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There’s only one word that can best describe our next bodybuilder.. And that word is freak. You know him.. You love him.. You can’t have this show without him. All the way from germany… Clear the decks.. For Markus Ruhl! You can feel the earth move when he walks. Now Markus Ruhl, the fan favourite. He carries about 280-285 pounds on his 5’10 frame. Markus Ruhl, there’s no question about it.. He’s always the crowd favourite. He’s BIG as a HOUSE. The thing about Markus Ruhl.. You have always come into the competition in great shape. Always. I think now, your size and your shape, everthing that you bring to the table.. Will be recognized. You can see that the crowd is still gonna love him, no matter where this guy places. The crowd loves him the most.

97 thoughts on “MONSTER

  1. He got cheated out of a few Olympias. Bodybuilding is a bullshit sport anyway. All that matters is politics and who your sponsors are.

  2. Это же пиздец сколько химии было сожрано и кур на грудку переведено.

  3. I remember at the olympia expo i saw him there at the punching machine and i out punched his score by a whole 200 points i was only 16 and weigh 190lbs .i thought i was gonna take the machine home some a hole beat me by 20 more points.meaning of the story muscle dont mean shit lol when you do a real sport

  4. I remember when i saw a picutre of this Guy back in 2005. After i saw that picture i started going to the gym. So you can say that hes the reason i started training. Thank you Markus ❤️

  5. Not my thing, shoulders stick out too much. You take unnatural drugs you will look unnatural. Biceps, chest and everything else 👌

  6. Marcus was a aesthetic mass monster… That's why he have a huge fan following unlike other gut monsters…

  7. I don't fell there's any need to stare as if they haven't seen bodybuilders before-they have to eat too like the rest of us to survive.

  8. Da sieht man mal wie schwer bodybuilding sein kann. Rühl ist ein Ausnahmesportler. Respekt 🕯️☺️

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