’s 90, 90 reps in. – [Jesse] Yeah. – [KC] Coming into this. – [Jesse] See how heavy these chains are. – [KC] They’re probably like 20 pounds. (chains clang) You know, I try to add a chain workout, or a band workout like at least, you know, once a month each thing, you know, on each workout that I’m doing. It just, it helps you get used to holding, moving heavy weight at a certain point. – It’s not too bad. – [KC] It allows you to continue to push like heavy weight, and it’s a continuous weight increase as the weight comes up. So, you’re building a lot
of good strength like that. I’ve really felt like it’s helped a lot with chain work on the dead lifts. When I’m pulling 600 off the ground, but at the top I’m finishing with 640, when realistically I couldn’t
pull 640 off the ground, but I can get it from like knees up. That’s just gonna help with eventually being able to just pull 640. (chains clang) Yeah, seven was a good one. – [Jesse] Yeah. – Yeah, it’s like perfect. Pride, ego, kind of
both come hand to hand. Everybody comes here with pride, and we push it to the limit, especially with power lifting. I have failed many, many times. So, with failing, you have
to fail to grow for sure. You got it, you got it. Come on, come on, push. Come on, Jess. It’s that chain work, boy. – [Jesse] Woo hoo hoo hoo. – [KC] It’s that chain work. – Oh, fuck. (laughs) – That’s a crazy feeling, huh. – Yeah, my lat cramped up, too. That’s even better. – That’s a crazy feeling. That’s what that chain’s
supposed to do right there. – [Jesse] Oh, boy. – Oh, man. – Yeah, I’ll give you a little wiggle room since you did two chest
exercises in the last two days. – Dude, I’m missing a leg. You should give me a little room anyway. – Nah, no, fuck you. (laughs) – I don’t ever get to use
the handicap card, man. – No sympathy. – [KC] No sympathy. – [Jesse] Two, three. (chains clang) Yeah. Yeah, let’s go, push. Come on, come on. Up, up, drive, drive,
drive, drive, drive, drive. Come on, come on. – That’s good. Jesse Norris didn’t beat me. So, we’re good. I felt that third one,
I’m like oh, hell no, no. Everything I had, man, on number four to make sure I got that one. (laughs) I just recently put up a little thing on my Instagram where I
wanted to do step-ups. It was a high step-up, and
I had 225 pounds on my back. I went to go step up, and
if you watch the video, you see, like, I back
off it like I’m scared because I’m about to go
up here and try to step with 225 pounds. If I fall, it’s gonna, there’s
something bad can happen. What do you want? You want 60? You want 50? Or 40? – Ah, fuck, 10. – [KC] And then the pride came into play. Then I sat back. I got my mind right, and what did I do? I went and did it. If I wouldn’t have attempted it, I would’ve actually
never done it when I did. Finally, I just decided
to do it, and I did it. I got up there and what did I do? I didn’t do it for one
time, I did it two times. – [Jesse] I did 12. – [KC] Does that weight
feel good, or what? Feels fine? – [Jesse] Feels fine. – [KC] How do you know
what your limits are if you’re too scared to fail? Failing doesn’t make you weak. It makes you stronger
at the end of the day because you just now gave yourself a goal. Now you’re gonna work at 110% to next time when that day comes, or that weight comes, or that whatever, repetition,
or whatever it is that comes, you’re gonna do it. That’s good. – Is that a good weight? – [KC] Yeah, I like that. We can go up, though. – [Jesse] Yeah. – [KC] Wanna keep going up? – We can do 60. I was here, and you’re coming up higher. – Yeah, cause I just try
to hit the upper chest, cause my upper chest is weak. So, I’m just really
trying to focus on that. – Okay. – Hany yelled at me about that. She told me like make sure
you get that upper chest. So, I’ve been like as much as I can. Every time I do chest,
I really want to focus on the upper chest part. – [Jesse] Okay. – What he told me like,
when you keep the chin up and you come across, keeping the chin up helps really focus on
the, cause everything else is fine, it’s just here. (intense music) So, I have this thing with like, I say it’s why die and be forgotten. To me, if your living,
