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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

When it comes to meticulous programming questions,
not many are more common than, “What time of the day is the best time to work out?” Common wisdom is to simply workout whenever
you can as long as you adhere to the schedule. If there was a time-of-day planning hierarchy
of importance, unquestionably adherence lays the foundation. Following immediately is choosing a time you
personally feel that you can perform the most effectively, be it day, noon, or night. No point in scheduling workouts at times you
know that your performance simply won’t be up to snuff. But, going from here, there still lies some
importance to selecting an explicit time. One notion is to base our workout scheduling
on circadian core body temperature cycles, considering that research have shown that
diurnal peak performance patterns tend to follow similar curves. Based on the data, we should train when our
body is the warmest, which is roughly between 4 to 7pm. But the thing is, findings have shown that
these strength and aerobic performance patterns can be heavily influenced by adaptations to
temporal specificity. Simply put, temporal specificity means, to
achieve the greatest performance improvements, it’s best to always schedule your workouts
around the same time of day, allowing your body to specifically adapt to and prepare
the body for training at that time. This is especially imperative for competitive
athletes. They probably want to train around the same
time of day as their typical events. The general consensus of the research shows
this, with a 2012 review of such studies distinctly issuing this practical application above all
else. Train at the same time of day as much as you
can. However, this is in terms of performance only. The same cannot be said about muscle growth. When looking at muscle growth in the quads,
a 2009 study found a slight trend towards favoring training in the evening between 5
to 7pm. This goes against beliefs at the time that
considered morning workouts superior when testosterone levels are higher. Apparently, acute spikes of test don’t tell
the full story. Comparatively, it was only a .8 percent difference
between morning and evening groups over a span of 10 weeks, drawing no statistical significance. Fast-forward 7 years later, though, we HAVE
new research that might shed some extra light on the matter. Likewise, after 12 weeks, there wasn’t much
of a difference in muscle growth between morning and evening training but trends again favor
the evening (9.3 to 11.3). But unlike the 2009 paper, this study continued
the experiment for an additional 12 weeks. In this second set of 12 weeks, there WAS
a significant difference in growth, with the evening group achieving on average twice as
much growth as the morning group. Throughout the entire 24 weeks, the evening
group had on average, 5.3 percent more total growth. So, let’s recap:
Nothing’s more important than finding time in your schedule to fit training sessions
you can stick to. Make exercise a habit first. Next is choosing a time where you can perform
your best physically and mentally so that you get quality training sessions done. This is based entirely up to personal preference. Then, if possible, try to regularly set each
of your training sessions at around the same time of day. As we know now, your body can benefit to time-specific
training adaptations. And finally, if you still have some wiggle
room, try to make that specific training time in the evening between 4 to 7pm if you want
a slight edge in muscle growth. But do note, it’s not necessary to get all
of the 4 steps done. Simply going to the gym regularly and trying
your best will probably be enough for most. If you are the meticulous programmer though,
that wants to squeeze out every possible “gains” you can muster, then certainly give all four
a shot. Good luck! What time of the day do you find best for
your workouts? Share your thoughts in the comments! As always, thank you for watching and get
your protein!

100 thoughts on “Morning vs Evening | Best Time of Day to Workout

  1. Ok so I did this little experiment at home. In the mornings I jump on my elliptical machine for an hour on an empty stomach and I am soaking in sweat. Did the same workout at night and did not sweat nearly as much. So I’ll stick with my morning workouts. I only do cardio so it can be different for those who focus more on weightlifting

  2. Anywhere between 9am-11am works best for me. Beat the lunch and evening rush. Nothing worse than waiting for equipment or having to alter your session because it’s too busy.

  3. Best time is #Morning always
    Because if you want to be successful in life you should wake up early 5 AM and start a workout and good Diet after that go for your work.

  4. I often hear that morning is the best.

    I just can’t do it.

    I work out 5-6 days a week for an hour and a half.

    BUT I do it night.

    If you ask me to do it in the day, I just won’t do it.

  5. Hey guys.. I tried to change my training behaviour and train in the early morning… after a month , since some kind of adaptation has been established, I can say : training in the morning is a good thing for staying consistent and not to skip days.. However, it is obviously less productive, either for muscle groth or results… First sign which clarified this opinion was really simple feeling: in the morning your mental health and motivation to lift heavy is poor.. There are still fog in the head.. I just could not make myself work hard and concentrate enough. so in this state I probably could maintain result, but progress?? No way..
    So, evening is best (at least for me).

  6. I start working at 1pm and work to 10 pm, so i workout around 10am -11am right before work and the best thing is the gym is almost empty

  7. A balance between available time and when you feel good . Ie, night owls will find it difficult to do heavy lifting first thing in the morning and feel like crap whole day where as morning owls may find fully energized after morning workout. And vice versa . Be consistent and results ll come 🙂

  8. Mornings for me. I don't know why but I just feel way more motivated to go to the gym when I wake up. As the day goes by I become lazy and I end up not working up if I don't do it in the morning.

  9. I like to workout at night because it helps me sleep. I used to have bad insomnia but after working out in the evening I can tell my body is ready for sleep because the activity exhausts my body, therefore helping me sleep

  10. I like to workout fasted in the morning 🙂 I enjoy it…I'll never be able to perform at my peak once I break my fast at 2 lol

  11. I go every morning at 5:30 AM before work so that I can have it done with before work is over. It gets me hyped for the day and it gives me free time to spend with my family at the end of the day instead of missing out because I’m at the gym.

  12. From a little bit of research I found that light cardio, are light yoga, are some stretches are best in the morning, because you just woke up your body is not at it's peak performance you're more susceptible to injury especially if you don't warm up. The evening you went throughout your day you've been walking you've been moving you're at your peak performance you're basically already warmed up, but you still need to do a warm-up before try getting a new PR. Evenings are best for high intensity workouts and weight training.

  13. I work out between 6-7am, when the sun starts going down here in Australia. The reason is because it's summer and you will probably have to go to a hospital working out at any time of day without absolute minimal sunlight. I'd run at night if it weren't for it being more dangerous, and even then it's still fucking hot.

  14. What if you are working in a night shift schedule and you want to work-out after your shift which is morning or noon and you haven't sleep yet? Will that be fine?

  15. I like to run early in the morning around 4-5 am before the chemicals from all the cars take over when the air is most fresh, then work out in the afternoon around 5 pm

  16. Due to being busy in the mornings (8-11) and working half time (2-8), I only have a small space of time between 11 to 1 pm (when I start to prepare to go to work).

    I'm not a totally morning person, and I've been adviced against working out before breakfast, so I take that time I get free to workout.

    Usually I exercise on my house, but this week I started to hit a gym near from where I live, going from 11:30 to 12:30. I don't know how effective that could be, but that's the only option I have.

  17. Most people are busy on mornings because of school/work that's why every night the gym is so packed😪😪

  18. For me evening is the best and magical moment. I hav been jogging in evening and it is better than morning. Because 4-5pm workout makes me active till 9-10 pm. And i began to feel tired and sleepy around 10 and it is my bedtime. At morning i wakeup at 5;30. I feel light, active and it is not difficult to wake up. The other day morning wakes, i feel like i weight a 100 kg. But now no more. I use to run in morning when i came back, i feel exhausted and want to sleep it again. But in the evening all my pain and aching in my body throughout the whole day is gone after stretching out. So evening is the best…….

  19. I prefer working out in the morning around 10am to 11 am or in the afternoon around 3 or 4 pm because my gym is usually empty around then.

  20. I usually go to my university gym on weekends when it opens at 9am, but i want to increase my gym visits, so im trying to go on weekdays when it opens at 6am (but id probably get up at 7am) because its completely packed from 10am until it closes at 10pm.

  21. I do morning for convenience of time, because in the evening, you don’t know what is happening & it might cause you not to work out.

  22. I agree that evening is the best time for woring out. However, because of my job, I cannot fix my schedule and stick to a same time through the days.

  23. I like the mornings because after I am done in the gym I act like the rest of the day was just created out of thin air and I created new opportunities. What a strange feeling

  24. Twenty four hours a day is the best ,never stop ,never sleep never eat repeat repeat repeat,don’t even breathe between any of this neither

  25. Best time all day working out ain't just lifting it's sleeping enough eating right at the right time hard flexing in front of the mirror planning your day around your work outs otherwise your just lifting weights every single little thing adds up don't cheat yourself weigh your self do your thing for just 2 weeks then go 100% workout freak eat drink and dream muscle growth for 2weeks see the deference and decide how bad you want it its there waiting for you take it its yours RRRRAAAAHHHH! damn I'm gonna hit some lats

  26. I workout at home so I work out in the evening for an hour on school days and on the weekends I work out in the afternoon before lunch

  27. More people work in the Day= Statistical numbers will show more muscle gain in the evening since the majority are off work.

  28. Hey guys, have you watched that gaming channel videogamedunky? like, remember when you heard the dude and were convinced he was black. Yea dude, I always picture Picture Fit is an Asian guy. I workout whenever I can… My work schedule is so jagged I just hit it when get a pocket.

  29. Mornings are definetly best for me.i workout 4 days a week in the morning and it makes me feel good about myself throughout the day

  30. Mornings by far. I detest working out. After I do that in the morning everything seems so much easier. Almost every day I fight myself with excuses to not go work out.

  31. ive tried all 4 and i cant really say htat ive gained more than when i wasnt yet since its only been 3 days i have been feeling more energetic and used to the exercise each day.

  32. I work two shifts from 11am until 2pm and then again from 5pm until 11pm, is it good if I workout from 1am until 2:30am??, I workout to gain weight and build muscles

  33. The evening group got better better growth coz after an evening workout they go home eat and sleep, hence giving their muscles rest and time to grow but if u workout in the morning, you'll be feeling sore the entire day and have to do all ur tasks with it hence giving ur muscles no rest. This is just my theory but idk for sure

  34. Not gonna lie I do enjoy lifting around 10pm -12am. It’s quiet, and I can focus all on myself with no distraction. Never payed attention to it but I make drastic progress in the late hours than I have a few years previous when lifting in the mornings or evening. My technique (i do Olympic weightlifting) is better, cleaner and execute heavier lifts more often with little to no failure.

    Of course all of this can vary depending on how you go about your daily schedule. I personally just feel at my peak strength late at night after moving around all day.

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