and you’re living life, and you’re trying to make
a difference with yourself, but at the same time, while you’re trying to make a difference with yourself, you’re changing people’s lives. It’s not just in your family, it’s people that can see you. (intense music) (sighs) You wanna do like a drop set on this one? – I’ll do 10. – [KC] 20, 30? Yup. (intense music) 40, right? – [Jesse] Yeah. (intense music) – [KC] There you go. (sighs) (intense music) Boom. Alright, good workout. I’m outta here. (laughs) I think of these ideas, but I don’t do it, and then I’m like why
did I decide to do this? That’s how it always is. I like have these great ideas, and I’m like dude, we gotta do this. – Dude, this is gonna be so good. – I’m like, who thought of this shit. What I’ve noticed with my life is that any time I have thought about something, one, if I didn’t do it, then
I probably never did it. You literally just have to do it. Going to the gym the first time sucks. Same thing, you know, when
I joined the military, I was like dang, I gotta leave my family. But, if you do it like that,
you live like that extreme to where you just do it, a lot of times a positive thing comes right behind it. It’s the same thing,
like I tell people like, yeah, at the beginning of the
year, I’m gonna start the gym. Well, why would you not wanna start now? It’s October. You get a few months ahead of the game on reaching your goals a little bit faster than starting in January. Don’t set a long term goal. Set short term ones that can
turn into long term ones. My thing was I’m gonna get
off the pills immediately. Boom. Down the road after that,
I’m gonna go to the gym. Then, once I’m in the gym, I’m like okay, now I wanted to get myself
into motivating people and fitness. It’s just a positive
trail that keeps going and small goals have
turned into bigger goals, and more positive and
better things have come out of my life with it. (sighs) – [Jesse] Let’s go. (breathes hard) – That’s good. – Feels pumped. I gotta say, I think my chest is bigger than it’s ever been. – Yeah. – Ah, feels good. We’ll do one set of the
ladders, and that’s it. – [Jesse] Ladders, huh? – Yeah, I’ll show you this. This is for Hany. (laughs) I always try to, at
the end of my workouts, get a real good pump in like the muscles that I just trained. Anytime you can break down muscle, force the blood in there,
it creates muscle breakdown which therefore creates growth, but also at the same time
creates rehab as well. Lifting and doing all this, it’s mental. So, if we can build a strong mind, then we can build a strong
body without a doubt. Squeeze here, hold it
and squeeze, come on. I have been on the most
amazing wave right now. The thing is, I’ve been
continuing to do this, and it’s building me into
a better person as I do it. One more squeeze and hold, squeeze, good. See that body shaking? That’s what we want. That’s for you, Hany. That shit’s brutal, though, huh? Yeah. – Let’s go. – [KC] I’m seeing the
people that I’m reaching, and the people’s lives that I’m changing. Whether it be this awesome gym guy, or this girl that’s
overweight, or this guy that’s an amputee like me, or young kids coming up through high
school that wanna learn how to get stronger here, just whatever, the genres of people that
I’m reaching is incredible. I don’t know what’s next for me. I just know that I like
doing what I’m doing. – [Jesse] Squeeze, let’s go. Go. – [KC] So, I love motivating
people physically, but I want to try to motivate
people mentally as well. – [Jesse] Squeeze, come on. That’s one. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, good. Alright. – Good. – [Jesse] I barely saw you shaking. (laughs) We need to up the weight. – Well, we started out
kind of lackadaisical, but just took a minute
to get us pumped up. – [Jesse] Yeah. – [KC] That was a good workout, though. – [Jesse] Yeah, it was
a great chest workout. – Yeah, so, there you go.

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  2. They should use this a a Motivational Video for amputees. Just like the big fella with the beard. People told him it was impossible to deadlift squat but he showed them.

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